Tuesday, 29 January 2013

You're alright, kid

I've spent many hours sitting here deciding how to write this blog and I guess this is how I'll do it, the same way I start every other blog (by telling you how long it's taken to write the intro)
Hello there sailor, it's been a long time. The seas have been calling me and I've not been able to get to my ship to sail out to you. It's okay though, because you're here now.

So I've been wondering if I've ever told you the story of the birthday that went wrong. The birthday I had that wasn't really good, but still not the worst (despite the events), and I don't think I have, so today's blog is going to be just that, the story (as short as it is)

BASICALLY it was my Idk what birthday, maybe 8th? or something, Idk. All I know is that I lived in St Albans at the time, so I was young-ish. Anyway, on that particular birthday I went to a shop (Idk which one) and got myself a cheat cartridge! For my gamebody colour of course, and I was so darn happy. I was gonna do so much, like get infinite masterballs and omfg MEW! Was quite happy as you can imagine. So before going home we went to go to a park to go play around and it was next to a river so we went to catch crayfish, was quite fun. I think they're like crabs or lobsters or Idk, was ages ago! Wasn't too shallow water and boy it was probably fun. Idk for sure though because I can't remember.
Anyway a few hours pass and we go back to the car and can you guess what happened? Well, one of the back windows was smashed and the door was unlocked. Yup, we'd been robbed.
You know what they took? They took my gameboy and they took the cheat cartridge. And other stuff obviously, but as I was a young boy I didn't really care about that.
I had lost my gameboy. My. Game. Boy. Was. Gone.
Why? Why would you steal that from a child? I don't know if you know this but I've never been rich. I never got a new gameboy, in fact I was miserable for the rest of the day.
I had to wait years to actually get another gameboy, and it was a terrible loss. I mean yeah I could still play the PS and I actually had FRIENDS back there, but still.
Meh, life is a cunt.

Anyway what have I been doing? I completed the elite four on White 2 and I've gotten all the Eevelutions except Umbreon now. The only reason I don't have it is because FRIENDSHIP EVOLUTIONS PLS FK U M9.
But yeah. It's been quite fun, right now I'm training a team to go defeat elite four round 2 (all 70+ plllllis) and it's going well, my team isn't the best but I don't care ty. It's Dragonite, Glaceon, Espeon (TWO EEVEES WHAT OF IT BITCH), Leavanny, Emboar and AZUMARILL. But right now Azu is pretty much just for HMs (all the water ones and strength ty), and I have plenty to use instead npnp.

I've also been grinding Archaeology on WoW which sucks. I play it for like an hour or 2 a day if I do play it, which isn't everyday now. I also tried out a bit of TERA and it seems ok. Maybe it'd be more fun with a friend or something but nobody wants to play with me obvs. And I tried out a little Miss Fortune on LoL and, well, I guess I should tell you I uploaded a video and actually post it:
I guess you can watch that, if you want.

So yeah. Also I went downstairs the other day and I found an opened letter adressed to me. That is completely outrageous and out of order, it's even ILLEGAL to intercept mail. Fucking assholes.
Incase you're wondering it told me that the money I recieve has been cancelled. Here's another story, I asked someone to post a letter a couple of weeks ago and they didn't for a long time and I didn't know and because of them telling me they'd post it and then not posting it my money has been stopped.
Thanks. It means a lot. You borrow money off me every week then make me lose my only source of income. yeah, I'm obviously a scrounger but fuck you, fuck everyone.

Anyway, thanks for reading a goodbye

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