Sunday, 19 February 2012

Side Effects of Being a Moron.

So as none of you know (maybe, probably) I'm pretty much addicted to soft drinks.
And not the "Oh man, have you seen that new game, I'm SO addicted to it I just got 4 waves down today!" I mean the "I'm probably going to die at some point because of this, but at least I get a kick, right?"

I mean it's gotten to the point where if I try to get off I actually get physically ill, and it makes me really upset to think it's got so much of a hold over me.

What am I going to do about this? I'm trying to stop. I mean I really am, it's hard though- because I get huge urges to just chug one down, and it doesn't help that I have money in the bank going spare (saving, and I always think "what harm will a couple of pounds do?")
It's not really going well, I mean I managed 5 days but I had a headache for the last 2 days of that, and was literally in paid writing in pain (lololol, random link to a song here), but I'm going at it again. Maybe I should just.. cut down a lot? But what would my limit be if I did? I've no idea how to ration it if I'm honest. I've got 2 days without any, and on the day I had some it was a single can of Relentless and IDK SO YEAH.

Maybe one every.. 3 days? or week? That's a bit of a hit to me, I mean after 5 days I was in unbearable pain, so maybe every.. 4 days? I'll decide this at some point (when I start to get the pains, ISN'T IT FUNNY!)

IN OTHER UNRELATED NEWS! You may not know this but I've never been to another country. Yeah, never once, not at all. Isn't it sad? I mean I've never even been somewhere shit like Wales or Scotland (NO OFFENCE? I GUESS) it sucks for me, but who cares? Not the readers of this blog, obviously.

Sorry this is a shit blog. All my blogs are shit, but I'm trying to squeeze in a blog a day this week.
Why? Because knowing me I'll not post anything for half a year when I stop writing one.

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