Monday, 14 May 2012

God I am tired

So I really wanted to make a video today but I'm being left home alone with my brother all day.
Not happy at all, this means I'll be sitting listening to music while the house vibrates all day, and if that's not bad enough I've had no sleep so I'm going to be really stressed all day.

Why have I not slept? I just spent 7 hours downloading Diablo 3, and now I'm installing it. wtf seriously WHY? I mean I spent 7 fucking hours, and now I have to spend more time. MEH. And Idk if I can even run it. Knowing my luck I can't because my computer is fucking shit. Well it isn't, but for some reason it lags like fuck these days. FML I NEED A NEW ONE. Someone "donate" a couple of hundred pounds to me? Please? I'd be in your debt srs. Do you know how good a friend I am if you actually get to know me? and with that kind of a favor to repay I'd be.. just.. you know, I'd suck dick and I don't even care.

Also I'm really not gonna talk about the Pokémon drama without a vid, so here's another dream (this one is really vague, as I woke up halfway through)
Right so I'm living on the streets and I'm trying to hide it from a good friend of mine, and over the course of a few months everytime she sees me I get her to believe that I've been out all night partying and I just couch surf, sleeping on other peoples floors and shit. And then one day she comes to me and she needs help with her rent and doesn't know who else to ask, so me being a moron says I'll help and I do a bunch of shit and scrounge together the money for her.
Fast forward a few months I come clean about being homeless, and she's really upset I didn't tell her. And I tell her how long I've been on the streets and  she's absolutely mortified that she took money off of me for rent when I'd been homeless. Now she offers to put me up for the time being even though she lives with her boyfriend and she tells me to sleep in her bed because he's gone for the night, and I tell her that I don't want to get her in trouble, and I'll sleep on the sofa or something.

I wanted to see how this ended but I woke up! gutted. And once again I don't want this to happen IRL. I mean not the homeless thing but being so hung up over someone that I actually put myself through hell and give up money I desperately need just so they don't think I'm a loser.
Thankfully I doubt that would actually happen to me, 'cause if I lived on the streets I'd make sure people knew!

Oh and my installer just told me there was an issue and it errored, so it started from scratch again. NICE ONE. IT'S NOT LIKE I'M FUCKING TIRED FFS.

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