Thursday, 28 May 2015

Turn down for what?

Do you remember the days where you'd used to be able to sit down and write 29 paragraphs of complete bullshite in one sitting with little to no effort and would still have inspiration left for a rant on the morons of the world?

I do not remember those days, but I do remember the days where I'd take my time and write out an opening paragraph to a blog and then be hit by a sudden surge of inspiration to write the entire thing there and then.
Those days were the best days.

Anyway, hello there! I am still here, I am still alive and somewhat well!  It's been such a long time since I've done one of these though, so excuse the rust. (not sure how to clean that off, I'm sure it'll fall right off eventually, though)  I've not written anything for a long time because firstly I on/off forget I have this thing, because I am dum dum. Also I feel like my life isn't interesting enough. Although that being said my life was never TOO interesting in the first place and I did just fine!

So lately I've been really pushing myself into watching shows and movies that I've heard are great and I've never actually bothered to pursue. These shows include (but are not limited to!) pretty much all the Marvel universe stuff, Flash, Gotham and I'm currently watching Arrow (literally as I write this).

And if I were to rate these shows.. well, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D was a pretty good watch, I liked the introduction of the Inhumans and there were some twists that I didn't see coming, which is nice.
Agent Carter was also pretty cool, not the usual kind of thing I'm used to, but a nice refreshing change that filled in a few blanks from the movies that I never really thought about.
Gotham was ok, not amazing, and I'm kind of glad it's not part of the whole cinematic universe, because then things could get pretty weird.
Flash was also quite great, people have said it's "the best comicbook/superhero TV show out there" and that the finale was the greatest thing ever, but I wouldn't go that far. It was pretty darn good overall, though!
And as for Arrow, so far it's been pretty great! I'm only on episode 8 of the first season though, so you know, can't formulate too much of an opinion yet.
I also watched Hannibal, and it was really good. New season is out pretty soon, so that's really cool!

In the gaming life news I have recently joined a guild that had just started to fill the roster for mythic raiding, and they've quickly shaped to be one of the best raiding experiences I've had in my entire WoW life. And to think the reason I joined was just so I wouldn't feel left out due to all the people I would miss from my old guild. I feel like it's an amazing mix of pretty decent play and.. dare I say it.. nice people. Like, an actual positive atmosphere in every. single. raid. I'm not used to it and I feel that it's quite possibly the greatest thing anyone can look for in a raid team. Sure, 10/10 mythic cutting edge within a month is pretty cool, but if you don't enjoy it it means nothing, and these guys really make me feel welcome. If someone messes up they don't get instantly guild kicked or screamed at to make them feel like a piece of trash, sure they might get benched and they will definitely get talked to, but as a human fucking being. Which is AMAZING. There really is a lot to be said about not being an asshole while in a position of power.
All in all it's been great to experience real progression from the very start of this expansion, and I look forward to T18 and onwards!

Ok so this has been pretty long I guess, I'll tell you about today to end.
Today I woke up at 4am after being awake for around 32 hours the day/s before and I woke up with the worst toothache ever. Well not really, but JEEEEEEEESUS CHRIST I wanted to smash my face through a brick wall. It was such agony, I could not do a thing, and I had to look after a 4 year old from 7am-4pm, so I was dreading that. I managed to relieve the pain by around 6:40ish (not remove it, but make it so I could think, which is always nice) and it's almost fully gone now, which is great.
I'd love to go to a dentist or something but I have no idea where one is, I can't really get enough free time and I don't want to bring a 4 year old, and I cannot afford it, so theres that. Oh well.
Also I got my druid to level 100 finally and did a bit of the ole PvP. The first time I've ever stepped into PvP before PvE when I've reached max level, and I have to say I did actually enjoy it! I've went from thinking Ashran is a massive pile of shite to quite liking it! After the few hours of Ashran I did on my newly dinged druid I am fully PvP geared with 2 conquest pieces, which is pretty decent for literally running about doing bonus objectives, at least I think.
Also Balance Druids with gear are hilarious, starsurgeOPpls.
In other news it is currently 5am and I got back from Tesco around 30 mins ago! Armed with about £4 I brought back 2 full bags of crap, isn't Tesco great? I got some Lucozade because it was on offer. What a great drink for the ole teeth. To be fair, if it's on offer it's on offer, I can't question the offer gods. I also got a massive bag of those ready salted tescos crisps, which are great. And also a bag of chocolate donuts that were reduced to like 30p. And usually reduced donuts are stale as hell, but these are legit still the right softness, which is amazing, it must be said.
I also got some other crap, but you know, cba to go look because I'd have to take my headphones off.

SO YEAH GUYS. I'm off to go watch Arrow or play Hearthstone in bed. (hearthstone on mobile is so god damn good)
Thanks for reading! I was gonna make a video right, but it's 5am so even typing this out is probably too loud, au revoir! (is that how it goes?)

oh right, it wouldn't be a blog if I didn't add my obligatory song of the day, enjoy!
(upon reading this I realized it was not as long as I thought, but my hand really hurts because I punched a brick wall earlier due to the whole agonizing pain in the mouth thing, so yeah, apologized but I DID MY GOD DAMN BEST. peace)