Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Well I've been lazy, god damn it

I HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN ABOUT MY BLOG AT ALL. In fact, I visit it everyday and think of what to write, but I can't think of words to put :/

So I've been doing a little bit of STUFF since I made my last blog, I've had about 4 interview THINGS and yeah, no job yet "technically", but I don't really care. If I'm honest I don't even want a job unless it's in the Tesco near me or my local Budgens. No shame in that really, I just fucking hate public transport and working anywhere else would involve that. Meh.

So yeah I've also been playing deh games. I got the ONYXIA DRAKE and I was so happy. I also saw the DRAKE OF THE SOUTH WIND drop, which is incredibly rare (I think it was South, it was the one from the RAID) and I lost the roll (I was bottom of 3 people) and then the person that won it gave it to me because he didn't want it and wanted to be an ass to the guy that was second. I mean I could've easily kept it and I'm sure both people would have lived, but I gave it away to second highest roll. I then found out it's rarer than the Onyxian drake and I'll never actually see it again, or get it. Meh.
I've also been farming ZANDALARI WARBRINGERS because they drop 3 mounts, and even though the droprate is moderately decent I went about 30-40 kills without a mount. Most of the kills were solo, and these things are no joke and actually kill me sometimes pls, and some were 2/3 man.
So earlier I did one in a full raid group because it was up and I thought WELL WHY NOT A MOUNT WON'T DROP LOL!?!/1?! but one did. and oh god you should have heard my cries, I screamed out loud in anger because I knew I'd lose (what with about 6 people being in range to actually roll)

I also shaved for the first time in ages a couple of weeks ago. It sucks to not have a nice fluffy beard (not that it was TOO fluffy, but it was long enough to RUN MY FINGERS THROUGH) but I guess it's ok. I'll grow it back as soon as I can, 'cause I'm awesome.
I also drank my first sodabeveragething after quite a bit over a year a few weeks ago. I'd gotten an ice cold pepsi from KFC because my order was gotten wrong. But meh, I thought it was ok to treat myself after so long. I also had an interview the day after so yoloswag I'm awesome, aren't I?

I also had some vanilla coke a couple of weeks after. YES MAN. YES. I have been searching for it for ages and Budgens randomly had it in stock because apparently it's been "brought back by popular demand". I was so happy mayn, I know certain people don't like it, but MAAAAAAAAAAAN be happy for me :'(
On this subject I also have a can of cherry coke here that I actually bought to give someone once A LONGASS TIME AGO LUL. It apparently goes out of date on April 2013 "approximately" (which was yesterday), so I'm considering drinking it.
Idk what else to write :(  I need more games to play. I want Sims City but even if I had a job I wouldn't pay the ridiculous price. GIMME A GAME OMFG LIFE GIVE ME GAAAAAAAAAAAMES.

So yeah guys, sorry for being lazy. I'd tell you I'm going to post more often, but I'm lazy and I feel even more guilty if I post a single paragraph (as opposed to not posting at all), I just love to fill these things with as much content as possible.

Here's a random picture to leave you with. Thanks for reading guys!

Sunday, 7 April 2013


So here's a few things I've done since I last made a blog:
I've gotten up early to actually go out way too many times.
I felt like I was DYING because I was ill for like 2 weeks. HAD THE WORST COLD OF MY LIFE AND THEN A COUGH TOO.
I've gained a liking for Ice Tea, and I feel guilty about this.
I've listened to ALL the music. Every piece of it.
I ordered some phone chargers from ebay and the person reversed payment without even telling me, for no reason. FUCKSAKESTY.
I've made a 2 year old cry. MULTIPLE TIMES.
I've gotten 2 job interviews (for next week pls) WHICH MEANS I HAVE TO SHAVE AND GOD I AM PISSED. I want to keep the beard, but it's too uneven to pass as "smart". fuck my life
I've gotten 4 legendaries. I know, I'm awesome.
I've been incredibly fucking pissed because I've got a "friend" that won't leave me in peace. Yeah, fuck sakes. It'd be ok if it was someone else that wouldn't leave me alone, but it's not. Ah, live sucks

1) Whats the tallest building you've ever been up? Idk, it probably wasn't that big. Maybe 3-4 stories? Yeah, I know right.
2) Do you have any scars? I do indeed
3) Do you like marmite? I guess, I never eat it though
4) Did you ever win any sportsday events? No, but I came last
5) What did you want to be when you grew up? I WANT TO BE A VOCALIST, PRO GAMER OR GAME DESIGNER. Not gonna happen
6) If you could change anything about yourself what would it be? Wealth status
7) Whats the longest you've ever grown your hair? Idk, I don't measure. Long enough to go pretty far down my back though
8) Are you scared of flying? I've never flown so no
9) Would you rather trade some intelligence for looks or looks for intelligence? uhh, well I only have moderate of both, so neither. Although actually, that being said, I have a lot more intelligence than most people I meet, so it must be worth a fuckload of good looks. Still wouldn't trade, though
10) Have you ever tie-dyed your own clothes? Nope
11) How often do you buy new clothes? Never, ty
12) Are you reliable? VERY.
13) Are you proud of yourself? I have nothing to be proud of. But sure, I am
14) Have you ever had a secret admirer? Well Idk, maybe, but it was a secret so I never found out.
15) If you could ask your future self one question what would it be? How are you?
16) Do you hold grudges? Nah
17) If you could breed two animals together to defy the laws of nature what new animal would you create? I really don't know. Maybe a cat and something else. I guess if I HAD to think of something, a cat bird. Scourge of the skies
18) Do you decorate the outside of your house for christmas? Nah
19) Can you solve sudoko puzzles? Well of course
20) Have you ever played conkers? Nope
21) Whats the most unusual conversation you've ever had? I probably can't say, sorry FRIENDS.
22) Are you much of a gambler? Nah, don't have the FUNDS
23) Are you much of a daredevil? Nah
24) Are you a good liar? I probably am, but I don't choose to lie
25) Are you a good judge of character? I'm a good judge but I give everyone the benefit of the doubt so it's a useless skill
26) Are you any good at charades? Never played
27) How long could you go without talking? A long time, as I frequently have nobody wanting to talk to me. :(
28) What has been your worst haircut/style? Right now
29) Can you iceskate? Never tried
30) Can you summersault? I can on a trampoline!


Thanks for reading friends! Goodbye for now