Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Hello there internet, it's the one and only Ash back and ready for action.

So I've not made a blogpost for a long time and there has been good reason.. Ok, so the good reason is really just that I've been lazy, but who cares.

But yeah, I've been wanting to update for a long time and I've had nothing to even talk about, apart from the new cat I have, but why would anyone want to know about a cat?

Anyway, I just wanted to write about random things I like.. And I actually sat here for a minute and couldn't think of anything, so instead I'm going to tell you about my DAY (or yesterday, but what's it matter?)
It started off with me in bed, I sat there until about 2, when I decided to get up. When I got up I washed my hair, and then I went on my computer for about an hour (maybe 2) and then I watched some TV (boring stuff really, but I also watched CSI Miami, yeeeeeeeeeeeeah)
And then I went to the shop and got some biscuits.
And then when I got home at about half 9 I went on my computer and recorded a VIDEO BLOG that is still uploading on here (I doubt it will, fucksakes) So yeah, ruined my plans.

And that's pretty much my entire life. Nothing special, I do THAT everyday. Seriously. I have no life, isn't it fun? I mean I actually enjoy life until I actually think about it, and then I just fucking cry to myself about how it sucks. But then I wake up and I ENJOY THE SHIT I DO, YO.

The only regrets I have are that I'm probably TOO awesome for people to talk to. Yup, that's actually what I tell myself, don't be jealous guys, it's not as if you're reading the entire thing anyway.

So yeah. Oh and I had a can of Dr. Pepper, because I'm a fucking boss!
(Did you think this would be a rant or a QQ about the day from the title? I knew it! AHA! CAUGHT YOU OFF GUARD BECAUSE I AM A MONSTER. as you may not know I'm extemely neutral about today, I mean most years I don't even realise it's a "special" day, and the ones I do know about I don't really mind. People give gifts to the ones they love and I don't really "love" anyone anyway, it's kinda weird.. I don't really feel that way even about family members. But it doesn't mean I don't care about people, wow this shit is in brackets and longer than an entire paragraph, whoops)

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