Friday, 28 September 2012

a whoooooole new woooooorld

So as you know, MOP (Mists of Pandaria) came out a few days ago and zomfg it's nice. I've been owning dem pet battles pretty much all the time I've been online so I've not gotten to 90 or anything yet, but I'm having fun! It's srsly one of the best things Blizzard has ever put into a game, I know it's a 100% Pokémon ripoff but Idc, it's awesome!
I've actually put a lot of work into the pet battles so far and worked out quite a lot of mechanics.
FOR EXAMPLE I've worked out how to get RARE POKEMANZ from the wild by stat comparison and WHAT NOT. Also figured out effective ways to level AAAAND how to trade BoP pets (amg)
It's all awesome. I've thought about making video guides but it's all so easy anyway. WHO KNOWS.

ALSO STARTED PLAYING MINECRAFTLOL. It's way not worth the money I spent but ah well. I found an EPIC CAVE with spiders and zombies and shit but I died and lost everything TWICE so I gave up on it. It was so massive and dangerous, too dangerous for a first timer like myself :( maybe one day I'll go back and own it up, one day..

I've also blue screened twice in the past few days, and my harddrive keeps making the clicks again. Sigh, fml srs. Thanks for reading!

(sosorry it's small as fook. I suck :( )

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