Monday, 31 December 2012

2012 Part II

So after I made myself baww my eyes out in the first part of 2012 I thought I'd cheer myself up with numero deux, so here goes.

2012 wasn't all gloom and misery for me, it had quite a few upsides to it believe it or not.
The first, and probably one of the more "important" things that happened this year was me kicking "the drink" off once and for all. Well, maybe not once and for all, but almost 11 months ago I drank my last energy drink/soft drink. This was actually a massive deal for me as I was extremely addicted. I mean I'd buy a 6pack or more every night and drink it all in one go. And I mean every day.
Not only was it burning a hole in my pocket it was probably destroying my body. I mean I wasn't even active at all back then (at least not as much as I am now) the only stopping me from becoming Jabba the Hutt was probably the fact I walked all the way to Tesco to actually buy the drinks, thank the lawd.
And I know that absolutely nobody cares about this achievement. Nobody thinks it's impressive or even thinks it matters. Nobody thinks the drink does anything. Nobody actually thinks that I was "addicted" and that it was hard to stop. Nobody would care AT ALL if I opened a can or bottle right now and chugged it down. NOBODY. AT. ALL. CARES. But I do. I mean, I'm keeping the strength and congratulating myself, as stupid as it feels.

I also found quite a bit of good music this year! I won't list any here but I will segue into this, Wish Upon a Blackstar came out this year! My attachment to it has died down now, but before it came out I was so excited, was going to be the best thing that happened for my musical world in a long time. I'm not sure it was, but it WAS an amazing album. I'll always remember it, I guess it's one of the only albums I've really ever waited for that I can think of.

I also turned 20 this year! It's a pretty big age. 20 whole years. I'm an actual adult (even if I've not done anything worthwhile) I've hit a "landmark" And I can actually do stuff now! (stuff I could do 2 years ago, but still)
I can honestly say I don't feel any different now I'm 20. I felt the same last year and the year before. I see that as a good thing.

A few new games also popped up this year. I've probably played a larger variety of games this year than I've done for a long time, since I was a child probably.
Firstly was Diablo 3. When it came out I didn't get to play it because my PC was shit. Everyone else did though, I mean I had to endure everyone I know talking about it and all my Youtube subs making vids about it. Was sad times. But I got a new PC shortly after it came out (maybe a month or so) SO IT'S OK. Actually I got to play it before then, I actually got to play it at a friends house for the first time, and I was very thankful. Maybe I didn't say it, Idk. I'm not a good thanker. I suck at life. IF I DIDN'T SAY THANKS THANK YOU. (you know who you are obvs)
Another one was League of Legends. I don't play this that much, but I do play it every now and then while I'm bored, and it's ok I guess. Ashe is obviously the best champion. NP.
Also I guess I'll say Minecraft. I'd played this BEFORE but this year I actually liked it, and it is indeed quite a fun game, but I've burnt out for now. I'll obviously enjoy it a lot more in a few days, good timez.
I also tried a few random games I don't play anymore because my computer with all the games on died, so here goes: I PLAYED Raider Z, Rift, Aion, PokeMMO and TERA
Most of them were actually ok, but none of them really stood out too much.
ALSO Mists of Pandaria came out this year! And with it came PET BATTLEZ. They're like Pokémon only I don't have to leave my PC or use an emulator! Fun times, such fun times.
As of right now I've caught every wild pet except one (and it's only available in summer, so impossible to get) SAD TIMEZ. I also have over 75 max level pets (the highest achievement@) IT TOOK LONG ENOUGH BUT I AM HAPPY. Is good times.

And after sitting here for a good hour I can't think of any more merry tidings to really give.
Ah, the dull life of me.

I will say this though, I'm contempt with my life right now. If I were a millionaire I'd be fine to just live in a shitty house and spend all my days alone on a PC or in bed, without ever having to get up and do things.
I mean yeah, I'd love to have actual friends and be invited to peoples houses or something. And I'd love for people to actually talk to me more and give me more attention, but at the end of the day my "life" isn't too bad. Certain aspects are fucking awful, but I'll live.

Goodbye for now, ps drugs are fucking disgusting. Smelling them makes me fucking sick, and the fact I have to block the bottom of my door every fucking night and have to also cover my fucking face everytime I leave my room is fucking atrocious.

Happy new year?

2012 Part I

As I sit here at my computer on one of the worst nights of any given year, why is that you may ask? Well firstly it's tied with Valentines for the most depressing night for someone like myself. Both have every single person I know being together and having a good time, with me sitting here on my own feeling bad about myself. I mean yeah, I don't have to feel bad, so what if everyone has plans or has someone to care about them in person, I'm still a cool guy.
And it's also one of those nights where I have to endure loud music and disgusting smells all night long, it really does suck for me. Maybe one day I'll be "in" with friends or maybe I'll have an OTHER HALF to spend my time with.
Meh, people probably don't realisze how lucky they are to have someone. AAAAAAAANYWAY

I look back at 2012 and think to myself.. what WAS the worst moment of my year? And you know what, I can't think of one.
Not because I had so many bad times, but because I don't really have any "standing out" bad days.

SCRATCH THAT. One I can remember (and there's a reason for it I'll get to) right now is the night I went BALISTIC. And it wasn't something I wanted to do, but incase you've forgotten that night I shall recap it here.

Basically everyone went on holiday and I was left alone in the house with my brother for an entire weekend. He decided this would be his chance to invite a lot of people around to my house to do drugs, drink and play very loud music.
None of this was new, but the sheer level was much greater than it had ever been before. It went from around 9 in the morning to about 11 at night at one point, and after this long I snapped. I went downstairs, turned the electricity off and then lost it. I first started shouting, and then I proceeded to ram my brother into a door. I ran off shortly after and sat in the dark for some time.
That was not a fun experience.

This year I also found out many things that I'd pretty much known already, but were just flat out found out for sure.
A lot of these things weren't that bad, but many tore holes into me. I mean I'd put them all here but  I'm not sure what I'm supposed to actually know, I just know it.
One thing I will reveal to have found out is that my  father was a drug addict. I say was because he apparently stopped. And when I say drugs I specifically mean cocaine (I think that's what it was, I mean he didn't specifically tell me that much but I'm just going off what I know)
So this obviously means that I, much like every single person I know (except my 2 year old brother) will clearly die a drug user. It makes me feel a little ill.
ANOTHER THING I FOUND OUT is that every single person I know (except my 2 year old brother) has used/is using drugs. IT'S FUN TO BE ME ISN'T IT. And it's fucking sad, the simple fact that it happens in public and my fucking street reeks and I can't even call the police because they don't care. I fucking hate the law system, police came into my house once and smelt it and didn't do fucking shit. Fuck you justice system, not caring it's against the law.

My computer also broke this year, it was a sad time for me. I lost many pictures and things that were dear to me. I guess life can be a cruel bitch, but maybe it means well. I mean who wants to see nice pictures or have something they spent a lot of money on not break? Exactly.

Another thing I experienced this year was stupidity. People doing things they should not be doing. And people being trampled on yet not actually doing anything about it. I've seen people complain and say it's the end of the line, that they'll STOP. That they'll end it OR that they'll tell them no.
This was with a couple of people in the literal sense. But people just don't.
Maybe it's hard to just let go. Yes, I guess it is. But you've got to do it.
I was about to write literal examples but I've thought against it. See, I'm a nice guy.

I've also had moments in 2012 where I just wished it would all end. Where I sat all alone and realized how little I've amounted to in this life, and how little I'm actually worth. But I guess I've also realized that nobody can amount to the amount I've endured  to keep the ones I care about happy. And even though the "ones I care about" are very few, it's been extremely hard. The sacrifices I make aren't of physical possession, but of mind. I have to suppress my own feelings in hopes that I can help others.
Help being a very frisky term here. Because I'm sure many people wouldn't see anything I've just said as help.

And that's the depressing half of 2012 out of the way!
The reason this is the first part is because if I post 2 blogs at the same time nobody will actually read the first. Strange that, isn't it? I'll see you in Part II! May or may not take hours.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

How it all went down


Hey guys, Ash here! With another relatively dull (yet still super-awesome) blog!
First things first I recorded a video I was supposed to put on here a few days ago but forgot to, whoops! HERE YOU GO.

So as you know it was Christmas this week and I'll tell you every single present I got!
I got a pair of socks and a can of deodorant, woo! It's a unique gift I've never recieved before (and especially not every year for the past Idk how long)

I also got a card from my nan with £20 in it!
JK MY MUM OPENED IT SOME POINT EARLIER IN THE WEEK AND TOOK THE MONEY OUT WITHOUT TELLING ME EL OH EL. I know this because my brother also received the same card but his actually had the cash in. Life gon' be life.

And I also purchased a couple of WoW pets for myself before the day! Despite telling myself anyone that spends RL money on ingame stuff is a moron. I am still a moron, doesn't make me a hypocrite if I actually think I'm stupid for doing it! I got Lil' Raganros, the GOLLLEN DARGON and the Cinder Kitty, all pretty snazzy I must say!

But now it's all over I may buy even more stuff for myself, such as Pokémon Black 2 (ONLY 'CAUSE IT'S AN OBLIGATION EVEN IF I DON'T WANT TO)
HELL, I may even buy myself SHOES. (cheap ones mind, I don't want to go too overboard)
Or maybe even something cheap in salez, doubt it though, the outside world SUCKS.

IN OTHER NEWS. I levelled my third character to 90 (spoiler alert, if you don't care about WoW, which is everyone, this part will be so uninteresting for you) and it was my HUNTER. I must say I am enjoying it quite a bit@ I'm BM 'cause I have no skill and YEAH. Already got 2 pieces of tier from 2 weeks of LFR, fupls Blizzard. I got TWO helms this week, and the second was actually a downgrade <_< Blizzard really, really hates me, obviously. Same thing happened last week on my Priest, only I got a downgrade helm AND downgrade belt :(

I'm also still on pet battles and I've just started really trying to get the 75 level 25 pets achievement, which FOR THE RECORD is quite difficult/time consuming because they nerfed my absolute best exp/fight method, QQQQQQpls, but it's ok 'cause I JUST hit 46! less than 30 to go, woooo
I'd want you to wish me luck but you WON'T. YOU'RE ALL MEEEEEEEEEAN (I KEED)

So yeah gaiz, thanks for stuff and whatnot, and feel free to draw me a stickman picture with a festive hat or something, 'cause every little helps!
Fankzzz for reading, and have a happi nu yaarrrr (incase I'm too lazy to blog beforehand)

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

IT'S A WHITE TIME OF THE YEAR (and not because I'm touching myself)


Would you tell your parents if you were gay?
I probably wouldn't because I don't get any being straight so it makes no difference

What would your last meal be before getting executed?
Idk, probably a pile of shit considering I'm obviously in prison as I'm about to be killed

Do you walk around the house naked?
I do not

What do you do as soon as you walk in the house?
I close the door

Who is the person you can count on the most?
I can't really think of anyone but myself (ty)

What did you dream last night?
I dreamt I asked someone to the cinema and they said yes! I'd do it irl, but they'd say no

Have you ever been in love?

Do you sing in the shower?
I do not

What is your favorite Holiday?
don't really have one

Would you ever get plastic surgery?
I would not

Have you ever caught a fish?
I have. It smelt pretty bad

What is your favorite lunch meat?
I guess chicken

Do you still have your tonsils?

What is your favorite cereal?
can't really think of one as I never have cereal

Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
I don't because I can't tie them back NP

What is your favorite ice cream?
chocolate I guess

What is the first thing you notice about people?

What book are you reading now?
well considering I'm doing this and not actually reading a book I'd say nothing

What is the farthest you've been from home?
depends where you mean by HOME

How did you meet your spouse?
I did not

Where was the last place you drove (other than home/school/work)?
I can't drive PLIS

Do you like fish sticks?
if you mean fish fingers YES I DO

What kind/brand of deodorant do you use?
Idk I have 2 cans of itbut I don't actually know what kind they are

What is your favorite mythical creature?
I don't have one

What is your favorite dshdsfhdhdshds?
deleted word because it's a piece of shit and I don't have one

How do you eat your eggs?
I put them in my mouth and go CHOMP CHOMP

What would you do if you were the opposite sex for a day?
I'd probably touch myself, like, a lot

What is the nerdiest thing you do in your spare time?
I don't do nerdy things and I'm quite offended by this!

Do you prefer Wheat Thins or Triscuits?
uhhhhh, I have no idea

Do you face the showerhead or away from it while showering?
I only have BATHS

What is the oldest thing in your refrigerator?
Idk I don't look in there because there's no food

What is your favorite breed of dog? cat?
no my favorite breed of dog isn't cat pls

How are your survival skills?
so amazing clearly, I'd live for ages in a cave

Do you prefer tacos or muffins?
well as I've never had a taco that I know of I'd say muffins

Can you play any instruments?
never tried np

What is the most overrated exercise in your opinion?
Idk, they're all pretty overrated

Do you prefer waffles or pancakes?
I guess pancakes

What is the grossest thing you've ever eaten?
I ate a garlic flavored sweet once but I got paid £5 so it was worth it

Who is/was the most influential person in your life (besides parents/Jesus)?
Idk, I guess YOU(r mother)
npnp, she was good, very big influence in my PANTS.
(Idk though)

Do you prefer breakfast or dinner?
well I never have breakfast so yeah

Thursday, 13 December 2012


Hellllooooooooo there, t'is a Friday morning and I thought I'd write a blog as I haven't in a little while!

Anyway here's some stuff!
I DREW A PICTURE TODAY. Well, yesterday technically, I'm going to post it here because of the absurd amount of time it took (I'm no artist, and I'm an MSPaint ROOKIE)

Also I have to go to some review appointment to do with my JOB SEARCH. I'm fucking shitting myself because I've been looking for a longass time and had no luck. I was also supposed to be going in every single Wednesday at 8am for 2 hours and I haven't (because I job search at home instead >_>) fkmylife I AM FUCKING SHITTING MYSELF PLIS
On the plus side once that's over I don't have to go in again until next year. JK they'll probably set up more appointments before Christmas no doubt. Wouldn't be suprised if I had to go in on Boxing day or some shit, LIFE IS HARD.

In GAMING news I built a nice rail track and I made a vid, HERE IT IS.

I'd like to apologize for saying that it's long, because it wasn't as long as it could be at the time.
It's now much longer but I'm too lazy to make another video or log onto Minecraft to take pictures :(

I also did other stuff on other games I'm too lazy to talk about, like pet battles. I NOW HAVE ALL 4 PANDAREN SPIRITS AND ALL OF THE RAID PETS EXCEPT ONE. I'm using a triple dog team right now, Chromaggus, a normal Core Hound and Gluth, 'CAUSE I CAN. Np.

And now because my life isn't interesting here's a few QUESTIONS
What was the last thing you put in your mouth?
Chicken. Fried chicken.

Can you play Guitar Hero?
never played it but it looks easy so probably ty

How late did you stay up last night and why?
Idk, until 3-4am I think. OH DEAR

If you could move somewhere else, would you?

Have you ever been kissed under fireworks?

Do you believe ex's can be friends?
uh, yeah probably

When was the last time you cried really hard?

What items could you not go without during the day?
well water because I need it to survive. And my computer

Who was the last person you visited in the hospital?
I think it was my mother

How do you feel about your life right now?
I don't particularly like it but at the end of the day I'm satisfied as long as I get to do what I want (which is sit at my PC playing games all day, and that possibility dwindles slightly every day)

If we were to look in your facebook inbox, what would we find?

Say you were given a drug test right now, would you pass?
uhh, yes? I assume you mean would it come back as clear of anything, if so yes. I have not used any drugs in the past 20 years
(caffine and paracetamol, of course, wouldn't show up on a drugs test. would they?)

Has anyone ever called you perfect before?

What song is stuck in your head?
this one
but only because it was the last song I heard

Someone knocks on your window at 2:00 a.m.: who do you want it to be?
uhm, considering my window isn't on the ground floor and nobody I know lives within walking distance, I'd probably just run into the bathroom, lock the door behind me and just hide in the bathtub

Do you think too much or too little?
way too much, I mean way too much

Where are your feet right now?
one of them is under my leg, the other one is infront of me of course

Do you believe in fairy tales?
I do not

Do you like pickles?

Have you ever licked the back of a CD to try to get it to work?
I have not, I'm pretty sure that's a retarded idea

What's the largest age difference between yourself and someone you’ve dated?

Have you ever been on a blind date?

Do you have any friends that you've known for 10 years or more?
I'm halfway there, ask me that in around 5 years

Does the number of people a person's slept with affect your view of them?
yeah sure it does, if the number is more than 1 I'm much less likely to want to talk to them

Are you a good tipper?
I've never tipped in my LIFE

What's the most you have spent for a haircut?
I've never personally paid for a haircut

Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?

Have you ever peed in public?
I'm pretty sure I have (public toilets are obviously public, right?)

What song do you want played at your funeral?
I've never thought about it in detail, but I have heard songs a few times that have made me go "man, I want THIS song to play at my funeral!" (I bet everyone has)
I guess I'd want some sort of end credit music from an awesome game, but I'm sure if I get a funeral whoever chooses the music will chose something awful (no offence?)


I shall now try and sleep despite my brothers lack of decency, AKA despite him having his TV on max volume all night for 3 nights in a row. FUCK. HIM. FUCK. SAKES. FUCK.

Thanks for reading! Au revoir!

Friday, 7 December 2012

Names Names Names

Hello there! I'd like to start this blog off by saying that when I thought of the IDEA for the blog I wasn't ill, and I am now ILL, so this may come off a lot worse than I originally planned.

Anyway, this blog, unlike MOST of the blogs I've done, has a specific topic!
And I'm sure you can guess what it is if you've read the title, the topic is NAMES.

Now names can mean a lot, I mean an internet name usually means something to you and if it doesn't, it usually has some sort of a story behind it.
So I'll begin this with my real name, my real name is Ashley Ryan Stratton, the initials for this spell ARS and the school I used to go to was called Stratton Upper School (k00l fax rite).
Ashley is a unisex name, meaning that it can be used for boys and girls!
Now for personal preference I like to be called Ash rather than Ashley, in fact in TYPING I actually don't like to be called Ashley, and would much, MUCH, prefer Ash.
There's probably more STUFF on that, but now onto internet names

As you can see my Blogger name is Moonshinepen (I think) and that has its own story behind it.
Moonshinepen is a name I came up with years ago while thinking of a name to use on Runescape (very old game I used to play) the name came about when I was thinking of COOL names and I thought "MOONSHINEPENDRAGON" 'cause Moonshine is always cool, and Pendragon is.. I don't actually think that's a  real thing, but still. In fact it might have been Pentadragon (which still doesn't exist) but still IT WAS THE NAME I CHOSE.
Anyway due to character limit that was shortened to Moonshinepen and it's a name I've been using on various internet things for years and years, go me!
In fact this name was so good for me I've used a few (unoriginal) variations in my time, namely Sunshinepen and Starshinepen, but nothing matches MSP ORIGINALITY!

Another name I've been known to use is quiena, it's not a well known name of mine but it's actually used by some of my most important THINGS. Namely Youtube and in fact this very blog (the email I use to get onto it!)
And that name has a short and very boring story behind it, it's basically a wrong spelling of a name from Final Fantasy IX (el oh el). The right spelling is Quina but that was taken at the time, so I used quiena instead.
And the only reason I used that name and not a better one from the game is because EEEEEEEEEEVERYTHING was taken. I guess I'm not the only unoriginal person in the world!

 A couple of other names I guess I'll give the meanings for are names not many people actually know, but I'll tell you just to fill the blog.
Firstly Mysidia, Mysidia is the name of a place in a few different Final Fantasy games. The game I got it from was FFIV, and it's a Mage town in that. I realize now it would have been better suited to a caster but alas, I called my Hunter it. I have no regrets though, I love the name.
Secondly is Kupondria. That name is basically Kupo mixed with ondria to make it sound more like a name. And Kupo is the noise MOOGLEs make from Final Fantasy. npnp. 
Another name is Rydia. Basically, it's the name of the little girl from FFIV. Yes, it's a little girls name. BUT she grows up (in the summoners world, so it's all SUPER FAST but actually really slowly, because it's all complicated STUFF) So yeah. THAT'S THAT.
LASTLY (I guess) is Mogana. Mogana has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with Morgana. Seriously, I did not even think of that name when I thought it up. Mogana is Mog (a moogle name) mixed with ana to make it sound like a name. Same idea as Kupondria, it's just a name mixed with something else (SOMETHING ELSE COMPLETELY RANDOM) to make it sound like a name. PLS.

So yeah! That's the story of namez, I'm sure I've missed plenty, but this blog is full enough! Thanks for reading, and I hope you got something interesting from this!

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

I would give my life, to be huuuuman

So I'm back with yet another blog, hello there!
I'm not in a paticularly bad mood this time, LUCKY YOU.

Was a bit pissed earlier though, because of Pokémon RNG being absolutely fucking shit, PLS IT IS NOT FAIR. But I'm sure EVERYONE knows that!
Anyway I'm also sure you'd love to know what RNG I mean, I mean STUNZ and confusion RNG, and also crits. God, I spend 2341241 years losing to a gym earlier today because of the fucking paralysis and confusion (I'm sure you can figure out which one, and if you can't GOOD) but yeah, not having any counters is awesome when you get RNG CC'd and even when you DO get a hit it's bearly 5% health off, and then you get hit 80% in one hit.
AT THAT POINT THERE IS NO USE IN USING POTIONS. You just get hit back down again and die the first turn you don't use one. Anyway, enough of these Pokémon QQs

I saw a guy dressed in a massive Hello Kitty outfit at Tesco the other day, then my little brother went on a toy train, I'm sure he loved it, I took PICTURES but I'm too lazy to put them on my computer.
I also refound my liking for Atreyu, specifically Congregation of the Damned and even Lead Sails Paper Anchor, both great albums ty. YOU SHOULD ALL GO LOOK AT THEM. I'll give you links to songs from the albums (linked via the actual titles of the albums above, oh boy I do love adding hidden links, hint hint)
In other news I would like some gifts for christmas if anyone is feeling generous, I'd like a headset and a WIRED network card so I can connect to the WIRED internet, I'd also like absolutely anything because I'm getting nothing for christmas this year (don't feel bad though, because it's the same as most years)

SO I'VE JUST THOUGHT OF A STORY I CAN TELL. I remember one of the best Christmas presents I ever recieved, I can't remember how old I was but I got a GBA SP and Pokemon Ruby, one of those special edition ones with the special case and stuff, WAS SO COOL. Looking back I feel kinda bad though 'cause I now realise my mum had to borrow money to actually buy it, BUT I GUESS THAT'S JUST LIFE.
I hate how real life ruins good memories, but it'll always have been great at the time I guess

I guess I could  tell you that I've caught every single wild PET on WoW now, except TWO. One of them is only available in Summer which means it's impossible to get now, and the other is from REPUTATION. Which means I cba, np.


OH YEAH AND HERE'S SOME REAL LIFE NEWS. I've been sleeping really.. uhh.. kind of normally the past few days. I go to sleep REALLY EARLY as soon as I feel tired (like, as early as 5-6pm) and then I wake up early morning.
It's made me see how little meaning my life has, it sucks balls, but oh well