Monday, 15 October 2012



Actually it's been 10 days, I'm SORRY. I've thought of you, I swear bby. But yeah, I made a VLOG a couple of days ago but I've been too crap to upload, sawwy.

so basically I'm still jobless and going nowhere but I'm SiK at the games, MoP has been out for a fair bit and I've been going HAAAAAAARDKOOOOOOOER on the pets 'cause they fekkin rock. I'm almost at 400 pets which is insanely hard (srs) but I'm getting there! 371 unique pets as I'm writing this!
Almost defeated every pet master too, 2 left! I'm levelling a Tonk to take on the one I'm stuck on (HE IS AN ASSHOLE SRS) but when it's 25 I'll be the MASTER OF ALL. And I'll actually USE the title! I mean the only other title I use is Professor (on PUTRICIDE) for obvious reasons, and also it took FFFFFFFFFOOOKIN AGES to get when I got it (pre 4.1 ty)

I've also been working on my FARMING loads, I've got Best Friend status with EVERYONE now 'cause I'm such a likeable guy, obvs

I also started uploading loads of Minecraft vids and I've uploaded like 13. Also my HARD DRIVE FUCKING BROKE IDK IF I MENTIONED LAST BLOG. I lost so much fucking stuff, loads of videos and pictures and stuff :( ah well, live on I guess. Maybe one day bad things will stop happening to me and the people I like, let's hope!
Anyway, been sitting at the spawn point of a rare that drops a pet for over an hour, so god damn boring, let's wish me the best

And I wish YOU ALL THE BEST. I hope everyone is well and I hope things go your way. Just remember, no matter what bad things happen, there's always going to be the good things SOMEWHERE at SOME point in the future. I promise you!

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