Saturday, 31 March 2012


So I recorded a video a few days ago and YEAH HERE YOU GO.

So I took my cat for a walk yesterday! WEIRD AS SHIT I KNOW. He followed me out to the end of my road so I thought I'd show him DA ROPEZ. I vidded it and I'll probably put that in my next blawg.
It was fun! Although there were 2 police cars near a road we went past and he got really scared :( had to carry him past 4 police officers while he was trying to jump out of me, must've looked like a complete tit but I don't care, 'cause I laaaaaarve da babby.

Because some fucking asshole spent the entire duration of Spine and Madness of Deathwing spamming in chat doing under 10k dps (on madness, with the massive dps buffs >_>) and won THE SHOULDERS AND TRINKET OFF SPINE AND THE 2H WEAPON OFF OF MADNESS. FUCKING CUNT SHOULD JUST QUIT LIFE FFS.
I was in almost full blues with an ilevel of 360 and came 6th on dps as Destro, one of the worst off specs ingame, and I won nothing.
Obviously Blizzard rewards the worst players, not the worst geared. (But yeah, Idk if I'll even bother making a seperate blog, but I might 'cause I know people don't give a fuck and I just want to vent)

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, apparently

Well I was out and about and the idea for this video came into my head.
Please note that I'd just been running and it's really hot and I was sweaty and disgusting .___.  Also lolol@ the random piece of hair sticking up >_>

Quick note before I finish this up, I uploaded this about an hour ago and haven't shown it to anyone and it already has a like, who the hell liked it AND WHY AREN'T THEY TELLING ME SO I CAN SAY TY SIR.
srs though, didn't know anyone even paid attention to my Youtube channel

EDIT: So I just added a new look to my BLAWG, and I know it's shit but I spent 10 minutes on it and I can't draw for shit lolol. I'd edit actual awesome stuff into there, but what's the point? AN MS PAINT TURTLE ROCKS ENOUGH!



Rightio so if you didn't watch the vid here's some info! My cat decided that my crotch was itchy last night and decided to spend a good 15 minutes clawing at it, thank THE LAWD that I don't sleep naked!
I also went for a longass walk yesterday instead of my usual jog, was so fucking pissed and didn't even want to go out, but I pushed through and decided going 4-5 times the distance at a slow pace was GOOD too.

Also I was awoken this morning by a complete fucking asshole called "Next Door", their music was playing so loudly I could hear it from the oposite side of the house, tyvm? I was wearing headphones and I still could, tyvm? Pisses me off that.

So it's been pretty hot lately! Suns comin' out son, gonna rain at the weekend though! AH WELL. Next week is half term so I get a week off school WOOOOOOOoooooooo. JKJK I don't go to school, but you SCHOOL PEOPLE get time off, so congrats!

In other news I'm almost out of Shampoo and Idk what one to get now, I've tried loads and I still hate my hair. Probably need a cut but Idk what to get and I'm cheap as fuck so I cba to get one. TYTY. Also need new SHOES but I'm CHEAP. AS. FUCK. Wish I was a girl 'cause then I'd want to spend money on shoes, and a nice dress, and have more choices for clothes! OMG YEEYEYEYEYE. And I could wear makeup! I already use moisturizer you know. Well that's a lie lolol, I was given some for christmas (WHY?? IDK) and I use it every few weeks 'cause I'm COOL.

Lastly (I think) I've been getting MEGACRAVINGS for Dr. Pepper the past few days. I WANTS IT PLEEEEEASE. GONNA TRY AND MUSTER UP WHAT STRENGTH I HAVE TO RESIST.
Think about it maaaaaaaan. So something that just happened as I'm waiting for this video to upload- My little brother just walked into my room! HE'S 1 HE'S SO CRAP THOUGH 'CAUSE HE CAN'T SAY MY NAME GRRRRRRRRR.
So yeah. I actually need stuff to do now, Idk what to do that I can blog about, unless I blog about shitty games nobody cares about lolol.

aaaaaaaaanyway, thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 28 March 2012


So I'm here once again with a blog full of skillz, and today I have STUFFZ to say!
Righty then first things first, as you know I got Live Upon A Blackstar yesterday and I think it kicks ASS. It's soo good, but this release has caused a few issues for me.
Firstly the pre-orders for Wish Upon A Blackstar have been pushed back to April which sucks ass, Idk what date they're going up now so I'm kinda pissed at that, but OH WELL
AND THE OTHER SLIGHTLY MORE MAJOR PROBLEM IS. My iTunes is fucking broken. Like so fucking shitty now, it can play music but WILL NOT connect to the internet or the store. And it doesn't even give an error message and IDK WTF IS WRONG.
I've tried so much but nothing works, I spent 3 hours on google with zero good answers and I've even uninstalled iTunes and downloaded it from scratch. DID NOT WORK FML.
My phone is fucking pointless without iTunes, one answer was to use a different computer, well guess what? I'm not fucking rich, I have one fucking computer.
So now I can't put any music on my phone or anything and I can't access my iTunes store so fuck you Apple.

In other news my cat got his first fight injury yesterday, he came to sit on me and his eye was closed up and after a while I got worried and looked at it and it was rolled into the back of his head all weird-like, so I googled it and apparently google thought it was a rare eye infection that could suddenly kill him.
Yeah, but he's better now so google really worried me for no reason. PFT.

So yeah not a good week for me.
I made a video for this blog but it's 7mins long, will probably come out sideways and nobody will watch it, so text it is!
Hopefully tomorrow I'll be in a good mood, woosh

Tuesday, 27 March 2012


SO MY LAYOUT IS ALL DIFFERENT NOW AND IT'S WEIRD, but it's alllll good, I guess. I'm not really too keen on the new style but it'll probably grow on me, who knows?
Anyway this probably means I should update my actual blog background and stuff, but I cba so yeah, maybe later.

Ok so as you know I said I'd make a smoothie, and guess what?!?! I didn't. Idk why, lazy I guess (plus I don't have a super awesome blender) but oh well, not the end of the world.

In other news Live Upon A Blackstar came out a day early yesterday! It's basically the first live Celldweller CD, and even though I don't have the physical CD yet (mail and all) I DID listen to the digital download, and it's pretty good! Personal favorites from the album are Through The Gates (which got an epic rework) and The Lucky One (sounds pretty epic live). I also loved So Long Sentiment/Eon, but I'd heard that already so you already knew!
The one song that isn't really as epic as they could be is probably Symbiont, which misses the real epic mid/outro part, but apart from that it's actually really good!
And you know what the release of this means? It means that Wish Upon A Blackstar will finally go up for pre-order later today! No idea when but I can't wait, srsly. I'm hoping to catch it ASAP and get the limited edition version (only 1000 of them going out, don't wanna miss it), and even if it's moi expensivó I'll defo get it, because I've been waiting for a longass time!

In non-music related news both of my nans and my aunt came to my house yesterday. Why am I telling you? Well because they tried my EPIC pie, and even my nan that doesn't like cinnamon liked it, fuckyeah. Apparently it being in a sauce makes it ok (Which I don't get 'cause that sauce was sooo cinnamony, lolol) but yeah, EVERYONE LOVES ZE CHEF. Also I got told that window cleaners get paid an insane amount of money, like £10 for 5 minutes work? And it looks so easy. SO NOW I ASPIRE TO CLEAN WINDOWS. OH YEAH!

So I've not got much else to say really, but I will tell you something absolutely random, the title to this blog is actually related to the blog itself for like the first time in about 70 years. Not including the hate blogs of course.

Sunday, 25 March 2012


OOOOOOOOH! So yesterday I told you I was considering making a pie, and you know what? I've only gone and done it!
Took some time, but t'was worth it of course. And incase you didn't see the last blog, the pie I made wasn't just any old pie, t'was an Asian Pear pie! 'cause I'm so oriental.
Now I was a little skeptical, 'cause I don't like Asian Pears TOO much, but I went ahead anyway.
Right, so I'm not gonna sit here and give you the recipe and how I made it (we all know I googled that shit, "Asian Pear Pie" and it should be the first one) but I will give you my progress pictures!

So as you can see this is the pie mixture, this isn't really too fancy, just brown/normal sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla (with the pears of course) later I realised I needed to add some butter to get the mix really gooey and nice (in this it was just runny around the bottom, which sucked of course)
Put this stuff in the oven for about 8-9 minutes to make it niiiiiiiice and pastey (like this-V)

Righto so as you can see here this stuff is a pretty snazzy paste-like sauce allllllll over those pears. It smells absolutely delicious I have to say, and of course this is inside the pie shell here (I have a pic of the shell itself but it's obviously boring enough to just post a picture of a pie shell)

So basically all I did after that was put a top on it, sprinkled some cinnamon and brown sugaron the top, and plopped it in the oven for about 35-40 minutes.THIS is how it came out!

I KNOW I KNOW, I really messed up on the top by A. putting too much cinnamon on it and B. not getting it even enough :(
I only had a really small surface to roll out the pastry QQ and as for the cinnamon, it said a sprinkle WHICH I DID, but it really muffed up and put a msssive clump in one place.

So this was the inside, and I can say it tasted PRETTY DAMN NICE.
The paste stuff is amazingly tasty, and even though I'm not too keen on the pears it still tasted kinda good! Don't get me started on the pie crust though, THAT was amaaaaaazing.

So yeah, I rock and stuff. Had more shit to put in this blog but it's massive anyway! Oh amd just for the record, I STILL HAVE LOADS OF PIE LEFT 'CAUSE YYYYYYYYEAH!
Should probably put some ice-cream or something with it, but it's still really good anyway.

ps I wanted to get some pomegranett to try but it's £1.50 each and they're small as, and the only ONE left in the shop was all beaten up and stuff, so not today!

Saturday, 24 March 2012


AAAAAALLLRIGHTY THEN, I'm here agin with more information to fill your brain! None of which will be useful in any way/shape or form in your life, woo!
So last blog I told you I'd gotten some mango, and I've finally had some and I can honestly say it's.. it's not what I thought it would be :( I imagined it as a sweet fruit, but it really isn't. Maybe it wasn't ripe enough, I've no idea, but I have a plan!
See the master plan now is to use a BLENDA, and get myself some ingredients and whatnot to go with it. I'MMA MAKE SOME SMOOTHIE BEEEEEEEATCH. Dat shit's gonna be cullinary mastership, yumyum. Finally something to drink that isn't water!
OH OH OH SPEAKING OF THAT! I had my first cup of tea for over a month earlier, it really doesn't count as a bad drink as I only put 2 sugars in and it has no milk, a treat I guess. WAS SO NICE UMFG.
Also I still have THREE Asian Pears, and you know what I'm gonna try and do? MAKE ASIAN PEAR PIE! I read somewhere or other that you can do that, and I was like oooomg asian pie. Gonna look up ingredients tomorrow morning then buy some shit at tesco, it's gonna be gooooooood. So next time you read my blog I may have some pie news! Or not, lolol probably not even the smoothie 'cause I forget this shit :(

Right then, onto something I missed from last blog I guess, so I joined Netflix the other day! And it's not really as good as I thought it would be. I mean I thought it would have looooooooooads of TV shows and movies, but it turns out it doesn't have as many as it COULD do, for example it doesn't even have LOST, like wtf man!
But yeah, already watched 3 movies on there, the last Saw movie ('cause I've seen the others and never bothered looking for the last one), Pulp Fiction and Hard Candy.
Pulp Fiction 'cause I've seen loads of scenes but never the entire thing, and Hard Candy 'cause for some reason it was reccomended to me after I watched Saw.
I ALSO STARTED WATCHING SECRET DIARY OF A CALLGIRL LOLOL, 'cause uhh.. Billie Piper used to be on Dr Who. Yes. I'll keep telling myself that's why.

S'YEAH! I've been DYING to have a nice cold glass of coke or something the past few days with this heat, srsly it's been killing me. But I've kept strong and obviously not, but I can honestly say I would probably jizz myself if I had a can of Dr Pepper right now (TOO MUCH INFO? NAH IT'S ALL RELEVANT.)

Lastly ('cause I'm too boring to think of real stuff) the new cat I have is a complete bellend you know, when I'm sitting in my room he's fast asleep in the room next to me just relaxing and stuff, but whenver I go to the toilet or go get a drink he wakes up and follows me to the toilet or downstairs, then back up, and he doesn't even come in my room (because he's BANNED FOR LIFE after breaking my headphones, obviously) and then he goes back to sleep but still does it again if I get up. Why does it do it? 'CAUSE HE OBVIOUSLY LUUUUUUURVES ME. Makes me feel special tbh! Probably sounds exceptionally sad, but it's adorable really. (if not a little weird)

Friday, 23 March 2012


So first off I've mananged to find a way to make my videos come up the right way (I think) and I'm gonna go back to my last video and fix it.
Cba to do the ones before, mainly 'cause I'd have to find the footage and I really can't be bothered to. SO YEAH! IT'S GOOD NEWS. (even if it's only good for me)

Right so today has been a day, woke up at 8am as I do everyday, and then went back to sleep until 11 (usually it's until 12, GO ME OMG), then later in the day I went to Tesco! t'was a dandy trip, I got fried chicken and a mango (A SMALL PIECE OF CHICKEN SO YEAH).
"a mango?" you may say, "didn't you say they costed too much?" BRAVO SHERLOCK CRACKED ANOTHER CASE. But not really, yeah I did say that! Indeed I did, but Tesco have decided to up their game and sell Mango for 50p a piece, so I was sold.
Not eaten it yet as I've not wanted any, but when I do YOU'LL KNOW IF I LIKE IT.
Also got some Muller-rice (yesterday), I love me some MULLAH. Got the apple/raspberry ones 'cause I'm cool enough to do so.
Also I got a portable harddrive, which I've actually needed for years but never been bothered to get (ALL MONEY I DON'T WANNA SPEND GRRRR) but I realised I'm never gonna get a new computer at this rate, so whatever I guess.

Righto, in other news I've randomly discovered a bunch of music I should already know about in the past few days, some of which is MY CUPPA TEA. For example I'm now a big fan of a group called f(x), is it because they're hot Korans? Partly that, not gonna deny I love me some AZZZZZZZZZNS. But it's also 'cause HOT SUMMA, A HOT HOT SUMMA, HOT SUMMA, A HOT HOT WOOSh, which rocks right? ah pop music, you do have such meaningful lyrics. (when I say "big fan" I mean I've heard about 5 of their songs, and 'cause I like ALMOST ANYTHING I love it all)
Also I heard the number one song for the first time the other day, this "used to know" shit. I used to know that good music was on the raido, now I realise people were telling the truth when they told me it sucks. FUCKING BALLS THAT GFSGFSAGSAf asfsadgsag asgsdgs ag. Makes me angry, Idk why.
Also turns out I'm a fan of Tonight Alive, ALSO TURNS OUT PRE-ORDERS FOR WISH UPON A BLACKSTAR START THIS WEEKEND FUCKYEAH I CAN'T WAIT PUN INTENDED. Shit deserves caps 'cause it's about fucking time!
Also I pre-ordered Live Upon a Blackstar and it comes out this weekend too! What made me order it when I'm poor as fuck? THIS song! Honestly, I love So Long Sentiment, so when I heard this clash up I was like "oh my dear lord, why haven't I pre-ordered QQ"
Waste of money? probably lololol, don't give a fuck though, cause I fucking love Celldweller.
Also (llolololol I love that word) The Used has a new album out this weekend too! Not pre-ordered it though, too poor :(((( Actually been saving for the Celldweller album so YEAH. Will probably get The Used's one through "otherworldly means" (TOTALLY legal and not pirating ways)

God this is long. Just wanna say that I can bend my toes in 3 places like a normal person, also I drink about 20 bottles of water a day and I rock. Also I'm running a mile on the weekend.
Is it because of charity shit? LOLNO. I do it everyday, I shouldn't have to be paid to do it, it's just natural init blad

SOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooo long

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

What are you so scared of?

SO I recorded this video in the morning and then I wrote a blog and forgot to put it in, how foolish of me!
So here's a completely seperate blog for the video!
Also I need to go for a run and even though I cba I HAVE TO OMG WOEEEEEEEEeee. I may actually go to Tesco tonight instead of my usual route. Maybe not though, but I am sooooo hungry.
Also I'm listening to THIS, I'm only mentioning it 'cause this blog is small as fook.

PS I LOOK LIKE SHIT HERE'S ME AFTER MY BATH (I'm so new wave having baths 'n shit)

Deal with it? I'll have to


So I've been wondering what to do a blog about for a few days now and I thought to myself.. STANDARD BLOG AS PER USUAL. Usually I just fill it up with random thoughts that pop into my head as I write, so I'll do that again.

Righto, so I did LFR on Warrior, DK, Hunter and I did the last boss on the second half on my Mage (I really cba to do other characters lately) and I won SOULDRINKER OOOOOOOOH YEAHHHHHH. But it was on my DK and not my Warrior so FFFfffffffffu. I also got nothing else on any character, so that sucked balls. (apart from GLOOOOOOOOooooooooooOOOOVES on my Warrior, of coursE)
Still, a Souldrinker is a Souldrinker (even if it's not Guthrak)
I also got some free shit the other day, HAPPYTIMES. got a pretty snazzy pig, and 3 BUUURDIES. One of which I've not let out of my sight since I got it, cause it obviously rocks. My mum also loved the pig, which kicked ass 'cause I'm too lazy to buy actual gifts lolol. Now all I have to do is wait a month until I can finally buy a TURTLE from the person that gave me these birds. Can't wait 'cause I love turtles. yesyesyes.
You know what? I'll give you a picture of said things so you can see how awesome they are for yourself:

There's also a necklass, which I'm too lazy to take a picture of now!

So that's it! I SHALL LEAVE THEE

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

I've been ruined by young hands clapping

ere we go again, first off I'll post a video then I'll just give a small overview of what I said in it. THEN I'LL GIVE YOU MORE INFO!
Before you watch (if you do) I'd like to apologize for it being on it's side again. These videos are always the right way up on my phone then fuck up when I put them on my computer, it's fucking ridiculous but oh well.

So here's what's said, firstly it's not my room.
Second of all, I got some ridiculously overpriced food considering how little there are in the bags, then I ate sausages and mash, and I also got a book.
Also the TV is loud as fuck, embaressing much.
Also my hair fucking sucks, I hate life ect ect.

And for stuff that wasn't in the vid! Earlier today I was eating peanuts and cut the bottom of my tongue, it was about an inch cut and it was pretty shit. Bled for about 15 minutes straight.
I've actually bothered to go for a run everyday for about a week so far, don't plan on stopping but you never know. I've also not had any drink for what feels like an eternity@ I'll probably have a single can at the end of the month. Or not, who know?

Lastly (maybe, but I might add more l0l) I fucking hate WoW now, it's full of fucking bad scrubs that can bearly pull 70% of my DPS then win items over me, and if that's not bad enough they're usually in gear that I would love to have.
For example my LFR experience today consisted of me being 4k above the second top dps for the entire first half and winning nothing (while there was another Hunter in full T13+ the DW bow and Spine/Blackhorn trinket, which I need) doing much worser.
And the second half was absolute balls too. Died on Ultraxxion because I overaggroed when both tanks decided to not know what to do, and I was the only person out of 4 dead to not get a ress (was actually top DPS until I died, obviously) and then lost the Blackhorn trinket to someone with Vial of Shadows and the Spine trinket. Yeah, he had 2 better trinkets and the DW bow (as I said in another blog, everyone but me has it) and he was still doing absolute pitiful damage compared to me.
Spine rolls up and nothing drops. Oh well, I prefer nothing dropping than losing to fucking morons.
And obviously I top Madness DPS and nothing drops. Fucking typical. At least I didn't lose the Polearm to a Balance Druid this week, right?

So yeah, and that's just my Hunter, don't get me started on the 8 billion other classes I have to drag my ass through there each week. In fact, I can honestly say I've not even played in the past week except to do LFR and HOPE I get a piece of gear. Shit is complete balls, won't unsub though as I guess Diablo 3 for free might be decent.

RIGHT THEN! I ramble on don't I, lololololty. Thanks for reading then, adios.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Imagine being on a desert island with only coconuts. Seriously, you'd go insane trying to open them day after day.

AAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWW'ITE GUYS! I had some decent things happen to me today, but I won't go into it here! No sir, no sir, I've decided to do another one off blog here and give you guys a bunch of random trivial facts about me, some you may know and some you WON'T know!

Hooray for me!
Alrighty then, in no paticular order.
I once ate an onion like an apple (when I was in year 3 or 4, very young) MMMM (I don't like onions anymore.. lol..)
I onced pissed in a bowel and put it in the fridge (there's been contraversy surrounding this, a "did he did it did he not", this clears up alll the confusion. I was YOUNG btw, really young)
I shaved my leg once. Not both, just one. Why did I? LOL. I have nooooo idea, I'm not a woman so there we go.
I have a scar somewhere on me that NO MAN SHALL EVER SEE. How? I spilt tea naked. Yes, I've learned to never drink tea naked. Seriously.
I used to think the 2 dots birthmark I have on my neck was a vampire bite. Naievity ftw!
I used to be one of those people that hated on Soulja Boy for Crank Dat, but then Kiss Me Thru The Phone came out and I actually liked it. That's what changed my opinion on music overall and made me understanding of other people's tastes.
I actually like Baby by Justin Bieber. Sorry, but I had to say it.
I've had a gay experience before. I won't say what, but it wasn't kissing. Oh no, my mother would not be proud. (This was a LONG time ago, and believe me I'm not gay, not at all)
I only blog because some dickhead dropped a curry on the floor 3 years ago.
I've not fallen over for years. Like, not even a fumble (I'm awesome, I have the balance of a cat)
My eyesight SUCKS, but I've never worn glasses. I can't even afford to get my eyes tested and even if it was free I won't because I can't afford glasses. I can live with bad eyes.
My favorite song is Kansas City 90210, by From Autumn To Ashes. I don't even listen to it much, but I fell in love when I first heard that.
I've been told I can sing before, and I used to be able to hit amazing high notes. I can't anymore, but I can still do awesome things with this throat.
I've never played Guitar Hero, or even played a real guitar. Or any instrument (apart from a keyboard in school)
I've tried to kill myself before. But honestly, that's the most retarded thing I've ever done. Shame on me.
I didn't feel sick after watching 2 girls 1 cup for the first time, girls being sick into each other doesn't even make me feel a little ill.
I once saw a movie about 10-12 years ago (not sure when) that left me unable to sleep for weeks. And to this day I have no idea what it is, and I've looked for a long time.
There is a certain 6 letter word that makes me feel physically ill to even say, I can't even look at the word because it just makes me feel vile. It's an ingredient for pizza and I actually like that. yeye, weird.
I've never been to another country. Not even somewhere shit like Wales or Scotland.
I've not got ID. I suck balls, don't you know.
I had my ears pierced once. Didn't like it, so I took them out and haven't looked back since.
I once filled a bottle with piss and mud and threw it into the air at school. I feel extremely guilty about it now, but being young and stupid sucked.
I've never broken a bone! I've even had my leg ran over once, and nothing broke. Fuckyeah ironman here.
I love the sound of my own voice. NOT when I'm speaking, but when I listen back to recordings. Idk why.

Can't really think of anything else off the top of my head! OH WELL. I'm sure many people will have countless hours of fun taking the piss out of me for this stuff.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Really general and boring STUFFS!

So first off, my kitten SNORES. Yep, sitting here snoring right now, woo!
Also I've been for a run everyday for 4-5 days in a row, call me usain bolt bitch.
I've also got grapefruit, didn't get a mango 'cause they're £2 each (RIIIIIPOFF)- I've never ATE grapefruit before (the juice is deliciooooous) so I'm a little nervous, it smells so nice though so I bet it'll rock!
It's been like a month since I gave up DRINK. Or 3 weeks, either way it feels like ages /:
I emptied my computers' recycling bin earlier- all 36gb of it (IDKLOL?)
I've started playing a game called Zenonia recently (on my phone), it's pretty snazzy!
I have apple pie in my fridge, I actually think apple pie is amazing. But not in THAT way.

Lastly I'm making a note here to just say I have no idea why I'm writing this, I was falling asleep before and now I'm wide awake.
lolol. Adiós

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

I'm in love with a STRIPPAAA

o I've got a headache atm and I just ate my last Kiwi, SAD FACE.
Need a new fruit to buy now, I wonder what it shall be! I love coconut but last time I got one it took a LOOOOOOONG time to break open and then it went moldy. MOLDY COCONUT FTL.
Maybe ummm, HMMM. Idk, mango? Never had raw mango, maybe this is my time!
ARRRRR IDK! I could get apples or oranges because they're boring as fuck.. NAH I DON'T THINK SO.

So another thing I have to say today is Kony2012, and it's gonna be a short mention because all I want to say is this.. I really cba with all this spamming. Right, I get it, I'm AWARE NOW. GOD DAMN IT WHATTHEFUCK. I can't go to a riot because I've no reason to. Well then, that's that.

Righto and in other news I just went for another run. Fun times yo, I'm still unfit as a boss but I'm awesome anyway, here's a vid.

To end this I'm gonna add that I recently read somewhere that if you have a lot in common with the oposite sex you're less likely to be able to have a relationship with them. Why do I mention this? Because it means the chances of me having an AWESOME girlfriend are very slim now, as I am very, very awesome.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Amg, so this is pretty swanky 'cause I didn't know there was a blogger app but there is! woo

'ite, so as you all know I'm an unfit BASTAD but I just did 100 starjumps, 15 push-ups then went for a 30min JOG, jep I finally got my pacing right!
So as a treat here's what I did while I was on a high (random as a bitch, and the 2 words that were audio cut were "jog" and "fuckin' shit" [I think])

This app will only let me add pics, so here's a pic and I'll edit the vid in when I'm on my computer (if you can add a vid in edits of course)


(me after 30 minutes of jogging/walking = OMGLOL I LOOK SHIT and dem pushups, wtf was I thinking? woe is me)

I can actually do an amazing american accent

Earlier today I had some amazing chicken, it was those mattesons fridge raider thingys and they were reduced so I thought MMMMM CHICKEN and got them (I don't usually like cold meat, but I thought fak it), and it was really nice, just throwing it out there!

So lately I've been trying to get into shape. I mean I've been doing badly but I've been trying, I've been off soft drinks for almost 3 weeks and I've been eating quite a bit of fruit.
What fruit you may ask, well I'll tell you! In the past 2 weeks I've had pineapple, lime, bananas, coconut, WATERMELON YAMYAMYAM and KIWI! Now something that's pretty weird about me is that I eat the kiwi whole. Yes, I eat KIWI SKIN! Why? Because Idk. I understand it doesn't taste amazing, but wasting food is never something I like to do. Something that's also interesting about kiwi skin though is that it's high in fibre (I guess it's good for you, so that's a plus)

Also I've been "working out" recently. Not like full on gym workouts (TOOO POOR AND LAZY TO GO GYM) but I've been going for DEM WALKS. I've went for a couple runs too! I also do laps of downstairs 'cause I get self-consious when I run outside :(. Also I've been doing push-ups and sit-ups, MAINLY pushups, I actually do about 10 pushups everytime I get up for a drink or to go to the toilet, and it really does add up I think (it's about 45 so far today, I do 15 when I get up in the morning). Also I went for a walk.
Are you ready for Ash 2.0? I am! It'll take a LONG time, but I'll get there!

What really gets me is the massive drink cravings- I've had 2 cans of Relentless and a can of Pepsi in my room for 2 weeks and I've not even opened them.. When should I? I mean sure, giving up for good is always a plan, but what about a treat? I'm thinking when lent finishes I'll have one drink, I think that's fair!
I mean it's kind of fitting that lent falls a week after I give up, so it's 3 more weeks of no drink until I can have one! WOOooOoO (I may not even have the one, who knows)

Alrighty then, not much to talk about that isn't game related so I'll leave you with this! Follow me on KEEK! LINKHEREOMG I'm not gonna be one of those people that plugs it any chance I can get like I do with this blog, I'm just gonna mention it once and leave it at that.
It's basically just a mini youtube, where you post 36 second or shorter vids. Mine are usually just small boring ones but that's good enough for me.

Sunday, 4 March 2012


So instead of an all exclusive look into the world of Ash I thought I'd do something different this time, and actually give you an all exclusive look into the world of Ash.

Oh wait.

So here it is, I'm going to write a list of things I have to choose between and not only will I say which one I prefer but I'll also give a reason.

Too hot or too cold? Too cold, I can wrap up if I'm cold, and I can potentially get an insane amount of layers. If I'm too hot I can only get naked, and o lawd is that a bad idea in public.
Too big or too small? Depends what! If it's a present or something I'd prefer too big 'cause free stuff is awesome. If it's anything else then.. well too big, fuck it I LIKE IT EL GRANDÉ.
Red or Blue? Well that's a tough one, depends what I'm thinking about. If I was colouring my room I'd probably have neither because both are a little weird, then again if I HAD TO CHOOSE ABSOLUTE MUST probably red, it just has better shades than blue I guess.
Coke or pepsi? Well that's a question isn't it. See I've given up soft drinks for now but I can honestly say it just depends what's cheaper at the time. Yeah I'm a poor fuck, but srsly. Also if it's a choice between diet and diet I'd say Coke. If it's normal or normal I guess I'd say Pepsi. And if it's ZERO vs MAX then I'd go for Zero. Either way Dr Pepper is better.
Tea or coffee? TEA 'CAUSE I'M BRITISH LOLOL. No, but yeah, tea is the prefered option OF COURSE.

Ok now for just random questions. I like ze questions see.
What colour hair do you think is best? If I'm honest that's a hard question. I actually like normal brown hair and darker hair colours, but anything else is cool too. One of the reasons most other colours don't spring to mind is that sooooo many people have colourful hair these days. Back in the day only a handful of people did. But now one in about 5/6 people have red hair, and I see blue hair all the time.
What's your favorite animal? Hmm. Difficult that. See, I like cats 'casue they're nice to me and I can just sit there with them for ages, and if I talk to a cat I'm not considered insane (much). I also like TEWTILEZ. 'Cause turtles are BADASS. I mean how many people in the world have their house ON THEIR BACK 24/7? Just the turtles , that's who! And snails. And some sea creatures. Still, turtles are actually awesome. So my favorite would have to be a Turtle with a Cat living in his shell (o lawd)
What's your favorite food?!?!?! Woooooooah. Hold the phone, that's a tough one. I quite like fried chicken (and watermelon, and kool-aid) and I ALSO REALLY LIKE Goodfellas pepperoni pizza, the stonebaked thincrust one (only one specific kind, and it's the best, otherwise I'll eat something non-pizza). If I had to choose a BEST I really have no idea, but if I had to choose ANYTHING in the world right now, I guess it would be KFC (I'mma pop a cap in yo ass)
If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be? OH SNAP, THE PLOT THICKENS. I'd have to say Japan 'cause they've got so much shit there. I actually imagine it to be FULL of massive buildings selling Pokemon and other such game stuff, and I picture it to just be full of light and activity. It's a dream of mine to go there y'know, one day I will! They also make the most fucked up porn ever, which is actually pretty chillin'. Not that I watch that kinda stuff. (incest gameshow anyone?)
If you were given £1million (through LEGAL means) how would you spend it? Sheesh y'all, t'would be a dream! I'd first off buy a new computer, I mean that would be all I'd think of if I suddenly got money. After that I'd get a really nice desk and chair, and a really awesome TV. I'd then get some kind of cable TV and a better internet connection (mine is actually REALLY good, but I'd get "the best" just 'cause I'm a millionaire, lol.) I'd probably not get a new house 'cause I hate moving and it would burn the cash too fast. I'd also buy some gym equipment for my house (sadsadsad) 'cause a treadmill would rock.
If you were stranded on a desert island what one thing would you bring? Depends, does the island have wildlife and edible plants? Fruit trees maybe? Boars in the forest? Or is it just a tiny island with only sand and nothing else? If the latter I'd bring a guillotine (I am a millionaire after all) and kill myself. If the former (I actually have food) I'd bring a boat. Incase you're wondering why I'd not bring a boat to the small island it's simple- I'd die of starvation before I find land, and I can't exactly pilot a boat when I've not eaten and I'm dehydrated.
What's your favorite movie? You know what, I don't know! I've seen a fair few and I like pretty much everything. I quite like movies with Will Smith in tbh, only reason I mention this is 'casue in the past week I've seen iRobot, Independance Day, Pursuit of Happyness and I Am Legend, all kickass if you ask me.
What's your favorite TV show? Mmmm, I like LOST, I've not seen it for ages ('cause it's finished) but it rocked. I like Dr Who also! I'm gonna say that, 'cause it's still on. And just to add I like loads of TV shows but I don't watch TV too much. I also like CSI, 'cause I see dead people. BASICALLY, I'll watch anything that isn't a shitty reality TV thing.

Righto, I cba to think of anymore. But now you all know about me and what I like. Woooo, I bet you love knowing this shit.
(some part of me really hopes everyone skips some of this, 'casue LOLOL yeah, you know why if you read it all)
Goodbye then!

Friday, 2 March 2012

I don't wanna do it alone.

So if you've met me in the past few years you'll know I'm not the most fit person in the world, I mean don't get me wrong I know I'm a sexy mother- BUT I'M TOO AMAZING, IT'S ILLEGAL TO HAVE AS MUCH AWESOME AS I DO. So I'm trying to lose some awesome, and in order to do so I will have to fitten up (cool English, brothren)

How am I doing this? First off I've been off soft/energy drinks for 2 weeks (TWO WEEKS COLD TURKEY), that alone is the biggest change I've made, I had a full-blown addiction beforehand and now I'm on a good track (it's hard, it really is, but I'm trying), I've actually drank nothing but water for this entire time. Go me.
Another thing I'm doing is push-ups, I don't do many (about 20-40 a day) but it's still more than I used to do (0), which is better than nothing, right? I've also started walking more, I do laps of the house (HARDCORE), and I went for a RUN EARLIER (it sucked, it was supposed to be a jog but I just WENT FOR IT)

But that's enough of that! I've also started sorting my sleeping routine, which was actually more of an accident than anything. I've started sleeping before 1am almost every night, it's a MASSIVE difference to my old sleeping habit (where I used to be awake at 8am+, yeye). I mean personally I don't care because I have nothing at all to live for (read: be awake for) but it's good for me I supposed.

In other news I've got a watrermelon in the fridge, and a lime. Why? Because I'm actually hardcore. I also had a krispy kreme donut yesterday (original because I'm a boss ty) and that was nais.
What else can I talk about? Oh yeah, I'm on a site called KEEK, you should ttly watch my shiz there. It's basically a crossover between Youtube and Twitter (you post videos but the time limit is 36secs per vid) it rocks. LINKAGE<

Lastly (because even though I'm out of stuff, I like to pack as much into these as possible) I've got a new shampoo omfg, yeah I just wanna say I actually hate my hair because I have to wash it everyday and it pisses me off, because back in the day I could just leave it for ages and I didn't care. NOT ANYMORE. So yeah that really sucks and I can't find any hair stuff that really ROCKS and lasts a long time. MEH! OH WELL.
It's not like I need fine looking hair when my ravishing good looks do it all for me anyway /flicks hair
Farewell, people of the 'net.