Saturday, 7 April 2012

OMG I KNOW SOME JAPANESE WORDS! No idea what they mean, though.

So I've not made a post in a few days, and even though nothing interesting has happened I'm going to make one anyway. Here's a video:

Ugh, that thumbnail .__.
So in summary! I ate pommegranete! AND IT WAS OK! No complaints at all, but I finally know.
I saved a poor innocent mouses life, and it felt gewd.
I'm trying to kill myself (by being cool yeye)
I'm fucking starving, BUT I WILL LIVE.

Right and for stuff not on this! I just lost the bow from LFR to a fucking shit Hunter.
How shit? This shit:

YOU MAY ASK YOURSELF HOW MUCH THIS PISSES ME OFF. I will say right now, it pisses me off A LOT. 'cause I did over double his DPS and all I need are weapons from LFR.
And his excuses? Lag. I have under 15FPS throughout the entire Deathwing encounter so lag is NO excuses. Ugh. fucking sick of this, and there's nothing I can do. Can't even get into a good guild because of this shitty computer, bravo, life.

So yeah last but not least I feel like shit, so I'm gonna just remind myself right here that at least I have a handful of people that like me, which makes me feel good about myself.

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