Wednesday, 27 February 2013

I'm not good

So I'm on the biggest hiatus you've ever known on the Nuzlocke now because only having 2 Pokémon sucks balls and I cba.

Also I've got a hardcore minecraft SERIES THING WHAT ELSE CAN  I CALL IT on my Youtube channel, I've recorded the whole thing already and I'm just releasing them periodically because I CAAAN. Idk if I linked it before but here's part ONE.  I think there's about 4 videos up right now, IS A SO EXCITE.
On the same note I also uploaded a LoL video so everyone can see how super awesome I am. I would love to stream or upload more videos but a 20 minute video takes like 6-8 hours because I can't connect to wired. SO FKKING RIDICULOUS I H8 LYEF. :(

In other gaming news 5.2 is supposed to be released next week (WoW) and I still don't have a weapon for my legendary gem. And I have the gem on 3 chars now, GGGGGGGGGGGGG WELL PLAYED BLIZZARD TY. Idk why I even bother doing LFR anymore because it's fucking pointless. I've not got a weapon and the new tier is coming out, woo. Meanwhile every scrub gets one, fuckingshitpls. Oh well I guess, meh. I still want to do herald of the titans but the person that was supposed to be helping me get a group has fucked off and doesn't even put effort in to get gear or even enchant and gem it. I actually took time to solo 5 mans and grind justice for that gear on a MONK. I have a full set and I can't even get tier, gggggg. I'd do it without the guy but then I'd feel guilty. Funny that? Feeling guilty because other people are selfish. Nice.

My mum also told me earlier that my brother was fired from his job because they didn't like him, NIICE. I can't even get one pls. Gutted really. So yeah.
Also my sleeping sucks. Idk how to explain it but meh, I hate everything.

In the meanwhile I need something to do. Idk, I'm just not too interested in stuff. Idk.

Goodbye for now guize

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Spoon, Razor, and Pencil Sharpener

So I'm tired right now and wanted to post a blog as it's been a while.

Hello there! First things first, I've not given up on the Nuzlocke, I've just been busy with other crap. Oh yeah, and more importantly I'm left with only 2 Pokémon, so that's a kind of big deal. SO YEAH.

Anyway, secondly I started a new a ttttttly exciting video series on my Youtube channel. Ok, so it's not that exciting and it's not really a series. Well, kind of. Idk. BUT YEAH. So far there's THREE videos, umfg, here's a link to part ONE.
It's a hardcore Minecraft series (minecraft 'cause I'm ORIGINAL) and YEAH. I've got a few videos stored up so it'll at LEAST have a few more. Although it IS hardcore so I may or may not die soon. Sad times, sad times.

IN OTHER NEWS I've actually been playing too much Minecraft lately and I think I've mega burnt out on it. I built a massive Pyramid that was something like 60x60 blocks wide. Or 40x40, I can't remember (plus Idk if I counted l0l) and yeah, fun AND EXTREMELY TIME CONSUMING PLS stuff. I also made a snazzy door that was made of pistons and shit and the lever to open it was in a town quite a far bit away from the actual pyramid, I had to dig under the ground to make a path all the way from the village to the pyramid and obviously (because I was in a desert full of SAND) it took a shitload of time to wire the thing because of the sand falling. NOT FUN BUT WORTH IT. Well, probably not worth it because nobody will ever see or appreciate it, but MEH. I enjoyed seeing the finished product (oh and I'm gonna see if I have any pics of it, SEC TY)

Sadly it's hard to do that with one picture. I'd make a GIF but actually making a GIF requires many pictures (or a video) and actual editing software Idk if I have. It also requires EFFORT that I cba to put in just to show a door nobody will care about. BUT IMAGINE THE AWESOMENEZZ YEEEEAH
(ps I don't even think it's 40x40 big BUT it took fking ages because it wasn't just sandstone blocks, I had to put steps on every level and I did the inside too, and the door design, believe it or not, actually took it's time too <_< PLIS. UNPAID LABOR TY.

I also realized that pretty much every person that plays Ezreal is a tool, and I also realized that despite looking like a bawz Veigar isn't actually the pro I thought he'd be.
Well, not as good as other APs I've tried. I'm only mentioning it because I always thought Veigar was the best looker (Vivi from FF9 plis) and EVEN THOUGH I DON'T ENJOY HIM IT WASN'T A WASTE OF CASH. TY.
I also think Teemo sucks. Small guy nty he isn't cute he's a nabshire elite


That's probably it for now. I actually played a little TERA a minute ago, I got to level EIGHT. Shizzle is mah bizzle I'm pro-izzle yo. So yeah, I'm so unbelievably starving right now, so I'm gonna go get porridge (DEM ENERGIEZ)
tenx 4 redding

Friday, 15 February 2013

Geodude is NOT bug catching material

SO HELLO THERE. I'm back again with a Nuzlocke update! I know it's been a longass time, but hey, training for this gym sucked, and I've also got other thingz I've been doing, but more on that later!

A'ight so first things first I caught a NIDORAAAAN♀ (Eiko) which was great! I love that lil' gurl. 
And then I did a little training, I decided to level Ralvuimago first and ZOMFG A FKKKKING VENONAT CRIT ME WITH CONFUSION BECAUSE I DIDN'T EVEN REMEMBER HE HAD IT OSAGFSAGSAGSAGA. dw though, HE LIIIIIVED. I was so happy, Ekans isn't the BEST but I've never used one and I defo want to try this guy out in endgame! Also Gigas got CRIT by a Magmar and left with 7hp. Oh, and he had a BURN ON HIM too. It was so sad, I was pre-moruning because I didn't think he'd live. BUT HE DIIIIIIIIIID. <3 Gigas the bro. I levelled him up to 18 in preparation for the gym and then I decided to go to the bug catching contest just 'cause. It's so funtimes and I wanted something cool, maybe a Scyther? WHO KNOWZ. 
So yeah, went in there with Gigas and found a Butterfree! Was pretty cool. First thing it did was paralyze me but I was ok, better that than a sleep or poison I said. Then he tried to poison and sleep me, what a nab! I didn't know if I should hit him or not because I didn't want to kill it, so I threw 2 balls and then hit him once and kept throwing more. Eventually he used confusion on me and I was fine, didn't hit too hard. Then I was taken to about 50% and I tried to run but couldn't, and got taken to low health. Then I tried running again, and.. RIP Gigas. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYyyyyyyyy, he was in his PRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMEEEEEEEEEE. Oh god, I really shouldn't have used a GEODUDE of ALL THINGS in the bug catching contest, it's CURSED for it, I tell you. CURSED.

But I did. And I regret it.
After this I endured all the training to get everything up to 18, I was using Baku, Ochu, Ralvuimago, Palom and Eiko for the gym, decided Eiko would be my shining light in this hard time as it had Rock Smash and Screech, crucial for defense lowering that motherfucking MILTANK. I hate that guy, but more on THAT shortly.
So I defeated the gym trainers easily and it was all good and then it was time for Whitney, and I defeated her first Pokémon easily. Then I opened on Miltank with Ralvui and used Screech, then I switched out to Eiko and threw a couple of Rock Smashes but had to heal up a little because fk stomp. I also got Miltank to about 1% hp and then Whitney used a Max Potion. Was ok though, I'd lowered its defense quite a bit by now so I was hitting 40% a time with my hits, but so was he. I managed to get her to 1% again after a while (after using 3 Super Potions) but SHE used a super potion too at the same time as me, ARGH.
She kept getting me low so decided to switch out to Palom to finish him, but he used Rollout and CRIT me so I had to heal up. I then got hit over half my hp so I had to switch out, I chose Ochu as it was full on HP, and it took one hit while I was healing my Eiko, and then I got killed. OH GOD LORD. Then I switched out to Eiko, but he ONE SHOT ME OH GOD FFSSSS. And then I paniced because everything was low hp, and then I switched out to Zubat because the only thing I could think of was to outspeed her (bear in mind Miltank was VERY low hp). But he destroyed Baku, obviously. So sad. So depressing, THREE Pokémon killed. GOD. 
I was happy and sad at the same time, it was the saddest thing ever. 
Why have two gyms been like this? I'm so sad :'( 
God damn it all, to HELL.

So yeah. This sucked balls. Thanks for being there, though.

But yeah, 'til next time when I GIVE UP FOR GOOOOOD. Or not. We'll see.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

I-lex like I'm doin'a blawg

Alrighty, so after the last awkward blog I posted (involving the deaths of many of my comrades) I didn't actually give up on my Nuzlocke, nono, not at all.
In fact I went as hard as I was going before, playing for an hour or two every night. Buuuut as you can imagine when you're left with 2 Pokémon (one being a Zubat and the other being countered by the rival you're about to face) you realize that you need to TRAIN, and train I did. I trained for what feels like a millenia (well, hours) and I finally got back on track!

So as I may or may not have told you in the last update I decided to use Ralvuimago, Ochu and Gigas to replace my dead, and I WAS originally going to use Carbuncle but instead I went with Polom because a level 1 Togepi would be suuuuuuuch a drag to level ontop of all the other training I had to do. Yeah, training sucks QQ.

Alright so I won't go into a massive story on how I levelled because that's boring stuff, so I'll tell you I got my whole team to 14+ and then took on GARY! (Ashes rival, llululu). And it was indeed quite a swift victory! Ralvui managed to takeon Gastly with nps (bite ftw!) I must say, I am jealous that HE got a Gastly, but oh well!
And then CROCNAAAAAAAW came out and I must say, Ochu made swift work! EEEEEEEZZZZZZ.
And then I went to fight his Zubat with Ralvui but he did quite a nasty amount of dmmmgz somehow so I switched out to Gigas and she pretty much CARRIED me.

After this it was time for Ilex Forest which, of course, has no trainers, but I did run into Headbutt guy! And headbutt is nothing to gloss over, it's grrrrreat. I taught it to Gigas and Palom 'cause why not! I was going to give it to Ralvui but I didn't want to lose anything from my moveset (Poison Sting, Bite, Rock Tomb and Leer, I KNOW RIGHT I HAVE LEER I WILL NEVER USE IT. But Idkpls). Rest of the forest was pretty ezmode of course. Nothing too interesting happened.

THEN CAME ROUTE 34 (I think that's the number). THE PLACE OF WOE.
So my encounter on this Route happened to be DITTO (Ozma) which could be interesting, but Idk. Not really too good, but yeah. Idk.
Right so there were a few easy trainers on the route that I destroyed and then I decided to put my lil' Carbuncle into the day care. I mean there's no rules against it, right? ezez. After this I went back to face a single trainer I'd missed. He opened with a Mankey and I was using Porom and in the first turn I outsped him and my Peck did about 70% of his HP. I was feeling good, he did enough damage to make me worry IF he outsped me. Which he didn't. I decided to Peck him and not heal because I was faster and would've KO'd him BUT THEN HE RANDOMLY OUTSPED ME AND KILLED POROM. NOOOOOooooooooooooooooOOooOO. WHY MUST YOU BE SO CRUEL WORLD, WHY MUST YOU CHANGE SPEEDS AT WILL!?!?1?1?! I was sad at this and then cried for 16 hours and then I died and went to heaven and then God gave me a second chance so I came back to life just before I cried and I didn't cry and then I got on with life. I also decided to NOT get this kids number, Ian I think his name was. I shall forever deem IAN a complete cunt for killing me. But I won't hold a grudge against Mankey though, he's cool.

I also had a pretty nasty battle with Growlithe that could've easily ended in a death if I wasn't prepared for a hard fight. Was quite a hard fight but I did it in the end with a little work. (he did bring TWO of my Pokémon to low health, though)
So yeah, t'was a BATOL of sorts.

OK GUYS THAT'S THAT. 'til next time, adios, goodbye and bon voyage.
I'd have posted a picture but I'm too lazy to get my phone connecty cable.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

UUUUUUUNIONS And a Bugsy To Remember

Leaving off from last time I decided to go pick up the Togepi egg from the guy in Violet and then go down the next route. I skipped going to the Ruins of Alph because I didn't want to get an Unknown, instead I'll go back later and get something GOOD.
So going down the route nothing too interesting happened, already had my encounter so no need to worry about that. But I did get a rod! And then onto the Union Cave!
I wanted to get myself a Geodude (Gigas) here and I did! I was quite happy about it as Geodudes are amazing. So I gots one and then went through the cave.
After this I went to Ilex Forest and caught myself an Oddish (Ochu) and then I went back to just outside of the Union Cave and managed to get an Ekans! (Ralvuimago), fun times.
I decided to not use a Geodude for this town/the Slowpoke well and I kind of regret it now, but you'll see why later.
SO I OWNED THE SLOWPOKE WELL. I didn't get an encounter down there weirdly enough, but it would've been a Zubat or something anyway so I'm not worried, if I remember I'll go back later and try to get Slowpoke, but if I don't it's ok! The well went fine and nothing got too badly hurt, all in all I was happy with the progress.

SO THEN CAME THE GYM. I managed to wipeout most of the trainers using Baku 'cause I thought, hey a Zubat pwning up a gym, that's pretty chill. But then came Bugsy.
I opened on him with Blank because I thought he opened with something weak, what with being a bug guy, but he opened with Scyther.
I thought to myself "ok, I can do some nice damage here with bite and then maybe need to heal up after his hit" I used bite, well I say used. He opened with U-Turn and.. he.. one shot me.
And then he got Scyther back out, so he used a Focus Energy on the first turn and I was like "pft" but then my Gust only hit for about 1/5th of his HP.
Not. Good. At. All.
And then he quick attacked me.
It crit.
RIP Bahamut.
WHY, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY. I wished I had used Geodude, why did I not think about this, WHY!!
It was a bad time for me, I switched out to Ramuh to try and get a Thunder Wave off but it was too late, he crit me with U Turn and.. I'm so sorry Ramuh.. I'm.. so sorry :/
After this he used a Kakuna which I switfly burnt alive with Palom, and then his Scyther was back..
I'm all hazy on how this went but all I know is that he got me to 14hp and I only just got him down. I did it though, I got him. Against all odds, I got him. Well not all odds, if I'd have used GIGAS THIS WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED. GOOOOOAAAAADDDAFDDASFDASGASG.
I'm so sad right now, but it's time to choose my new team and train before I face my rival (I stand no chance right now with just Palom and Baku left).
In fact I'll show how Bugsy left me quickly, bear in mind it's not for the feint of heart.

As you can see lil' Togepi (Carbuncle) evolved on the way to the Pokécenter, from death comes life I guess.

So I've chosen my team! Here's a little preview before I train like a motherbitch

One thing I'm taking from this experience is that I'm going to level MUCH more in the future. Expect either an insanely overlevelled team for Goldenrod or me giving up before of the overwhelming amount of training. We will see, RIP guys :'(

'til next time

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sproutin' Towerz and Wingin' it Gym Style

'ola! I'm back with another Nuzlocke update and here we go!
So I finished off last time just getting into Violet City and I'll start this one right there.

Righto, after I got into Violet the first thing I did was go straight to Route 32 to try and get me an oqzum Pokémon, I was mainly hoping for a Mareep and to my ACTUAL surprise this time it actually showed up! I gots myself a MAREEEEEEEP (Ramuh) and I was quite happy! I also found out you could find Ekans there and it was a bit of a bummer because Ekans would've been quite interesting to have, but ah well!
After I got Ramuh I decided I'd train up before I went to Sprout Tower, just incase it'd be hard. So I levelled everything up to 8+ with Baku getting 9 (I wanted to use Baku there 'cause I'm a RISK TAKER and Palom would've just been OP and not fun at all).
So after I trained I went into the 'sprout Tower, and I made sure it was night because I really wanted a GASTLY! Now I was expecting a Gastly but I would've also been happy with a Bellsprout, I mean a grass type is never bad, but a ghost would've been great. I even had a name planned out and everything! (Atomos) BUT IT WASN'T IN THE CARDS. As you can probably guess by now from the way I'm writing this I was quite unlucky in the Tower, INCREDIBLY unlucky if I'm honest, because I didn't get Gastly.. oh no, and I didn't even get a Bellsprout, I GOT A GOD DAMN RATTATA (Blank). it has a FIFTEEN PERCENT CHANCE compared to the 85% chance for Gastly <_< I mean srsly. I didn't encounter a SINGLE other Rattata in the entire place. But my FIRST encounter haaaaaaad to be Gastly D: So sad stoooooooory, but oh well.
Rattata isn't BAD, it's just not what I wanted. AH WELL AH WELL.
So yeah, I went alllllll the way through the tower with good ol' Baku and for a Zubat he is such a bro, he took out all dem evul Gastlies and Bellsprouts without problems, but I did switch him out for Ramuh to takeout the Hoot-hoots despite not having Thundershock yet (wanted to get it though, for the gym!). Oh, and for the VERRRRRY last guy I switched out for Palom 'cause I wanted to change it up, and I whipped the floor with his Bellsprouts (although I changed to Ramuh for the Hoothoot) and it was alllll awsum.

RIGHTO. So now came the Gym and I decided to get Ramuh up to Thundershock level beforehand, so I did! And I went into the gym with a fullon set of SKEELS.
I wiped out the first 2 rookie trainers with Palom and then took on the gym leader himself with Ramuh.
It was a little bit of a menacing fight, the first Pidgey was NPNP but then the first hit of his Pigeotto CRIT me. Was pretty scary but he pulled through and managed to secure me the Zephyr badge! Wootwoot. Fun times!
After this I got myself a good ol' Rock Smash HM and then I decided to stop for a little while. Next time I play though I have a dilemma, I can get an egg from Professor Elm's assistant but I can also get a special Pokémon from a guy in the Pokécenter, and more to the point Idk if I even want to get one of these Pokémon as it's guarenteed and Idk if it's cool. Who knows? I'll decide and get back to you! But yeah, it's gone good so far and here's my TEAM before I leave! (I didn't forget, I'm so cooool)

As you can see Blank is still a SCRAAAB and I benched Garuda because 3 birds :x it was a little sad for me so I wanted to do something.

But yeah, 'til next time guise! I'll see you on the other siiiiiiiiiiiiide

Saturday, 2 February 2013


Yello'! So I started a Pokémon Soul Silver NUZLOCKE earlier and I thought it'd be a cool idea to BLOG it. I really would love to vid it but I have no way of recording my DS (well, I can record on my phone but LAWL @ that quality) so I thought I'd write it out as best as I can!
I won't be going through EVERY battle but I'll give recaps of things like gym leaders and I'll defo be sure to mention any new captures and deaths (if I have any!)
It's also worth mentioning I'm doing a kind of anti-dupe rule where I can't can't anything more than once (fak getting 6 Zubats!)

ALAS, the adventure begins! I've called myself Ash in this simply because it's my name. And my rival is Gary, for the epic lulz of course.
So to choose my starter I went by what was on my trainer card and the last number was 6, so I went for Cyndaquil ('cause Typhlosion is 6 in the 'dex!), and I called it Palom (wouldn't you like to know!) and then my first 2 Pokémon were Pidgey (Bahamut) and.. *drum roll 'cause it's incredibly depressing* a SPEAROW (Garuda). Now usually it'd be cool, but I got TWO birdies first :/, quite disappointing, but ah well. If one dies I'll still have fly, which is quite nice!
Now the fourth Pokémon I got was actually a nice suprise! I mean it was really cool to get because it was something completely different and great. What was it? Hoot-hoot (Porom).

LULUL. 3 birds D: I mean srsly, whhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyy. It was a real bummer to get 3 different birds but meh, that's the nature of the Nuzlocke!
After that debacle I took on Youngster Joey, and I know I said I'd only go over important fights, but Joey IS important!
Bahamut wrecked his Rattata, so much for being in the top percent! Ok, maybe it wasn't a complete wrecking, he actually CRIT me and left me at 4hp. Was scary but Baha pulled through and got to level 4, one step closer to stardom!
Next route was 31 and I was really debating skipping Dark Cave because Idk if I wanted yet another flying type (Zubat of course), but Joey rang me and I thought to myself "well, at least I don't just have a Rattata!", so I went in and to my (non) surprise I got a Zubat! (Baku)

AND I HAVE SOME VERY BAD NEWS. For myself more than anything. I just realized that I accidentally missed my first Route 31 encounter, I didn't notice when it went from 30-31, argh! It would have been a Bellsprout though and I COULD have cheated to just get it (battle until I find another one) but I won't. Ah well, my loss I guess! I mean I'll probably get one in the tower but I do want a Ghastly instead, we'll see we'll see.
So on Route 31 I fought Wade and for his first 3 Pokémon I started out with Baku and switched out to Palom to quickly kill them, but he used a Weedle third and poisoned Palom so I decided to try and take out his last Caterpie with Baku and to my surprise it absolutely shocked me to the core, Baku got TWO crits in a row! A ZUBAT 3 shot something higher level than itself with drain life! It was beastly! :D (for the record I did of course buy Antidotes and use one on Palom)

Now the rest of the route was a little scary, I fought a Rattata that CRIT my Palom and almost KO'd me (well, took me to 5hp :s) so that kept me on my toes. But I did of course pot and survive, thank god! I'd have hated to be left with 4 flyers so soon into the game! Not that fliers are bad, but it's always nice to have variety.
And I think I'll stop my blog here (mainly because I'm going off to play some other GAIMZ for a bit) it's been a fun start though! And to leave you guise I think I'll show you my team in its whole glory! *going to get phone connecty cable*
inoino, they all suck right now, but next time I play I'm gonna train like a baws before I go into the Bellsprout tower and HOPEFULLY get a Ghastly! And maybe, just maybe, I'll also own up the gym leader. We'll see, 'til next time!