Friday, 27 April 2012

Yet another amazing video adventure

Recorded 4 videos, 3 were ruined and this one also sucks, BUT IT'S LIFE SO WATCH IT.
(it's actually less than 10 minutes, omgwtf)

So I've become lazy as fuck today. It's 8pm and I've not went out yet, so I'll have to go for a few miles in one trip. Booooooooooooooooooo
Ah well, at least I'm sexy. (LOLOLolollOLOlL)

Speaking of that I have noticed a slight change in personal appearance as of late! I know this is weird but uhhh, my trousers actually fall down now. I KNOW INFO AND WHATNOT but yeah, fml! Even though it probably means being healthy is working, it means I have to spend MOOOOORE money on clothes, meh!
I just wish it would  actually show to other people, I really do.

On a finishing note I feel like shit right now. Down as fuck, I'd tell you why but people that read this don't actually care.
ok then

 EDIT: OMG I HAVE A QUESTION IN MIND TO ASK. Right, as a guy when I hold in my pee for ages and then go it feels sooooo good.
But the question is, when girls hold it in for ages then pee, does it feel amazing? A COMPLETELY NEED TO KNOW QUESTION

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