Monday, 27 May 2013



But my life isn't epic enough! So instead here's some STUFFS.

I've technically kind of sort of got a job now, but it's only technically training atm. Basically training lasts 2 weeks and they're 5 day weeks at 11.5 hours a day each. Nasty stuff.
It also takes aaaaaaaaaaaalooooooooooong time to even get to the place. It will be awful.
Also the other day I walked home from there and it took me 3 hours and it was raining shit loads, it was like GOD was raining down on me.
I also have a massive bruised big toe that hurts like a bitch now. No idea why the fuck it's my big toe but it huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrttttttts qq. I googled and apparently I have a burst blood vessel or some shit. I probably don't, but if it makes it sound worse than it is I'll say it is lul.

In other news I got my mage to level 90 the other day. That's how boring my life is, I have to talk about levelling a character. I DON'T CARE THOUGH I'VE WANTED A 90 MAGE FOR AGES. Mages are obvs OP and I just wanted to see if they really are as powerful as I think. It's always fun for me to try out a new class, I recently levelled a Warrior too and it was cool trying to be as good as I could on it, and it's the same with this mage of course! I like to switch talents and stuff per fight and I suck balls so I'm still getting used to using abilities right.
Like the time move thingy that makes you go back in time, just yesterday I fked up and used it just before Icy Veins and it wasted my CD, I sucked so bad pls QQ. And I also forget to keep up the evocation buff sometimes. It's all the fun of learning a new class I guess!

I've also been doing more pet battlez since 5.3 introduced a bunch of pets. I've ran Karazhan, TK and SSC about 8 times now and I still don't have all the pets from there, grrrrrr. I also managed to get one of the rarest new pets within minutes of the patch - the Unborn Val'kyr! It's such an awesome pet, it looks like Angewomon from digimon (l0l). quite cool! Pretty sure I was one of the first people on Eonar to get it (it's quite rare, srsly. And I did get it within literal minutes@)
But who knows!

IN OTHER NEWS. I've broken the code and started drinking the beverages.
I've drank sooo much vanilla coke over the past month, and I kind of regret it. But on the other hand I love vanilla coke :(
I've also tried to find an ASH bottle of coke (They have names now!) but failed :@ I've found almost everyone else, but not me plllls. I think there are only 2 peoples names I've not found so far (myself included) suxxxxxx.

Idk what else to put here now :'(
My life is too boring, SORRY. But ah well. I really want to walk to Tesco but it hurts to walk, ggrrrrrrr.

Anyway, thanks for reading guys! Have a good one@@