Saturday, 18 February 2012

I'm a voice in the desert, can you hear me now?

When I was younger, I'm not sure what age but I must have been extremely young, I used to look out of the window when I was in the car and stare far into the distance and think to myself.. "One day I'm going to go walk those fields".
I don't know why but there's something so peaceful and pretty awesome about being in a completely empty field, free of any noise and distractions, with great weather and a relaxing atomosphere that could go on for a LONG time.
'course I now know that the "long time" is probably only a couple of miles, and the fields are probably all owned by farmers and stuff, so I can't walk on them anyway. SHAME.

Alright so I've got a story for you, it's something that people always seem to react to when I tell them, but I've never actually told the story!
So you may know (from a previous blog, GO READ MOFO) that I was stung in the eye by a bee once! Yes, no lie, actually happened. And believe it or not that's the only time I've ever been stung, but IN THE EYE MAN.
So here's the story of how it happened!
Ok, so I was playing in the park with my brothers and probably other people (no idea) and I went to sit down on a bench and THE BEE LAUNCHED ITSELF AT ME FULL SPEED AND BBBBBBBBBBBZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ STUNG ME IN THE EYE SO HARD I FRIKKIN MOVED.
As you would probably do also.
See, how much of a boring and short story was that :|

Gonna leave you with an actual recent events thing now, as I should do ALL THE TIME!
Was out earlier today for my brothers birthday (21st, omgwtfnoway) and when I was asked what I'd like to eat I said these words: "I'll just have fish and chips I guess, with no shit please. no peas OR sauce" and I did exclaim that.
When the food came it had peas and sauce, obviously people don't listen to me (not that they'd need to hear me say it, I mean I don't like any shit on food and to be quite frank I'm not too keen on fish from resturants but it was the only thing on the entire menu I could even stand)
Woe is me.
I've also really gotten back into Epsilon, an awesome album by Blood Stain Child, and I'm also rocking out to Dubstep a lot now, I don't even know why (I still love rock music, metal and the odd pop song because I love everything)

ps here's a bonus picture of a cat for you, and fyi I love tea (which is the drink featured of course)

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