Monday, 14 May 2012

Rage! But it's ok

Hey guys! I really wanted to make a video at some point over the past couple of days but Si've had no time alone :( but ah well, nobody cares!
I WAS going to blog about my pokemon adventures today, but it's not something I can be bothered to write out in text (not on my phone anyway), so instead here's one of the dreams I had over the weekend.

Right so I was walking home from Tesco and I took a really long route 'cause I love walking, and on the way home I saw this girl under a bridge lying on the floor so I went up to her and tried to see if she was ok but she was passed out so I called an ambulence and it took me ages to find out where I was but I did and they came and took her to a hospital.
Now for some reason I said to the ambulence people that I wanted to come 'cause I found her, so I did.
And at the hospital I was interviewed by the police who thought I might have had something to do with it (they were suspicious as I was walking home from tesco yet nowhere near my home or tesco) but they eventually realized I was innocent.
Anyway, for some reason I sat by the girls bed for ages and then her dad came and started trying to attack me, but the doctors explained I had nothing to do with it and I may have saved her life.
A little while later she woke up and explained she was mugged by 2 guys and she thanked me for what I did, after that I went home (no idea how I got home if I'm honest)

A COUPLE OF WEEKS LATER SHE SAW ME WHILE SHE WAS WALKING AROUND WITH HER FRIENDS. She thanked me once more and Idk if I ever saw her again.

What a strange dream!
The minute I'm home alone I'll vid again, but sadly it's not often,

Thanks a bunch for reading though, means a lot you've no idea :')

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