Monday, 7 May 2012

nom nom noms

Rightio, so I've been bored today obviously, but I've made a video as per usual.
For the record I didn't even watch it, I'm too cool.

So my DS magically appeared (and my brother was magically the person that found it!) but I'm still out of any games. I'm fucking gutted because even though Leafgreen will do me it's hardly the most fufilling game of all.
I've also been watching loads more movies lately, won't go through a list you all know they're awesome.

AND I'M ALSO ANNOYED WITH EBAY. When I search now it gives me all auctions from the US, when it used to give me the UK ones. And it sucks because most of them won't even ship to me :@
Also my phone bill is £8 over the set amount because other people think using my phone is cool to ring people with. It's not, it's my phone yeye?

I have nothing else to say now! Apart from the fact I look pretty spiffing today. LOL>?!/1!?1? Judge for yourself.
Oh yeah, and I just caught a Paras. I'm so cool. (where da fawk is my Clefairy?)

EDIT: ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmg can't believe I did this entire thing without mentioning
If I was the kind of person that did generic smilies, I'd be ":D!" ing right about now
oh, and I just ate cocopops

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