Tuesday, 3 April 2012

So first and foremost here's part 2 of my EPIC ADVENTURE OF SORTS.

And in other news my CD of Live Upon A Blackstar actually came today, so now I can actually put it with my other epic CDs. Woooo. Was actually a bit upset when it came though, as the inside of the case was a little broken so the CD didn't sit in it properly, fml! Ah well, at least I've upped my collection! :') Cannot wait for the actual Wish Upon A Blackstar next month though, DYYYYYYYING for it!

ALSO I need neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed new shoes, mine have actual holes in the bottom and as you know it's been dry outside so I've been fine for walks, but today it's pissed down and EVEN THOUGH I like walking in rain, I don't like holes in my shoes while doing it :/ So tomorrow I will HOPEFULLY BUY NEW SHOES. Shit ones obviously, as I'm not spending anymore than a tenner on shoes. Cheap? Yeah, I'm poor and saving for a computer so I don't care. Don't judge yeye.

OH OH YEEEEEAH. So I've also decided to actually use my Netflix free month in the past couple of days and I've actually watched an entire season of Prison Break. Why that? 'cause AAAAAAGES ago I saw the first series and a few of the second and I always wondered what happened. I'm so cool bruh.
Speaking of TV shows you MAY know that I watch Desperate Housewives (lololol) and a few weeks ago I found out an epically bad spoiler I really wish I didn't find out, it's totally ruined it for me :| I won't say what, but IT SUCKS BALLS NOOOOoooOoOOOOoooOOoo.

In the last and least interesting news (because I like to mention the fact it's last for no reason), I have a new jog route, including about 6 flights of stairs. Why tell you this? Idk. I have nooo idea.

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