Tuesday, 21 February 2012

I trinket SAP?

As most people reading this know I play a game called World of Warcraft. This blogpost was originally going to be about it but I changed my mind.

So I like games, I'm sure many people do, and I think people should know what kind of games I've been playing since forever.
I remember the first real gaming experience I had- I was given a Gameboy Colour and Pokemon Yellow when I was extremely young, it kicked SOOO MUCH ASS. I'd played a Gameboy before but never colour, and never my own. It really sparked something in me tbh.
My second earliest game memory is Final Fantasy, at the time I had no idea what it was (and even when I realised I had no idea WHICH one it was) but it was New Years Eve 2000 (MILLENIUUUUUUUUUUM) and me and my brothers snuck downstairs (we were at a pub my aunt lived in) and played on someone elses PS1 and FF8 was on, it was only some shitty part of the first disc without any fights but still, I REMEMBER!
Ok so one of my absolute favorite memories was when I first played FF9- my FAVORITE game, and I remember it well.. Basically I was round my friends house and I stole it.
Yes, the first time I played FF9 I'd stolen it. Know what I think? The game CALLED OUT to me, it WANTED me to play it, it knew I was going to enjoy it more than my friend.. so it essentially stole me! Anyway I completed the first disc after a while and OOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFG!! I NEEDED A SECOND DISC! This was the first time I'd ever actually come across something that needed another disc- I was SO gutted, seriously. And the sad thing is that I couldn't even go ask for disc 2.. I was screwed. So I waited, and sure enough a couple of years later I got it! Man, I have so many fond memories of FF9, it's gonna be in my heart forever.

Another game I absolutely love is called Dark Cloud (I love RPGs tbh!), I remember it well because me and a friend used to play the demo of it a LONG time ago and I had no idea how to actually get a copy, it was never in shops or anything and this was before I actually used the internet. But man we had so much fun on the DEMO, yeah that's right, a demo where you could only do half of the very first dungeon and still it was one of the best games I'd ever played. Eventually I found a game in a store near me called "Dark Chronicle" and I thought "Man.. I remember a game called Dark Cloud, maybe this is IT!!!"- sure as hell, it was not. But it was LIKE IT! Like a sequel, and it KICKED. ASS. Honestly, one of the most fun aspects of the game was simply the fact you had to not only build a town but you could also do it in many different ways and still get all credit. And I loved the invention system, I'd be taking pictures of every random thing because that's seriously the only way to get the best inventions (combine a waterfall, trashcan and dog and you'd probably make a gun or something!).

I'm not only into RPGs, though- Metal Gear Solid is still one of my all time favorite games, and I also used to love Timesplitters 2.
Heck, I used to even play Goldeneye (but who didn't, seriously!)
Man I love games, from Pokémon to Zelda and from Crash Bandicute to Sonic.. They all kick so much ass.

I'm not gonna bother posting a song (because I'm tired and boring), but I will say this:
Gonna go eat some yoghurt and sleep before 1am because I'm a bro.
(and if I can't sleep I'll just run away the TEARS)

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