Thursday, 24 May 2012


Hello there!
So I have to be alone in my house from Friday morning 'til Monday morning. NOT looking forward to this, it will be fucking awful. WTB a hole to live in.
It's also hot, so watch this:
It's so short! FOR ONCE.

So I've been playing dat Pokémon and I have to say, I'm slacking so much. And I wish my wifi worked.

I also need a new computer 'cause Diablo 3 is supposed to be really good. FUCK MY LIFE. SUPER SERIOUS GOD.
And the guild website is down. Also sucks.
Also everyone I know is so unreliable. Would you considering me a reliable person? No point asking, but I'd like to think I am :s

Oh yeah and I spent over 4 hours fishing last night for a single fish, and managed to get TWO Mr. Pinchys before I got it. Know how retarded that luck is? If not, sorry! But it was RIDICULOUS.

Not much else to say I'm afraid! Oh yeah, someone told me I've lost weight. Idk if they're serious, but feelsgoodman. Also I wish I could draw well. Always have, probably always will :(

edit: I'VE FOUGHT RAIKU 3 TIMES IN THE SAME PART OF GRASS ZOMFG! I'm so skilled. shame I have no good balls
edit2: I'm having the worst day today :/ it's only 2:47 and I'm incredibly ill. It's probably a mix of worry and fear, and panic, and confusion.
I really hope I can find a way out of this place today.
I knew this weekend would be awful, I didn't know exactly how awful :/ I'm scared to even sleep.
Will maybe update in a couple of days, I really hope so anyway

Monday, 21 May 2012

I'm a worrier!

Hello there! First off I'd like to apologize for the much too frequent updates on this thing, I know not a lot of people view these but everytime I do get a view it means a lot. BROFIST!
Right so here's a video!

I wish I was one of those Youtubers that got actual money for my views, but even though I don't I still love people to see me and my pointless life.
ALSO I wish I could give you guys game footage and stuff, I'd show you epicshit and stuff, but my computer is too crappy to record it :(
AAAAAAAAAND BTW if you cba to watch this vid THIS pic is the main reason I started recording:

In other news I fixed my bank problem.
And I'm gonna go now! Fare thee well.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Sing hallelujah 'cause you can't change anything!

So I've done it, I've gone and done it!
Here's a really long video, I know I said I'd make a loooongass vid with a lot of detail on the events of the week, but I lied.
At least I did it!

So incase you don't know I am a MASSIVE Celldweller fan, and the best album of the year went out for pre-orders earlier today. HERE IS A LINK GO PRE ORDER GOGOGOGogogOgOGgogOGOgOGo:
Personally I spent about $40 on the Deluxe/Limited Edition bundle 'CAUSE I CAN. Who needs a computer, right? (I do QQ) It'll be worth it because it sounds fuckingamazing.
I've also made a guild. Come one, come all: (lulul)
We rock. Because we have me.

I ALSO HAVE 3 CANS OF ULTIMATELY DELICIOUS DRINKS HERE THAT I REALLY NEED TO GIVE AWAY GOD SAKES. The sooner I can give them away the better. And the best part is it counts as a gift! (LOLOL @ HOW UNBELIEVABLY SHIT MY "gifts" ARE)

Right so to leave you here's cats

EDIT: Oh yeah, and I'm only going to say this here because its obviously nobody actually gives a shit.. But I finally got Diablo 3 installed properly and my graphics card is unsupported.
Nice one. 3 days of my time and well over 40 hours of actual downloading and I can't even use it. Nice one. Nice one. Nice one.

Monday, 14 May 2012

God I am tired

So I really wanted to make a video today but I'm being left home alone with my brother all day.
Not happy at all, this means I'll be sitting listening to music while the house vibrates all day, and if that's not bad enough I've had no sleep so I'm going to be really stressed all day.

Why have I not slept? I just spent 7 hours downloading Diablo 3, and now I'm installing it. wtf seriously WHY? I mean I spent 7 fucking hours, and now I have to spend more time. MEH. And Idk if I can even run it. Knowing my luck I can't because my computer is fucking shit. Well it isn't, but for some reason it lags like fuck these days. FML I NEED A NEW ONE. Someone "donate" a couple of hundred pounds to me? Please? I'd be in your debt srs. Do you know how good a friend I am if you actually get to know me? and with that kind of a favor to repay I'd be.. just.. you know, I'd suck dick and I don't even care.

Also I'm really not gonna talk about the Pokémon drama without a vid, so here's another dream (this one is really vague, as I woke up halfway through)
Right so I'm living on the streets and I'm trying to hide it from a good friend of mine, and over the course of a few months everytime she sees me I get her to believe that I've been out all night partying and I just couch surf, sleeping on other peoples floors and shit. And then one day she comes to me and she needs help with her rent and doesn't know who else to ask, so me being a moron says I'll help and I do a bunch of shit and scrounge together the money for her.
Fast forward a few months I come clean about being homeless, and she's really upset I didn't tell her. And I tell her how long I've been on the streets and  she's absolutely mortified that she took money off of me for rent when I'd been homeless. Now she offers to put me up for the time being even though she lives with her boyfriend and she tells me to sleep in her bed because he's gone for the night, and I tell her that I don't want to get her in trouble, and I'll sleep on the sofa or something.

I wanted to see how this ended but I woke up! gutted. And once again I don't want this to happen IRL. I mean not the homeless thing but being so hung up over someone that I actually put myself through hell and give up money I desperately need just so they don't think I'm a loser.
Thankfully I doubt that would actually happen to me, 'cause if I lived on the streets I'd make sure people knew!

Oh and my installer just told me there was an issue and it errored, so it started from scratch again. NICE ONE. IT'S NOT LIKE I'M FUCKING TIRED FFS.

Rage! But it's ok

Hey guys! I really wanted to make a video at some point over the past couple of days but Si've had no time alone :( but ah well, nobody cares!
I WAS going to blog about my pokemon adventures today, but it's not something I can be bothered to write out in text (not on my phone anyway), so instead here's one of the dreams I had over the weekend.

Right so I was walking home from Tesco and I took a really long route 'cause I love walking, and on the way home I saw this girl under a bridge lying on the floor so I went up to her and tried to see if she was ok but she was passed out so I called an ambulence and it took me ages to find out where I was but I did and they came and took her to a hospital.
Now for some reason I said to the ambulence people that I wanted to come 'cause I found her, so I did.
And at the hospital I was interviewed by the police who thought I might have had something to do with it (they were suspicious as I was walking home from tesco yet nowhere near my home or tesco) but they eventually realized I was innocent.
Anyway, for some reason I sat by the girls bed for ages and then her dad came and started trying to attack me, but the doctors explained I had nothing to do with it and I may have saved her life.
A little while later she woke up and explained she was mugged by 2 guys and she thanked me for what I did, after that I went home (no idea how I got home if I'm honest)

A COUPLE OF WEEKS LATER SHE SAW ME WHILE SHE WAS WALKING AROUND WITH HER FRIENDS. She thanked me once more and Idk if I ever saw her again.

What a strange dream!
The minute I'm home alone I'll vid again, but sadly it's not often,

Thanks a bunch for reading though, means a lot you've no idea :')

Monday, 7 May 2012

nom nom noms

Rightio, so I've been bored today obviously, but I've made a video as per usual.
For the record I didn't even watch it, I'm too cool.

So my DS magically appeared (and my brother was magically the person that found it!) but I'm still out of any games. I'm fucking gutted because even though Leafgreen will do me it's hardly the most fufilling game of all.
I've also been watching loads more movies lately, won't go through a list you all know they're awesome.

AND I'M ALSO ANNOYED WITH EBAY. When I search now it gives me all auctions from the US, when it used to give me the UK ones. And it sucks because most of them won't even ship to me :@
Also my phone bill is £8 over the set amount because other people think using my phone is cool to ring people with. It's not, it's my phone yeye?

I have nothing else to say now! Apart from the fact I look pretty spiffing today. LOL>?!/1!?1? Judge for yourself.
Oh yeah, and I just caught a Paras. I'm so cool. (where da fawk is my Clefairy?)

EDIT: ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmg can't believe I did this entire thing without mentioning
If I was the kind of person that did generic smilies, I'd be ":D!" ing right about now
oh, and I just ate cocopops

Sunday, 6 May 2012

a depressing tale of woe

Hey guys, so many people may not know this about me but I sometimes suffer from immense cases of moodswings. And I don't mean the shitty kind in moves, I mean I can be playing dem games and be having loads of fun and then I see a friend say something or somethings happens that makes me think of random stuff and I suddenly become really down, and it sucks balls.
It also works with anger, I can flip out and be in a mega rage sometimes too, although I never rage to people. If I'm angry I hide it, and it makes me feel like shit, but it's all cool.

Anyway so I'm in the down mood right now.
And many people throw the word "depressed" around like a fucking bad joke. But not me. According to things I've read up the things I feel are apparently depression, but even if it is I'm not going to just blindly throw that word around. The only way anyone could be certain is with a clinical analysis.
WHICH BY THE WAY I WOULD LOVE. I really would love a psycho analysis, because I have many issues. None are too bad though, I mean I've battled many of my problems as best as I can, such as mad paranoia and self-hate.
I mean lets take the paranoia, I used to be mad paranoid.. but in my head even this day I can justify it. Why? Because in my mind if you're right about the things you're thinking it's not really paranoia. Anyway, I've stopped reading into things as much now. I used to see someone talk to someone else and think WOW THEY LIKE THAT PERSON MORE THAN ME. I HATE LIFE. And sometimes I still do get a bit jealous, but it's not as bad as it has been before. In the past LIKE.

I'm also pretty un-confident. People don't actually realise it, but if I've not met someone many times I'll be a little.. weird. I'm still trying to learn how to be a bit more hands on. I mean in this day and age people greet with a hug or something, but I'm actually afraid to, you know? Even though it's normal Idk. I've kind of set boundaries REEEEEEALLY low just incase I overstep. I really have no idea how to push them up. Just get out there with a handshake and see how far I can go each try? MAAAAAAYBE.
At least I'm better at talking.. Kind of. I mean if I'm with more than 1-2 people I have troubles, but alone it's cool. I'm a bit nervous in groups, because I don't know when I can talk.

I think my biggest problem is the massive downs I have, when I feel really shit and nobody will talk to me, when people in my house are being assholes or I get the paranoia or jealousy spikes I mentioned. I mean yes, it's gotten a lot better, but recently it has spiked up. And it is mainly because I live with a cunt now, but meh.

Also doesn't help I hate most of who I am. I mean I've been trying to be healthy but I can't even see change in myself. I mean one person has told me I look better now, but it was my mother and it was only because I said nothing has changed. And btw, I'd like to point out how greatful I am to have people that don't tell me I look great. Not sarcasm, know why? Motivation. People not telling me I look good is more motivation than someone telling me I look bad. Or even worse, telling me I look good when I don't. I mean telling me I look like shit isn't even that bad, but lying is one of the things I hate with a passion.


Friday, 4 May 2012

a life in the day of! oh wait

Helloooooo people, first off I'd like to welcome myself back into your lives. Righto so first things first here's a vid (same old shtuff, a longass vid nobody watches!)

Right so in other news I went shopping the other day and got nothing. Not complaining, I mean I suck at shopping and didn't want to waste peoples time browsing for ages lolo. Wasn't a complete waste though 'cause I got free McDonalds fries because I'm a cheapskate (SKILLLLIN')
I also need a new iPhone cable, I got brought one but it didn't work so fml. NO DOUBT I WILL PAY BACK THE £1 I LEECHED FOR IT.

Righto so to end it I'd like to say I'm starting to like dat mettl once moar. I didn't not like it before, but I've been listening to shit like Versailles and Nightwish all morning. I lav it.
I'm also getting no sleep this week, lulul. AH WELL IT'S NOT LIKE I NEED TO BE AWAKE.

lolol. I'm obviously so mean.