Friday, 28 September 2012

a whoooooole new woooooorld

So as you know, MOP (Mists of Pandaria) came out a few days ago and zomfg it's nice. I've been owning dem pet battles pretty much all the time I've been online so I've not gotten to 90 or anything yet, but I'm having fun! It's srsly one of the best things Blizzard has ever put into a game, I know it's a 100% Pokémon ripoff but Idc, it's awesome!
I've actually put a lot of work into the pet battles so far and worked out quite a lot of mechanics.
FOR EXAMPLE I've worked out how to get RARE POKEMANZ from the wild by stat comparison and WHAT NOT. Also figured out effective ways to level AAAAND how to trade BoP pets (amg)
It's all awesome. I've thought about making video guides but it's all so easy anyway. WHO KNOWS.

ALSO STARTED PLAYING MINECRAFTLOL. It's way not worth the money I spent but ah well. I found an EPIC CAVE with spiders and zombies and shit but I died and lost everything TWICE so I gave up on it. It was so massive and dangerous, too dangerous for a first timer like myself :( maybe one day I'll go back and own it up, one day..

I've also blue screened twice in the past few days, and my harddrive keeps making the clicks again. Sigh, fml srs. Thanks for reading!

(sosorry it's small as fook. I suck :( )

Friday, 21 September 2012

Always the giver, in every aspect of life


So I've noticed something about myself just now, whenever something happens on my PC, like my game stops for a millisecond or something stops responding for a SECOND I get really worried and think my PC is going to die. I mean atm my PC actually is going to die and I need a new harddrive but Idk how to replace one so I can't really do it. Anyway I HAVE NOTICED SOMETHING.

I'm the same with MYSELF as I am with my computer. I mean right now I have a pain in my chest, different from usual, not heartburn or a stomach ache but a PAIN and I'm scared it's like, bad. And I always get it, I mean I know it's not going to be something bad, but I get WORRIED at the time. Isn't that weird?

Sorry for not making a blog for ages btw, I know I've been really infrequent recently and that's because my life really is nothing special. I've not been feeling too great and when I feel down I feel uninspired to do anything. I also haven't made any videos or done anything too active but yeah, sorry.

Mists of Pandaria comes out next week, it's like 5 days now. zomg, I was originally going for realm first max Archaeology but I'm not sure my PC will be ok for it, and even then they nerfed my method so I'm going to have to do A LOT for it. I'm then debating what to do out of levelling a fresh monk or getting a level 90 (or 10), Idk. Still don't know what class I'll do first (have them all) I mean I'm enjoying my Priest but I've also been getting into my Druid and Rogue (wtf?!!? I hate my Rogue) so yeah, choices choices.

I also played some LoL and it was fucking awful. I tried to play SMITE too but the game wouldn't load and was all error-y so I gave up. SORRY.

I guess to end this I'll say thanks for reading! And I have like 6 bananas in my room.
The more you know!

Thursday, 13 September 2012


So I've just been downstairs and everyone is eating McDonalds. They didn't get me any, but that's fine, right?
I mean yesterday I lent my mother £20 (again) because she said she needed petrol money and "essentials" so I thought it was all good. But she didn't buy any food (house is always bare, no food at all) and the fridge was full of beers. AH WELL.
But yeah, and now they're eating McDonalds and I didn't get given any money back. It's all good isn't it.

I also had to go with my mum to a hospital at like 1am because my brother was apparently there. That was shit, meh. I have to say that being in a car at 1am is cold and it also smelt, Idk why, but it did.

In other news I'm getting into better sleeping habits. I mean I've slept before 6am for like 3 days now. Oh yeah! I'm also eating less so that's fun too.

Also I'm on a site called Ask now. It can be pretty hilarious, basically all you do is ask questions and you can do it anonymously without even signing up. Cool, huh?
There you go!

Not much else to put sadly. I go to some job search thing every Wednesday and I can honestly say it's fucking pointless. Everyone there is a dumbass and it actually helps nothing. Yeah. I want a job because I want money, but I can't get one for shit. Oh well, real life is so fun.

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, 6 September 2012


I've been wanting to write another blog for days but I suck too much to think of a TITLE.
Now my titles never mean anything, in fact they're usually lyrics, but yeah I've just had writers block (not just for the title, but for actual CONTENT)

Anyway here's some information!
I'm addicted to caffine (as you know) but I mention this because I drink too much coffee now. I guess it's better than the energy drinks (SEVEN months free btw, 7!!! I'm proud of myself. Nobody else seems to be, but meh)
I seem to do a shit ton of push-ups now. Done like 45 today, and periodically do them as I do other shit around the house. Like when I go to get a drink or something at 4am I'll do 15-30 of them. I guess I feel it's punishment for the "snacking" so I can't complain. Speaking of that I'm FITTER now. I mean I can do 30 push-ups without feeling like death! srsly, try to do some push-ups now. I used to be able to do like 5 and it would kill (lol). Idk maybe it's just because I was HEAVIER then.

I've also not made a video for quite a bit now :/ I made a video of a Pokémon game the other day but it turned out to be the wrong game so I felt embaressed and set it as unlisted :( badtimes. Ah well.
I actually feel kind of guilty for not posting a video for so long. Even though nobody watches them I feel kind of obliged to fufil my duty as a video maker. Idk, I'm weird like that I guess.

In more life related news my sleeping pattern still isn't amazing. I went to sleep at 9pm yesterday and woke up at 7am this morning (SO NORMAL TBH.) but I hadn't slept properly for over a week before that so lululul. It's becoming.. normal to sleep for a few hours in the day now :/ I feel slightly bad about it, but I have no life so OH WELL.

I've actually asked 2 people if they want to watch it with me and one never really answered and the other said he'd come but never actually did. FML! Don't want to really go to the cinema alone, it would be just :/ I mean I will foreverbealone but that's just.. yeah.

Also I want some new GAIMZ to play. I love the games and I'm getting bored of everything I play right now (have been ages), but Idk wtf to play. I've tried a bit but now I've got a better computer I can try MORE. No idea what, though.

IN OTHER NEWS. The other day I had to be somewhere at 9am (wouldn't you like to know) and I stayed up all night to be up in time (I'd already lacked sleep for ages, but I didn't want to risk oversleeping) ANYWAY I went there and they told me they'd CANCELLED. fucking annoyed. I got a lift there and didn't bring any cash because my mum said she'd come back at the time I had to leave. My mum had actual plans as well so I didn't want to call her and ruin them so I had to walk home. Took over an hour and I was wearing shoes with holes in the bottom (brother had stolen my good ones, gj) so by the end of it I was boiling and my feet were KILLING.

To end this I guess I'll say thanks for joining the ride! I hope to see you in all of my future endeavours.
ps. i wub yoo bbyz

OH YEAH AND PPPPPS I CAN LIVE STREAM IF I GET MY FAKKIN INTERNET WIRED. But for some reason the cable I got doesn't work so I need to buy another wire from somewhere and I cba. But yeah, dat stream boi.