Monday, 30 April 2012

Didn't think it was possible, did I

Hey guys, so right off the bat I had a tiny anount of time alone so I made a vid

Not to blow my own horn or anything but I embedded dat shit myself 'cause I don't think it lets you on your phone. Am I skillin' at coding? Nah, I'm just an absolute BOSS when it comes to using my mind.
As you can tell I was listening to Lacuna Coil (telling you that to fill blogspace)
And I went for a longass run earlier, just missed the rain though!
I'd go out in it now but I'm actually in bed and.. Well, I'd give details but I'm sure you'd rather not know that I sleep in my underwear.
O lawd. I also watched 3 movies today (dat netflix) and I think Jason Statham is a baws. 'cause he blatantly is.
Oh and one of the movies didn't even have him in, but it was Robocop 2 so that's ok.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Yet another amazing video adventure

Recorded 4 videos, 3 were ruined and this one also sucks, BUT IT'S LIFE SO WATCH IT.
(it's actually less than 10 minutes, omgwtf)

So I've become lazy as fuck today. It's 8pm and I've not went out yet, so I'll have to go for a few miles in one trip. Booooooooooooooooooo
Ah well, at least I'm sexy. (LOLOLolollOLOlL)

Speaking of that I have noticed a slight change in personal appearance as of late! I know this is weird but uhhh, my trousers actually fall down now. I KNOW INFO AND WHATNOT but yeah, fml! Even though it probably means being healthy is working, it means I have to spend MOOOOORE money on clothes, meh!
I just wish it would  actually show to other people, I really do.

On a finishing note I feel like shit right now. Down as fuck, I'd tell you why but people that read this don't actually care.
ok then

 EDIT: OMG I HAVE A QUESTION IN MIND TO ASK. Right, as a guy when I hold in my pee for ages and then go it feels sooooo good.
But the question is, when girls hold it in for ages then pee, does it feel amazing? A COMPLETELY NEED TO KNOW QUESTION

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

It's my time to burn, my time to shine, time to make it for myself!

Hey guys, so at the weekend I recorded a video and because I rock so hard I forgot to upload it. So here it is:

Now it's long as fuck. Whoops :x

Righto so earlier today I got myself Aero hot chocolate, and even though I'm not drinking any soft drinks and the like I.. Uh, yeah this is fine. It apparently has no.. stuff in it. Yup.
I also decided it would be an amazing idea to make a blog right here right now with absolutely nothing to talk about! So instead of talking about epic stuff, I'll post pictures to fill space (lawl)
 Firstly I can fly now. (who remembers the Jackie Chan Adventures? probably nobody, but I think it rocked.)
 Second my cat thinks this is cool. (BUT HE IS NOT COOL GRRRR)
And thirdly I took this a month ago, but I thought I'd share it now. (I love dem timers, no idea why I kept it on for this long)

OH YEAH. I ran out of marzipan! Actually happy about it because IT IS SO UNHEALTHY CLEARLY. Oh well!
Also I've only been for one walk today. FFFfFFfFff. I usually go for 2-3+ everyday, but fml.

On another note I can't get this chorus out of my head
IDK WHY. BUT I LOVE IT I DO. Even though I think it sucks to have 2 songs of the same band/album in the same playlist fuckit, it's going in to the shizzle, yo.

Have I ever told you how much I like to drag things out? No, well goodbye for now!

Friday, 20 April 2012

I'm so unoriginal, but I know you love it.

RIGHTIO! So hello there.
Firstly I got my first (and only) easter egg this year today! Got it myself for £2.50, was a Double Decker one and I got a mug yeyeyeyeeee. I also have so little Marzipan left, which sucks 'cause I really shouldn't have ate so much >_>
ALSO got a mic earlier, Idk if it works yet but it was staticy when I plugged it in which SUCKED, but we'll see.

On another note! I made a blog for the GAIMZ and recorded a bunch of videos, but tbh I'm not sure about having a third blog. I mean yeah, I'd update it a fair bit but still, probably stupid. Just sayin'.

LASTLY! Here's a looooooooooooongass vid. Feel free to ignore it.

EDITEDIT: So a few weeks back I said The Used had a new album and I was too cheap to get it. I REGRET THIS. I 100% reccomend it! It's called "Vaunerable"
Also! If you love MEWZIK and wanna know wtf I'm on then check this out:, it's a playlist I've made updated with a song a day (still need to do today!)
Num num num, off to watch a movie or even sleep

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

THIS IS NOOOOOOOOOooooooooooot what it is

Hello there! So I have the house to myself today for probably the first time this year, SO I WILL USE THIS TIME TO BLOG!
Righto, here's a VIDDDEYAH

Here's what it come out like in the first place!

Idk what I did wrong, but when I put it into the tray it just.. was massive. So I made one big cookie.
I suck at cooking, only reason I do it is FOR DA BLLAWG content (actually it's 'cause I'm cool)

So yeah! Sorry I look like a chicken has shat on me in that vid, I'd been making COOOKEIZ since I woke up, I JUST WASHED MY HAIR NOW SO STFU!

SORRY THIS IS SHORT, I just wanted to use my free time!

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Saaaaaave me, taaaaaaake me home

Alrighty there, I know I said I'd love to keep these blogs consistant, but I really SUCK at consistancy.

Right then, here's a VID

So I'm too lazy to give you an overview, INSTEAD here's what I forgot to put in!
I got 2 new pairs of shoes last week (actually before I made my last blog, I just keep forgetting)
I need new trousers! I know you care, obviously.
And I also went out and looked into getting a gym membership, but the nearest one is about £33 a month and I'm poor/have a poor family. FML.
Also applied to a job at Tesco! I don't usually bother posting what shit I apply to here (loldon'tgiveafuck, do you?) but Tesco is clearly da sheeeeyt.

Righty then! The pie I mentioned in this vid is actually in the oven right now, 10 mins left so we will see how it turns out!

Tankz 4 da reed, yo.
edit: I GOT A PIC OF DIS PIE. I know baking isn't actually impressive, but my life is so un-interesting that it kinda is for me

Saturday, 7 April 2012

OMG I KNOW SOME JAPANESE WORDS! No idea what they mean, though.

So I've not made a post in a few days, and even though nothing interesting has happened I'm going to make one anyway. Here's a video:

Ugh, that thumbnail .__.
So in summary! I ate pommegranete! AND IT WAS OK! No complaints at all, but I finally know.
I saved a poor innocent mouses life, and it felt gewd.
I'm trying to kill myself (by being cool yeye)
I'm fucking starving, BUT I WILL LIVE.

Right and for stuff not on this! I just lost the bow from LFR to a fucking shit Hunter.
How shit? This shit:

YOU MAY ASK YOURSELF HOW MUCH THIS PISSES ME OFF. I will say right now, it pisses me off A LOT. 'cause I did over double his DPS and all I need are weapons from LFR.
And his excuses? Lag. I have under 15FPS throughout the entire Deathwing encounter so lag is NO excuses. Ugh. fucking sick of this, and there's nothing I can do. Can't even get into a good guild because of this shitty computer, bravo, life.

So yeah last but not least I feel like shit, so I'm gonna just remind myself right here that at least I have a handful of people that like me, which makes me feel good about myself.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

So first and foremost here's part 2 of my EPIC ADVENTURE OF SORTS.

And in other news my CD of Live Upon A Blackstar actually came today, so now I can actually put it with my other epic CDs. Woooo. Was actually a bit upset when it came though, as the inside of the case was a little broken so the CD didn't sit in it properly, fml! Ah well, at least I've upped my collection! :') Cannot wait for the actual Wish Upon A Blackstar next month though, DYYYYYYYING for it!

ALSO I need neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed new shoes, mine have actual holes in the bottom and as you know it's been dry outside so I've been fine for walks, but today it's pissed down and EVEN THOUGH I like walking in rain, I don't like holes in my shoes while doing it :/ So tomorrow I will HOPEFULLY BUY NEW SHOES. Shit ones obviously, as I'm not spending anymore than a tenner on shoes. Cheap? Yeah, I'm poor and saving for a computer so I don't care. Don't judge yeye.

OH OH YEEEEEAH. So I've also decided to actually use my Netflix free month in the past couple of days and I've actually watched an entire season of Prison Break. Why that? 'cause AAAAAAGES ago I saw the first series and a few of the second and I always wondered what happened. I'm so cool bruh.
Speaking of TV shows you MAY know that I watch Desperate Housewives (lololol) and a few weeks ago I found out an epically bad spoiler I really wish I didn't find out, it's totally ruined it for me :| I won't say what, but IT SUCKS BALLS NOOOOoooOoOOOOoooOOoo.

In the last and least interesting news (because I like to mention the fact it's last for no reason), I have a new jog route, including about 6 flights of stairs. Why tell you this? Idk. I have nooo idea.

Monday, 2 April 2012


Two days in a row actually, but I only got a vid for one day!

He must look up to me as a person, 'cause I'm awesome.

ALSO I got a pomegranete the other day! Gonna try it SOON. We'll see how good it is!
I also went out earlier and my phone randomly went from 20+% power to dead for no reason. SUCKS FOR ME. I also have nothing else to say, I just wanted to put this video on here SO YEAAAAAH.