Tuesday, 29 January 2013

You're alright, kid

I've spent many hours sitting here deciding how to write this blog and I guess this is how I'll do it, the same way I start every other blog (by telling you how long it's taken to write the intro)
Hello there sailor, it's been a long time. The seas have been calling me and I've not been able to get to my ship to sail out to you. It's okay though, because you're here now.

So I've been wondering if I've ever told you the story of the birthday that went wrong. The birthday I had that wasn't really good, but still not the worst (despite the events), and I don't think I have, so today's blog is going to be just that, the story (as short as it is)

BASICALLY it was my Idk what birthday, maybe 8th? or something, Idk. All I know is that I lived in St Albans at the time, so I was young-ish. Anyway, on that particular birthday I went to a shop (Idk which one) and got myself a cheat cartridge! For my gamebody colour of course, and I was so darn happy. I was gonna do so much, like get infinite masterballs and omfg MEW! Was quite happy as you can imagine. So before going home we went to go to a park to go play around and it was next to a river so we went to catch crayfish, was quite fun. I think they're like crabs or lobsters or Idk, was ages ago! Wasn't too shallow water and boy it was probably fun. Idk for sure though because I can't remember.
Anyway a few hours pass and we go back to the car and can you guess what happened? Well, one of the back windows was smashed and the door was unlocked. Yup, we'd been robbed.
You know what they took? They took my gameboy and they took the cheat cartridge. And other stuff obviously, but as I was a young boy I didn't really care about that.
I had lost my gameboy. My. Game. Boy. Was. Gone.
Why? Why would you steal that from a child? I don't know if you know this but I've never been rich. I never got a new gameboy, in fact I was miserable for the rest of the day.
I had to wait years to actually get another gameboy, and it was a terrible loss. I mean yeah I could still play the PS and I actually had FRIENDS back there, but still.
Meh, life is a cunt.

Anyway what have I been doing? I completed the elite four on White 2 and I've gotten all the Eevelutions except Umbreon now. The only reason I don't have it is because FRIENDSHIP EVOLUTIONS PLS FK U M9.
But yeah. It's been quite fun, right now I'm training a team to go defeat elite four round 2 (all 70+ plllllis) and it's going well, my team isn't the best but I don't care ty. It's Dragonite, Glaceon, Espeon (TWO EEVEES WHAT OF IT BITCH), Leavanny, Emboar and AZUMARILL. But right now Azu is pretty much just for HMs (all the water ones and strength ty), and I have plenty to use instead npnp.

I've also been grinding Archaeology on WoW which sucks. I play it for like an hour or 2 a day if I do play it, which isn't everyday now. I also tried out a bit of TERA and it seems ok. Maybe it'd be more fun with a friend or something but nobody wants to play with me obvs. And I tried out a little Miss Fortune on LoL and, well, I guess I should tell you I uploaded a video and actually post it:
I guess you can watch that, if you want.

So yeah. Also I went downstairs the other day and I found an opened letter adressed to me. That is completely outrageous and out of order, it's even ILLEGAL to intercept mail. Fucking assholes.
Incase you're wondering it told me that the money I recieve has been cancelled. Here's another story, I asked someone to post a letter a couple of weeks ago and they didn't for a long time and I didn't know and because of them telling me they'd post it and then not posting it my money has been stopped.
Thanks. It means a lot. You borrow money off me every week then make me lose my only source of income. yeah, I'm obviously a scrounger but fuck you, fuck everyone.

Anyway, thanks for reading a goodbye

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

In depth post

Big disclaimer here: I'm writing this out on my phone and I'm in PAIN of the tooth right now, so expect mistypes and random lack of spaces, as much as it pains me to do so.

Alright so yesterday was one of the biggest shitstorms of a day I've had for ages, which isn't a suprise considering my lack of life.
So I woke up the day before yesterday around midday because I thought it was Saturday.
My plan was to go to sleep at a normal time Sunday so I could wake up at a normal time Monday, but that plan broke when I realized it was Monday at around 3-4am. I was not happy at all because I had a massive set of forms to fill out and I had to write out my JOB SEARCH (cool right) before I went out a few hours later, not fun. So by the time I'd finished that I wasn't really tired enough to sleep so I didn't, despite knowing I'd be tired later. It's ok though because if I slept I'd oversleep. TANGENT HERE (spelling ty) I later fell asleep at like Idk oclock, before 7 I think Idk, I was woken up to be given food randomly at one point but went back after I ate, my point being that I woke up at 7-8am and I'd like to say my body wants way too much sleep, Idk why, I'm even tired now and it's 10:22.
So I go along with my day and even randomly watch Harry Potter for sone reason. Usually I'd play a game but lately Idk, no drive really. Such a shame. Anyway a couple of hours before I usually leave my mum was all I DON'T WANT TO BE DRIVING ALL THE WAY TO TOWN IN THIS WEATHER. So I was disappointed I couldn't get a free lift, but that's fine RIGHT? Or so I thought.
So around 1pm I leave to get to the busstop and I arrive 5mins late which means I have to wait 30mins to get the next bus, "that's fine I guess" I said in my head, so I waited. Bear in mind it was all cold out and my shoes have holes in and were making my feet freezing. Oh and my plan was to buy shoes while I was out BUT later I just decided not to. I mean fuck that.
Anyway I waited 25 mins and saw the bus coming. See it has to pass the other side of the road first then turn around a roundabout to get back to my stop.
So as I see it I stand up and get out of the bus stop to wait. At this point I was quite bored, but happy I was getting the bus in a sec.
5 mins passes and I see the bus coming, and I reach into my pocket to get my money. A few more seconds pass and the bus drives past.
Um? I wave as the guy was padt the stop, but he does nothing. Doesn't even slow down. At this point I'm quite worried as this bus would have arrived at town just before the appointment I have, letting me be there 5mins early, whereas the NEXT bus gets me there LATE.
So I wait 5mins to see if he was coming back and he didn't, so I text my mum saying what had happened, because I'd text a friend but I have none obvs. Then I call her because I was fucking livid. And then my phone died.
After this I sit at the bus stop an HOUR more and then get fucking bored because the next 2 busses didn't even fucking come, so I went home.
I called up the job center (which took the piss) and said I'd be late, and then I had to get a fucking taxi to town. Massive fucking pisstake. So that costed more than a return bus would but MEH. So I got there expecting to get shit for being late, missing a review meeting AND not handing in my FORMS last time. But instead they said nothing and it was another in/out appointment. Stayed up all night worrying for nothing ty.
Anyway so I went to go get a bus back and I JUST missed my bus. I was pissed yo. So I decided to get a wrong bus back home as soon as any one stopped. I got on one that went 30mins from my house and then walked home. It sucked balls that all this costed almost £10 AND my phone was dead the phole time so I had to sit through peoples shitty music on the bus and 'silence' on the walk home.

YEYE. When I got home I played some Pokèmon then tried sleeping but someone decided to blast music (midday Monday GO FUCK YOURSELF FFS FUCKING ASSHOLE) and it was vibrating the house rather agitating me as it does. So yeah I can't remember much more. I also had a DREAM I can't remember. Anyway this was my day. More to write about for one day I go out than there is for 2 weeks of my miserable life. Isn't it cool.

So yeah, I have insane toothache aka an abcess right now, so farewell, bon apetite and ay corumba. (Idk)


Saturday, 19 January 2013


So as I'm sitting here thinking of a title I'm also realizing that the few things I had to put into this blog weren't really enough to fill an entire blog, so I'm now thinking of stuff to put in here to make it nice and full. It's probably not going to be pages and pages BUT WE WILL SEE.

Firstly I guess I'll say I've stopped playing WoW as much as I did before and I've even cancelled my second account. I mean it's full of stuff in the first few days after the reset and then there's other little things to do, but it's just not as gripping as it could be. I also got the Tol'vir archaeology mount the other day (the BLUE BUG), it wasn't really on my list of things to get, but it's alright I guess.
I also got my second legendary gem and I still don't have a weapon to put it in, woo.

In other gaming news I've been playing more League of Legends and I thought to myself "wouldn't it be cool if there was a Pokémon version with different Pokémon instead of champions, like Sneasel and Gligar, or something like Blaziken. But then I thought "well the item system might be a bit too difficult and stuff so Idk", but it's still a STELLAR IDEA. I also think I should buy more champs but I cba to spend either real cash or all my IP, OH WELL.

ALSO I've been owning dat Pokémon ting pretty nicely and I've made my way to the VICTORY ROAD. I was going to just zerg through it but got Waterfall and went to explore instead, it's all good. I also went and got an EEVEE and evolved it into an Espeon, one of my favorite Pokémans I must say, and it urged me to write out a 6 Pokémon DREAMTEAM that I'd use if types and disadvantages didn't mean anything in the pocket monster world.
Now it's an incredibly hard task to take upon myself but I've got a couple I think deserve at least a small mention, and here they are:
Espeon - It's a great little guy, despite how evil it can be at times. It's got BEASTLY special attack and packs a massive punch.
Gligar - I never realized until recently how good this guy can be. It's a bit of a glass-cannon which sucks balls, but it can do quite a nice bit of damage. It can't fly despite being a flying type, and that really hurts MY FEELERS.
Flygon - Now this is a pretty tough choice for me as a lot of Dragon types are really amazing, but I think this one is pretty good. I really love Dragon types and I can't really describe why I've chosen this, but THAT'S THAT.
Dragonite - IT'S ANOTHER DARGEN. It's a really solid Dragon too. The reason I've chosen it is because dragons are great and this probably has one of the widest movesets in the entire game. It's TOP NOTCH.
Weavile - What can I say, Ice AND Dark type and it looks pr0 too. It's a swift, powerful pookiemawn and it can tear anything that lets its defense down to shreds.
Now I WAS going to give the 6th spot to either Azumarill or Mankey, but then I thought that I just can't. Because I can't decide. Plus there are so many more awesome Pokémon it would be unfair. So instead of choosing I'll leave it undecided. Oh and it's worth noting that I'd probably never use this team due to it not being varied enough. BUT OH WELL.

In real life news I accidentally missed an important review meeting last week, and I have to face repercussions on Monday. Not looking forward to it. I also have to fill out a massive set of forms by Monday too. It's not really fun at all. I'm also not having any luck getting a job and I think my brother was fired from his. See he's so shit he gets fired whereas I'd actually do a good job. Oh well, I'll just be jobless and poor forever. Or not, maybe I'll get lucky and find a dead end job. Gotta get dem hopes up.

In other real life news it's almost been a year since I drank any of the soft stuff, it's a big ol' time for me. I think I might actually have myself a small can on the day, you know, as a TREAT. Idk what to have yet, thoughts? 'cause Idk, it's pretty hard to decide. I just don't know.
I BELIEVE the exact day was the 17th of February, so we'll see. (I'm basing this off good old blog posts, and on the 17th of Feb apparently all I had was a can of relentless, oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh) so yeah. WE. WILL. SEE.

I'm so starving right now, I'm watching Harry Potter for some reason and sitting on my LoL interfacing debating playing a game. I think I might try one with Ahri because I quite like the style, but Idk. I also think I might have some porridge, IDK THOUGH. requires effort and the microwave will make noise. Or I could just eat bread. I really want some biscuits though, I REALLY WANT SOME BUT IT'S SATURDAY AND TESCO IS SHUT :( I really want some PLS QQQqqqqqqqqqqqQqqQqqQQqqqQQqqQQQqQQqq
But yeah, fkkking starving, going to go now guise, I'll be seeing you!

Friday, 11 January 2013


Taking time out from owning face to list things that I am happy about in life.
Even if I don't realize things all the time and even if I just act hateful about stuff, I'll make sure to remind everyone that I do in fact thank the lawd I have what I have. And what do I have? Well you're in the right place to find out.

I'm thankful I have a home, somewhere to sleep at night and enough money for food.
I'm happy I have a PC and internet connection. They may not be the best, and I may not have top of the line peripherals, but I'm very happy that I have these things.
I'm over the moon that I'm good at playing games. I know it might sound weird, but when I see people that are really bad it just makes me realize that it really is something that not everyone has (I usually think everyone can be amazing, and I'm sure they can, but as long as I see baddies I just feel really good)
I'm happy I have fully working limbs. Eh, it speaks for itself but I'm really happy I have 2 arms, 2 legs and working hands/feet. I CAN TYPE ON A KEYBOARD WITH THESE.
I'm glad I was born in a technologically advanced age. I think if I was born during an old age time I'd probably be in a lot worse of a shape than I am now.
Lastly I guess I'm happy that I'm not blind or deaf. That would surely suck

well then

Thursday, 10 January 2013

It's contagious

Hello. I'd like to start this off by giving a nice little index list of things I'm putting in this post.
Here you go [finishlater]

I hate my life. I know, I've said it before. I fluctuate between liking it and hating it. Sometimes I think it's meh and sometimes I think it's alright. But when I sit down and actually examine it I just get hurt. It's an incredibly depressive moment for me to look into my life and realize how little I am.
Let me think, ah yes, this is some information to give.
I have no real life friends. Not a single person to see in real life. I mean I see my mother and my brother(s) sometimes, but they live with me. In fact I go out of my way to not be in the same room as my older brother, because of who he is. It makes my existance very lonely.
I also only have about.. 2? online friends. I know, one of them tells me they have no friends, but if I'm honest I can't see it. I'm not really joking when I say how few people I know. And want to know the sadder fact? If they actually cared a 10th of the amount I did they'd be amazing friends. In reality they just don't really care. I usually talk to them and they just "cba" to reply. Or spend a couple of hours doing something else and when they have something they want to talk about they'll talk to me and MAYBE acknowledge the fact I said something. MAYBE.
Oh sad life.
I also sit here every night applying to jobs and it has no result. I've gotten about 3 interviews in my life, oh I'm so cool.
And everyone I know has fallbacks if they run out of money. Rich relatives? Np.
Actual friends to ask for help? Well it's no problem at all my friend.
You know what's really sad? I am SCARED of going outside and talking to people. Because I'm not good enough, I'm such a pathetic person in the core that I can't amount to enough to be a friend for someone.
This, of course, isn't true. I'm a better person "at heart" than most people I know. They just get more because they were born with confidence. Something I was not born with, nor do I posses much of. It's another sad truth.
I actually think I should give up real life. I mean I'm in a good spot, I can actually just disregard "loneliness", it's not actually that bad. I'm good at games, I could just sit here and delude myself, pretending I'm a hot shot big boy. I'm cool.

I started playing a lot of League of Legends this week. Will probably stop though, as the only reason I started in the first place was to play with people. It's a shame nobody I know plays or wants to play with me.
I could level up to max but it's a massive chore because every time I play there's at least one guy raging at me for being bad,  when I'm sure I'm doing nothing wrong. I read up whenever I try a new champion but actually perfecting it is a lot harder than reading a guide. And people are just not forgiving, it's like they only play to be rude and arrogant towards people.
I mean my last game was as Yi and I'd played him the day before and did quite well, so I thought what's the worst that could happen? Well, I was made to go bot with a random ranged carry and they pretty much took every creep, and when I did try to get my own the opposing team had 2 derps to get me every time. Idk if it's just me being shit (likely) or what, but Garen is an asshat. I mean I try to autoattack a creep and run and he just gets up my ass, and even if I try to fight back he tanks everything I have, it's ridiculous. Anyway so I had a shitty early game (the guy on the lane with me whos champion I forgot died twice within 10 minutes and we'd lost the lane within that time too) and then we just lost hard. Idk man, Idk. I managed to build up some nice items at one point and went to try and kill Garen just 'cause we'd lost anyway and I popped everything in the game and he still took no damage. This is pretty much unrelated to anything I just wanted to say how much it pissed me off.
I also did my first normalmode WoW raid in MOP yesterday. Was pretty easy (faceroll even). I was happy with my performance and I even won one of my best in slot trinkets (absolute BiS until heroic modes I believe) which means I have both of the BiS pre heroic trinkets now on my Hunter@
Was a bit of a shambles though as one of the Rogues (who has won FIVE items prior) actually started spamming me with whispers asking for the trinket and even trying to buy/trade for it. I told him no as I care more about character progression than money, then he told me mastery was my worst stat.
First off I read all about the classes/specs I play and I can say that mastery (at this time) is my best stat. And it fluctuates between item levels. HE tried telling me haste was the best, which is very wrong. As BM haste is the worst stat (at my gear level) and crit and mastery are very close. Also the Agility proc on this trinket is what makes it so great, the massive uptime and fact it can proc on ANYTHING simply gives it a larger amount of "passive" agil overall than any other trinkets.
Good times.
I've also been playing a little bit of Pokémon White 2 every day just because I can. At the moment I'm just before the 7th gym and doing a little training! My team consists of (I actually have to go and get my DS in order to tell you this because I'm still not good at remembering new names, it's np), Emboar, Sigilyph, Leavanny, Fraxure, Azumarill and Gigalith.
This team changes a bit for different occasions. Right now Leavanny, Azumarill and Emboar have been with me since the very first gym. Gigalith was put in just before the birdy gym and I could not have made a better choice. This guy is AAAAMAZING. He pretty much soloed the gym (well he could have, but I used other Pokémon too just because I don't like to put everything on one Pokémon). Sigilyph is pretty much only here as my flier but I chose him because I didn't have any Psychics, so why not? And Fraxure is a DRAGON. The only one I have, and I always want a dragon in my team. So he's here. He evolved in 2 levels. I hope he becomes good then (as he's not too good right now)
I think I should realistically swap Azumarill out for something better, but I'm quite attached to it. I like Azumarill and I think I can do well enough without just going for an OP comp.

On a related note I watch Marriland now and it makes me want to Nuzlocke, but I don't want to lose any Pokémon so I'm screwed. If only I had an extra DS or even better an extra copy of a game. Ah well, it's ok.
I also have to buy a 3DS if I want to play Pokémon X or Y, as they don't work on a normal DS. I probably won't get one unless I get a job, which is quite unlikely as I suck as life.

I'm debating whether to post this or not now as I just ate and I'm not as sad.
But I will post it as it has some interesting stuff to do with games and whatnot.
I will see you and raise you one, for king and for country.

Goodbye for now.