Monday, 31 December 2012

2012 Part II

So after I made myself baww my eyes out in the first part of 2012 I thought I'd cheer myself up with numero deux, so here goes.

2012 wasn't all gloom and misery for me, it had quite a few upsides to it believe it or not.
The first, and probably one of the more "important" things that happened this year was me kicking "the drink" off once and for all. Well, maybe not once and for all, but almost 11 months ago I drank my last energy drink/soft drink. This was actually a massive deal for me as I was extremely addicted. I mean I'd buy a 6pack or more every night and drink it all in one go. And I mean every day.
Not only was it burning a hole in my pocket it was probably destroying my body. I mean I wasn't even active at all back then (at least not as much as I am now) the only stopping me from becoming Jabba the Hutt was probably the fact I walked all the way to Tesco to actually buy the drinks, thank the lawd.
And I know that absolutely nobody cares about this achievement. Nobody thinks it's impressive or even thinks it matters. Nobody thinks the drink does anything. Nobody actually thinks that I was "addicted" and that it was hard to stop. Nobody would care AT ALL if I opened a can or bottle right now and chugged it down. NOBODY. AT. ALL. CARES. But I do. I mean, I'm keeping the strength and congratulating myself, as stupid as it feels.

I also found quite a bit of good music this year! I won't list any here but I will segue into this, Wish Upon a Blackstar came out this year! My attachment to it has died down now, but before it came out I was so excited, was going to be the best thing that happened for my musical world in a long time. I'm not sure it was, but it WAS an amazing album. I'll always remember it, I guess it's one of the only albums I've really ever waited for that I can think of.

I also turned 20 this year! It's a pretty big age. 20 whole years. I'm an actual adult (even if I've not done anything worthwhile) I've hit a "landmark" And I can actually do stuff now! (stuff I could do 2 years ago, but still)
I can honestly say I don't feel any different now I'm 20. I felt the same last year and the year before. I see that as a good thing.

A few new games also popped up this year. I've probably played a larger variety of games this year than I've done for a long time, since I was a child probably.
Firstly was Diablo 3. When it came out I didn't get to play it because my PC was shit. Everyone else did though, I mean I had to endure everyone I know talking about it and all my Youtube subs making vids about it. Was sad times. But I got a new PC shortly after it came out (maybe a month or so) SO IT'S OK. Actually I got to play it before then, I actually got to play it at a friends house for the first time, and I was very thankful. Maybe I didn't say it, Idk. I'm not a good thanker. I suck at life. IF I DIDN'T SAY THANKS THANK YOU. (you know who you are obvs)
Another one was League of Legends. I don't play this that much, but I do play it every now and then while I'm bored, and it's ok I guess. Ashe is obviously the best champion. NP.
Also I guess I'll say Minecraft. I'd played this BEFORE but this year I actually liked it, and it is indeed quite a fun game, but I've burnt out for now. I'll obviously enjoy it a lot more in a few days, good timez.
I also tried a few random games I don't play anymore because my computer with all the games on died, so here goes: I PLAYED Raider Z, Rift, Aion, PokeMMO and TERA
Most of them were actually ok, but none of them really stood out too much.
ALSO Mists of Pandaria came out this year! And with it came PET BATTLEZ. They're like Pokémon only I don't have to leave my PC or use an emulator! Fun times, such fun times.
As of right now I've caught every wild pet except one (and it's only available in summer, so impossible to get) SAD TIMEZ. I also have over 75 max level pets (the highest achievement@) IT TOOK LONG ENOUGH BUT I AM HAPPY. Is good times.

And after sitting here for a good hour I can't think of any more merry tidings to really give.
Ah, the dull life of me.

I will say this though, I'm contempt with my life right now. If I were a millionaire I'd be fine to just live in a shitty house and spend all my days alone on a PC or in bed, without ever having to get up and do things.
I mean yeah, I'd love to have actual friends and be invited to peoples houses or something. And I'd love for people to actually talk to me more and give me more attention, but at the end of the day my "life" isn't too bad. Certain aspects are fucking awful, but I'll live.

Goodbye for now, ps drugs are fucking disgusting. Smelling them makes me fucking sick, and the fact I have to block the bottom of my door every fucking night and have to also cover my fucking face everytime I leave my room is fucking atrocious.

Happy new year?

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