Saturday, 14 July 2012


Holy JAWSH I'm back again, and not only that but it's been under a week omfg.
So yeah, I actually recorded a new video for the blog yesterday but it took a while to upload so I improvised, SO here's the video for yesterdays blog!

In other news I had some hot and spicy riblets earlier and they were amazing, yet incredibly spicy. yar
I also left the house and ACTUALLY walked for ages yesterday. I used to do it every day, but Diablo ruined my life.
OH WELL LOL. I have Maryland choc chip cookies next to me, random I know but you need to know.
One thing I don't like about coffee is it's less dippy than tea, but I still do it 'cause fuckyeah dipping.

Well thanks for reading and enjoying this super long blog, and I GUESS I'll see you "soon"!

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