Thursday, 24 May 2012


Hello there!
So I have to be alone in my house from Friday morning 'til Monday morning. NOT looking forward to this, it will be fucking awful. WTB a hole to live in.
It's also hot, so watch this:
It's so short! FOR ONCE.

So I've been playing dat Pokémon and I have to say, I'm slacking so much. And I wish my wifi worked.

I also need a new computer 'cause Diablo 3 is supposed to be really good. FUCK MY LIFE. SUPER SERIOUS GOD.
And the guild website is down. Also sucks.
Also everyone I know is so unreliable. Would you considering me a reliable person? No point asking, but I'd like to think I am :s

Oh yeah and I spent over 4 hours fishing last night for a single fish, and managed to get TWO Mr. Pinchys before I got it. Know how retarded that luck is? If not, sorry! But it was RIDICULOUS.

Not much else to say I'm afraid! Oh yeah, someone told me I've lost weight. Idk if they're serious, but feelsgoodman. Also I wish I could draw well. Always have, probably always will :(

edit: I'VE FOUGHT RAIKU 3 TIMES IN THE SAME PART OF GRASS ZOMFG! I'm so skilled. shame I have no good balls
edit2: I'm having the worst day today :/ it's only 2:47 and I'm incredibly ill. It's probably a mix of worry and fear, and panic, and confusion.
I really hope I can find a way out of this place today.
I knew this weekend would be awful, I didn't know exactly how awful :/ I'm scared to even sleep.
Will maybe update in a couple of days, I really hope so anyway

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