Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Blademouth's Not Gonna Die (It's Time To Take The Second Route)

Sometimes I like to imagine I'm famous, like a musician or actor. I think I do it because it's what I actually wish I could be, and pretending is always fun.
I even do things like act like I'm being interviewed for some kind of thing, Idk what, but I picture myself being asked questions and answer them (as you do).
Maybe that's weird, but we all like our slice of fame, don't we?

I'd actually love to be a musician you know. Well, I say musician, what I really would love is to be a singer. Yeah, sad dream of mine I know, but it's something I've wished for a very long time.
I've had moments in my life where people have said I can sing, but I don't actually think I can. I mean I sound good to myself, but I'm not going to go off that! That would be foolish, I mean I'm pretty sure everyone sounds good to themself. But how will I ever know? I mean I can't record myself singing because it's embaressing, you know? I've had people take the piss because apparently they could hear me singing in my room (and yeah, person in question is a cunt, but oh well)
It pains me to say, but I don't think it's gonna happen. But you know what, I've known it for a long time, and I'll still sing along to stuff because it's what I love doing! Maybe I can learn an instrument? I mean it's not gonna happen anytime soon (too poor to even buy one of course) but who knows?
All I know is my dreams are just that- dreams, and I'd never ever kid myself.

In related news (actually a total coincidence) I've lost my voice! It sucks balls, man.
Just started my music career and everything (oshit, can't lie about that now I've just posted this blog)
And in unrelated news my "live longer than I would have beforehand" thing is going great, I'm 5 days "sober" and MOST OF ALL I HAD PINEAPPLE TODAY. Actually went a got a whole pineapple from Budgens (only £1, fuckyeah)

I guess that's all I've got for today, once again I'd like to thank you for being here, my name has been Ash Von Stratts the 3rd.
I'll leave you with a parting piece of advice: If you want to keep the friends you have, let them know that they're your friends. (Yeah, simple enough, shame I suck at taking advice from myself)

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

I trinket SAP?

As most people reading this know I play a game called World of Warcraft. This blogpost was originally going to be about it but I changed my mind.

So I like games, I'm sure many people do, and I think people should know what kind of games I've been playing since forever.
I remember the first real gaming experience I had- I was given a Gameboy Colour and Pokemon Yellow when I was extremely young, it kicked SOOO MUCH ASS. I'd played a Gameboy before but never colour, and never my own. It really sparked something in me tbh.
My second earliest game memory is Final Fantasy, at the time I had no idea what it was (and even when I realised I had no idea WHICH one it was) but it was New Years Eve 2000 (MILLENIUUUUUUUUUUM) and me and my brothers snuck downstairs (we were at a pub my aunt lived in) and played on someone elses PS1 and FF8 was on, it was only some shitty part of the first disc without any fights but still, I REMEMBER!
Ok so one of my absolute favorite memories was when I first played FF9- my FAVORITE game, and I remember it well.. Basically I was round my friends house and I stole it.
Yes, the first time I played FF9 I'd stolen it. Know what I think? The game CALLED OUT to me, it WANTED me to play it, it knew I was going to enjoy it more than my friend.. so it essentially stole me! Anyway I completed the first disc after a while and OOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFG!! I NEEDED A SECOND DISC! This was the first time I'd ever actually come across something that needed another disc- I was SO gutted, seriously. And the sad thing is that I couldn't even go ask for disc 2.. I was screwed. So I waited, and sure enough a couple of years later I got it! Man, I have so many fond memories of FF9, it's gonna be in my heart forever.

Another game I absolutely love is called Dark Cloud (I love RPGs tbh!), I remember it well because me and a friend used to play the demo of it a LONG time ago and I had no idea how to actually get a copy, it was never in shops or anything and this was before I actually used the internet. But man we had so much fun on the DEMO, yeah that's right, a demo where you could only do half of the very first dungeon and still it was one of the best games I'd ever played. Eventually I found a game in a store near me called "Dark Chronicle" and I thought "Man.. I remember a game called Dark Cloud, maybe this is IT!!!"- sure as hell, it was not. But it was LIKE IT! Like a sequel, and it KICKED. ASS. Honestly, one of the most fun aspects of the game was simply the fact you had to not only build a town but you could also do it in many different ways and still get all credit. And I loved the invention system, I'd be taking pictures of every random thing because that's seriously the only way to get the best inventions (combine a waterfall, trashcan and dog and you'd probably make a gun or something!).

I'm not only into RPGs, though- Metal Gear Solid is still one of my all time favorite games, and I also used to love Timesplitters 2.
Heck, I used to even play Goldeneye (but who didn't, seriously!)
Man I love games, from Pokémon to Zelda and from Crash Bandicute to Sonic.. They all kick so much ass.

I'm not gonna bother posting a song (because I'm tired and boring), but I will say this:
Gonna go eat some yoghurt and sleep before 1am because I'm a bro.
(and if I can't sleep I'll just run away the TEARS)

Monday, 20 February 2012

Can you teach me how to feel real?

I got a box of cereal and some yoghurts earlier, they're YUMMY YUMMY. JUST SAYIN'.
I actually got something that wasn't extremely unhealthy too, I'm getting so cool now. Why am I doing it? 'cause I hate myself :(
I lied, I like me! I really do, I'm actually really happy with how I am. But the real thing is that if I get healthy and actually improve then I can actually feel like other people are happy with me too.
It probably won't happen (because I fucking suck) but I'm trying to eat maybe kinda sorta a little bit healthy(er) than I used to. I'm trying not to drink as much UTTER SHITE as I did before, and I'm maybe kinda sorta almost doing more STUFF. Like earlier today I did 30 about pushups, I'm actually so hardcore. Maybe I'll go for a walk later? Who knows!

All in all, at the end of the day it's not about starting to do things to improve myself, it's about maintaining the things. And I most likely won't, I mean there's a shitload of temptation in life so it can be complete balls. But I'll try. And even if nobody actually cares I WILL.
I think I should rename this blog "Ash 2.0". I won't though, because all my blog titles are from songs I'm listening to when I start. (there's some TRIVIA FOR YE.)

This blog was originally gonna be about WoW shit, and I was only gonna put 1 line of that ^ shit, OH WELL I'LL SAVE IT FOR ANOTHER DAY.
In other news I feel like utter crap today, woke up and my throat felt like a collapsed tunnel, and I've had a headache all day that feels like someone has smacked me at the side of my face with a nunchuk. FML, I never get ill but this is the second time this year I've felt like shit. I'm also extremely boiling and I'm pretty sure that's a pretty bad sign, I mean I'm actually sweating and there's no heating on or anything.
lolillness. I IZ GUNA DIIIIIIE. Sadface.

Might as well leave it at that! 'nother blog coming tomorrow, and I can assure you it'll be as pointless as the rest! And as a parting note I'm gonna link a video AS PER! >RIGHT HERE<


Sunday, 19 February 2012

Side Effects of Being a Moron.

So as none of you know (maybe, probably) I'm pretty much addicted to soft drinks.
And not the "Oh man, have you seen that new game, I'm SO addicted to it I just got 4 waves down today!" I mean the "I'm probably going to die at some point because of this, but at least I get a kick, right?"

I mean it's gotten to the point where if I try to get off I actually get physically ill, and it makes me really upset to think it's got so much of a hold over me.

What am I going to do about this? I'm trying to stop. I mean I really am, it's hard though- because I get huge urges to just chug one down, and it doesn't help that I have money in the bank going spare (saving, and I always think "what harm will a couple of pounds do?")
It's not really going well, I mean I managed 5 days but I had a headache for the last 2 days of that, and was literally in paid writing in pain (lololol, random link to a song here), but I'm going at it again. Maybe I should just.. cut down a lot? But what would my limit be if I did? I've no idea how to ration it if I'm honest. I've got 2 days without any, and on the day I had some it was a single can of Relentless and IDK SO YEAH.

Maybe one every.. 3 days? or week? That's a bit of a hit to me, I mean after 5 days I was in unbearable pain, so maybe every.. 4 days? I'll decide this at some point (when I start to get the pains, ISN'T IT FUNNY!)

IN OTHER UNRELATED NEWS! You may not know this but I've never been to another country. Yeah, never once, not at all. Isn't it sad? I mean I've never even been somewhere shit like Wales or Scotland (NO OFFENCE? I GUESS) it sucks for me, but who cares? Not the readers of this blog, obviously.

Sorry this is a shit blog. All my blogs are shit, but I'm trying to squeeze in a blog a day this week.
Why? Because knowing me I'll not post anything for half a year when I stop writing one.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

I'm a voice in the desert, can you hear me now?

When I was younger, I'm not sure what age but I must have been extremely young, I used to look out of the window when I was in the car and stare far into the distance and think to myself.. "One day I'm going to go walk those fields".
I don't know why but there's something so peaceful and pretty awesome about being in a completely empty field, free of any noise and distractions, with great weather and a relaxing atomosphere that could go on for a LONG time.
'course I now know that the "long time" is probably only a couple of miles, and the fields are probably all owned by farmers and stuff, so I can't walk on them anyway. SHAME.

Alright so I've got a story for you, it's something that people always seem to react to when I tell them, but I've never actually told the story!
So you may know (from a previous blog, GO READ MOFO) that I was stung in the eye by a bee once! Yes, no lie, actually happened. And believe it or not that's the only time I've ever been stung, but IN THE EYE MAN.
So here's the story of how it happened!
Ok, so I was playing in the park with my brothers and probably other people (no idea) and I went to sit down on a bench and THE BEE LAUNCHED ITSELF AT ME FULL SPEED AND BBBBBBBBBBBZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ STUNG ME IN THE EYE SO HARD I FRIKKIN MOVED.
As you would probably do also.
See, how much of a boring and short story was that :|

Gonna leave you with an actual recent events thing now, as I should do ALL THE TIME!
Was out earlier today for my brothers birthday (21st, omgwtfnoway) and when I was asked what I'd like to eat I said these words: "I'll just have fish and chips I guess, with no shit please. no peas OR sauce" and I did exclaim that.
When the food came it had peas and sauce, obviously people don't listen to me (not that they'd need to hear me say it, I mean I don't like any shit on food and to be quite frank I'm not too keen on fish from resturants but it was the only thing on the entire menu I could even stand)
Woe is me.
I've also really gotten back into Epsilon, an awesome album by Blood Stain Child, and I'm also rocking out to Dubstep a lot now, I don't even know why (I still love rock music, metal and the odd pop song because I love everything)

ps here's a bonus picture of a cat for you, and fyi I love tea (which is the drink featured of course)

Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Hello there internet, it's the one and only Ash back and ready for action.

So I've not made a blogpost for a long time and there has been good reason.. Ok, so the good reason is really just that I've been lazy, but who cares.

But yeah, I've been wanting to update for a long time and I've had nothing to even talk about, apart from the new cat I have, but why would anyone want to know about a cat?

Anyway, I just wanted to write about random things I like.. And I actually sat here for a minute and couldn't think of anything, so instead I'm going to tell you about my DAY (or yesterday, but what's it matter?)
It started off with me in bed, I sat there until about 2, when I decided to get up. When I got up I washed my hair, and then I went on my computer for about an hour (maybe 2) and then I watched some TV (boring stuff really, but I also watched CSI Miami, yeeeeeeeeeeeeah)
And then I went to the shop and got some biscuits.
And then when I got home at about half 9 I went on my computer and recorded a VIDEO BLOG that is still uploading on here (I doubt it will, fucksakes) So yeah, ruined my plans.

And that's pretty much my entire life. Nothing special, I do THAT everyday. Seriously. I have no life, isn't it fun? I mean I actually enjoy life until I actually think about it, and then I just fucking cry to myself about how it sucks. But then I wake up and I ENJOY THE SHIT I DO, YO.

The only regrets I have are that I'm probably TOO awesome for people to talk to. Yup, that's actually what I tell myself, don't be jealous guys, it's not as if you're reading the entire thing anyway.

So yeah. Oh and I had a can of Dr. Pepper, because I'm a fucking boss!
(Did you think this would be a rant or a QQ about the day from the title? I knew it! AHA! CAUGHT YOU OFF GUARD BECAUSE I AM A MONSTER. as you may not know I'm extemely neutral about today, I mean most years I don't even realise it's a "special" day, and the ones I do know about I don't really mind. People give gifts to the ones they love and I don't really "love" anyone anyway, it's kinda weird.. I don't really feel that way even about family members. But it doesn't mean I don't care about people, wow this shit is in brackets and longer than an entire paragraph, whoops)