Sunday, 2 October 2011

You're the reason things have to change

So earlier I was talking to someone and they happened to bring up the real meaning of blogs, and the term "internet diary" came up. Now I was a little shocked at this, as you know I don't write down my life story in my blogs, instead what I do is come up with jokes and maybe a short story or 2.. but you know what? Today I shall impart a little of my life into you. And no, I don't mean that kind of impartation.
But before I do I'd like to say that the coversation mentioned above never happened. Nobody refered to blogs as an internet diary, even though that's basically what the traditional format is.

Here goes. A few days ago I woke up to the sun scorching my front as I laid on my matress, t'was not one of the best wake-ups I could've been given, but I accepted it. I'd have tried to get back to sleep, but once that level of heat has rached your place of sleep there's no turning back.
After a few minutes I sat up and reached for my phone. I looked at my several Skype messages then checked to see if I'd recieved any calls or texts, this is a normal morning for me. After that Igrabbed a shirt from next to my matress and plopped it on, I then ate a waffle, this is not a part of my natural routine. After that I proceeded to walk downstairs with no trousers on, why do I mention this? Because, of course, not wearing trousers is not part of my natural course of action!
Once downstairs I looked in the freezer to see if any of my Magnums were left, only 2 were despite the fact I'd left 3, I wasn't happy but I didn't do anything about it, instead I didn't bother to get one and got myself a cup of water. I drank it downstairs as I always do, then I had another half cup, and proceeded back upstairs.

After that I grabbed my shampoo from my room and went and washed my hair. I don't usually bath or shower to do this when I've just woken up, instead what I do is put my head under the tap for a bit to get the hair wet, and then wash it as you would if you were showering anyway. In my opinion this is a very fast and efficient way to do things if you're pressed on time or just don't like to get changed for no reason (in other words, a lazy bastard). When I finished washing my hair I went into my room and put some trousers on, I then turned on my fan (I say my fan, but I really took it from my brother's room, who cares though, right?) I then turned on my computer.

The information I'm about to impart unto thee is real insider info. Nobody knows what I do when I first enter the land of computerdom, but eh, it's not really fun or exciting anyway.
So when I get to my login screen, I type in the password, which is.. I really shouldn't put it here, but if you think about it what would I have to lose? I mean come on, it's not like anyone is going to read this and come steal my computer. Then again, if some randomer did steal it then found out it belonged to me, maybe they'd look for this blog? I doubt it. Ok.. here it is.. Yeah, no, not because I'm scared someone will steal my computer (I really am not) but because it's probably the same as my blogger password (and I don't even know that myself, autosave ftw).
After I logged in Iwaited for Skype to open. After Skype opened I opened itunes and then I opened Firefox. Now I usually don't open FF first, but I did. When I opened Firefox I was on 4 tabs, one was the official World of Warcraft forum, one was Youtube, one was 4chan and one was a Youtube video, I think it was this:
(For the record, I do like a bit of Doctor Who)

Anyway, I think that's where I've forgotten what I did next. So yeah. At some point in the day I walked to Tesco, and while there I got myself a can of Emerge and a Relentless. I also got some pastries and waffles.
Wow, I've just realised that this day happened the day before the morning I put. Seriously, I must have written the morning then went back a day, but who cares really? I mean this way it's full circle. You can read this all the way down to the Tesco part then read the intro again and imagine I'm just stuck in some sort of endless Tesco-walking/waffle eating/FALCONPAWNCHING circle.

Sorry I did this, I just thought a bit of a normal blog would be a nice change of pace. I mean me and my one fan (me) wanted a new flavour. So yeah, thanks for reading, and thanks for writing. Those were both to me. But yeah, thanks for READING and nothing more. I just wish I could say "I'll be back with more content soon!" but alas, even though I love writing stuff I'm way too lazy to do so.


Thursday, 29 September 2011

I'm just going to say "it's been 10 days under an entire year since I last posted here"

HOLA AMIGO! Yes, that means hello friend! And if it doesn't, well it does here so get used to it.
Alright so instead of an intro here Im gonna say lol@ how long it's been since I've written here. I mean seriously, the last post said I was "starting a non hate blog", and then here I am a year later with the SECOND post. Know what that means? Either I hate things more than I'd imagined (probably this one) or I just have no time to write these.

Anyway, today I have an actual topic of discussion for you for my blog, although I don't think it's much of a topic (considering the fact nobody will "discuss" it!) but I'll go anyway.
Music! Yes, that lovely sound of sorts you hear when you open yourselves up to it. Everyone loves it, nobody hates it, and some people actually do hate it. It makes sense, but it can be so confusing at times, and that my friends is my intro.

So now the intro is over, here's the juice- I'm going to give you spectacular people a list of albums that IMO are just way too good to have died without hearing. Yes, I do have those amazingly! And I really want to make something clear before I type these out, these are in no way/shape or form in order of best to last or anything. Hell, I don't even have a favorite album of all time, but don't get me wrong, they DO all rock.

So now in no paticular order (and FYI, I'm going to link a song from each album just incase for some weird reason you actually feel like listening)
Armor For Sleep - Smile For Them
A Day To Remember - What Separates Me From You
Taking Back Sunday - Louder Now
Papa Roach - The Paramour Sessions
From Autumn To Ashes - Abandon Your Friends
Deadlock - Manifesto
Celldweller - Wish Upon A Blackstar

And yeah, what a boring blog just to put that. BUT I DON'T CARE SO SUCKIT!
Just to clarify, these aren't "my favorite albums of all time", because there are some albums I love more than some of these that aren't here. Know why? Because for some reason one or two songs let down the albums to me. I mean I can listen to the rest and they shine of awesome, but yeah. Not good enough for a "must hear or die" kind of thing.

If you're read this far thanks. Because I seriously doubt most people even clicked the link. And yeah, it doesn't matter too much to me because I only write these to let out some creative juices and whatnot.