Friday, 27 July 2012

Open your heart and close your eyes

Just some random thoughts in this blog

So I've been playing Pokèmon again over the past few days, managed to catch Lugia with only one ball and felt epic.
I'm at the Elite Four atm but want my whole team levelled before I go in
My team is a bit shit but MEH. It's this: Feraligatr, Typhlosion, Flygon, Espeon, Ampharos and Weepinbell
Don't even like Weepin but I wanted a grass pokemon 'cause it felt 'right'

In other news people are fucking cunts to me. And if not cunts they're just rude and probably don't even realise it

Also I feel like I'm being punished in life by not drinking or doing drugs. No seriously, if I did those things I bet everyone would love me, HELL I'd have probably had some meaningless sex too, which would be lovely I'm sure.

Oh well, lonliness is my perogative I guess.. It's better than going against my own beliefs, isn't it?
And I don't mean religious beliefs, I mean personal ones.
I've said I dislike drinking and drugs, and I like to believe that I'm a better person than I would otherwise be without my own beliefs and feelings. idk, other people do anything and they have great lives.

I guess I'll just wonder if there's a chance for hapiness without changing the things I truly hold on to and believe.

Hapiness is a dream
And dreams.. I don't know

Sunday, 22 July 2012


This is a small blog to express how unhappy I am right about now.

pretty upset, meh.
I'm going to have to try and get a replacement PC but yeah, meh
not much I can do, meh
immediately followed by me turning the PC off and being scared shitless
and spent 2 hours waiting for a reply from someone to try and see wtf I can do

not much, but yeah, this shit would happen on a sunday

IN OTHER NEWS my dad rang me this morning and wished me a happy birthday.
except my birthday is on the 23rd not the 22nd. And it's in August not July.
so yeah, that's lovely

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

How to win at life (little by little, perhaps)

Hey guys, so in this video I'm gonna tell you what's going on in this here blog!

and incase you cba to watch it, I'm basically writing a list of things to do before I die! and I can tell some people are thinking "ASH, you're fucking young, stop being an idiot" and I know I am! I'm not expecting to die soon, but MOST of these things will probably be things I won't do for years anyway!
Now I'm not gonna go out of my way to do this shtuff, but if I see an oppertunity I may grab it with both hands, who knows?
So onto the details! A few of the things in here are going to be things I may not even WANT to do, but at the end of the day life is about experience I guess, and you need the bad experiences or you'll never experience life to the full.
So yeah, here's some STUFF. (I may edit NEW stuff into this at any time, who can tell?)

*this list is in no paticular order
1. learn to play an instrument []
2. compete at something in a top 100 standing []
3. be on TV []
4. produce/record an actual music track (that other people actually like) []
5. have the SEX (with something other than my hand) []
6. get so drunk you forget at least an hours worth of time [x]
7. do the drugs (that aren't caffine) []
8. try to pickup a random girl (chat up lines, not actual lifting) []
9. tell someone I love them in person (fo reelz) []
10. hug someone out of the blue [x]
11. get my heart broken somehow (metaphorically) [x]
12. meet a musical artist I look up to and/or am inspired by []
13. tick everything on this list off []
14. rage so hard I break a door down [x]
15. compile a list of places to be while fapping, and then complete said list (GOING HARD YO) []
16. successfully record how many times I ^ in an entire year [x]
17. put a video on youtube that gains over 100k views []
18. cook a meal for 2 for someone else []
19. prank call someone []
20. get en epic tattoo []
21. get given a handmade gift [x]
22. own a PC that can actually run max settings on any game while recording [x]
23. actually stream the GAIMZ live [x]
24. meet someone that doesn't like me and make them realise that I'm awesome []
25. leave the country []
26. break a heart (metaphorically, I don't think I'll know if I do this) []
27. break a BONE (literally) []
28. call someone in the middle of the night (or morning rather) without them actually expecting it []
29. sleep in the same bed as someone else []
30. cook/bake something with my own made recipe []
31. go half a year (6 months) without drinking any soda or alcohol [x]
32. have a job for at least half a year []
33. actually buy a non family member a birthday present [x]
34. actually get given a gift from a non family member [x]
35. own over £10000 []
36. jump out of a moving vehicle []
37. lose someone I care about [x]
38. be naked in public (being a child doesn't count) []
39. learn to ride a bike []
40. write a hard copy of this list (GOING OLDSCHOOL) []
41. purchase something over £1 using only coppers [x]
42. sing a duet with someone (LIKE OMG I WANT TO DO IT SO BAD NOW) []
??. complete this list []

Saturday, 14 July 2012


Holy JAWSH I'm back again, and not only that but it's been under a week omfg.
So yeah, I actually recorded a new video for the blog yesterday but it took a while to upload so I improvised, SO here's the video for yesterdays blog!

In other news I had some hot and spicy riblets earlier and they were amazing, yet incredibly spicy. yar
I also left the house and ACTUALLY walked for ages yesterday. I used to do it every day, but Diablo ruined my life.
OH WELL LOL. I have Maryland choc chip cookies next to me, random I know but you need to know.
One thing I don't like about coffee is it's less dippy than tea, but I still do it 'cause fuckyeah dipping.

Well thanks for reading and enjoying this super long blog, and I GUESS I'll see you "soon"!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

So take my rage and enjoy the ride!

I slack on blogs 'cause I have no life, BUT THAT'S OK HERE'S A VIDEO!

This is actually a video from June, so Idk if I've put it here already. IF I HAVE I WILL REPLACE IT WITH ANOTHER VIDEO.

So yeah I've been no-lifing Diablo, and also I've had a busy as fak week so yeah, NO TIME TO NO LIFE GOD.
Also Tropical Fruit flavour Tropicana is FUCKING DELICIO. HAVE IT NOW! I love it somuch

Also here's a random song I'm gonna post because this blog is short+ I'm listening to it

ALSO everytime I go to get a cup of coffee I get 2, that's obviously not normal but oh well, I'm cool