Wednesday, 19 June 2013

omg fluffy bunnies and candyfloss

HERE'S THE LO-DOWN (Idk how people spell that, but I'm sure you know what I mean)

So stuff has happened right!
> I'm really hot right now
> I drink all the unhealthy shit once more, and it still tastes like guilt and pleasure mixed as one
> I lost the job I technically had yet didn't actually work at (apart from an induction), I really SUCK at life
> I got a new phone that's semi-new and actually lasts longer than 10 minutes while actually using it, omfg
> my REEEEEEEEEALLY shitty tooth finally came out, but another bad thing on that subject is one of my teeth BROKE while eating pork scratchings. Yeah, my teeth suck balls. I hate my life sometimes
>  I totally thought I'd have more to say

I'm actually supposed to go to a review meeting in a few days and my jobs advisor will be pretty mad at me when I tell him I'm jobless. fml plis.
OHH OHOHOHO I ALSO GET MY SUPER DUPER ONCE A YEAR PET TOMORROW. I went to sleep early last night in preparation for tonight to get it 'cause a GM told me it would spawn 20th, then I waited over an hour in Sillithus, THEN IT DIDN'T SPAWN LLULULUL. Lying GMs suck.

Ah well. Not much else to report right now! I really wanna start a new game on White 2 but I'd lose all my Pokémon, wooooooes