Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Sing hallelujah 'cause you can't change anything!

So I've done it, I've gone and done it!
Here's a really long video, I know I said I'd make a loooongass vid with a lot of detail on the events of the week, but I lied.
At least I did it!

So incase you don't know I am a MASSIVE Celldweller fan, and the best album of the year went out for pre-orders earlier today. HERE IS A LINK GO PRE ORDER GOGOGOGogogOgOGgogOGOgOGo:
Personally I spent about $40 on the Deluxe/Limited Edition bundle 'CAUSE I CAN. Who needs a computer, right? (I do QQ) It'll be worth it because it sounds fuckingamazing.
I've also made a guild. Come one, come all: (lulul)
We rock. Because we have me.

I ALSO HAVE 3 CANS OF ULTIMATELY DELICIOUS DRINKS HERE THAT I REALLY NEED TO GIVE AWAY GOD SAKES. The sooner I can give them away the better. And the best part is it counts as a gift! (LOLOL @ HOW UNBELIEVABLY SHIT MY "gifts" ARE)

Right so to leave you here's cats

EDIT: Oh yeah, and I'm only going to say this here because its obviously nobody actually gives a shit.. But I finally got Diablo 3 installed properly and my graphics card is unsupported.
Nice one. 3 days of my time and well over 40 hours of actual downloading and I can't even use it. Nice one. Nice one. Nice one.

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