Friday, 20 April 2012

I'm so unoriginal, but I know you love it.

RIGHTIO! So hello there.
Firstly I got my first (and only) easter egg this year today! Got it myself for £2.50, was a Double Decker one and I got a mug yeyeyeyeeee. I also have so little Marzipan left, which sucks 'cause I really shouldn't have ate so much >_>
ALSO got a mic earlier, Idk if it works yet but it was staticy when I plugged it in which SUCKED, but we'll see.

On another note! I made a blog for the GAIMZ and recorded a bunch of videos, but tbh I'm not sure about having a third blog. I mean yeah, I'd update it a fair bit but still, probably stupid. Just sayin'.

LASTLY! Here's a looooooooooooongass vid. Feel free to ignore it.

EDITEDIT: So a few weeks back I said The Used had a new album and I was too cheap to get it. I REGRET THIS. I 100% reccomend it! It's called "Vaunerable"
Also! If you love MEWZIK and wanna know wtf I'm on then check this out:, it's a playlist I've made updated with a song a day (still need to do today!)
Num num num, off to watch a movie or even sleep

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