Saturday, 6 October 2012

an actual post

So I've gotten into minecraft quite a bit recently but my hard-drive DIED. And I replaced it with the one from my old PC.
So far it's working but I'm really paranoid about it, maybe it'll break at any time Idk, I had to wipe the old hard-drive to do it so I'm pretty upset about that :(

In other news I've gotten to LEVEL 90 after 10 years and when I was trying to do my dailies my hard-drive died, fml, but on the plus side I did some heroics and scenarios and it went pretty well!
I also have over 300 pets now! I think that's great, I love it.

So yeah, very short blog. OH YEAH I also recorded about 11 videos of my first minecraft experience but I lost the footage :( so sad story, I cri evri tiem

But yeah, I'm gonna try to put the content of my external hard-drive onto this one and hope it works, really really really hope :/

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