Monday, 30 April 2012

Didn't think it was possible, did I

Hey guys, so right off the bat I had a tiny anount of time alone so I made a vid

Not to blow my own horn or anything but I embedded dat shit myself 'cause I don't think it lets you on your phone. Am I skillin' at coding? Nah, I'm just an absolute BOSS when it comes to using my mind.
As you can tell I was listening to Lacuna Coil (telling you that to fill blogspace)
And I went for a longass run earlier, just missed the rain though!
I'd go out in it now but I'm actually in bed and.. Well, I'd give details but I'm sure you'd rather not know that I sleep in my underwear.
O lawd. I also watched 3 movies today (dat netflix) and I think Jason Statham is a baws. 'cause he blatantly is.
Oh and one of the movies didn't even have him in, but it was Robocop 2 so that's ok.

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