Thursday, 13 September 2012


So I've just been downstairs and everyone is eating McDonalds. They didn't get me any, but that's fine, right?
I mean yesterday I lent my mother £20 (again) because she said she needed petrol money and "essentials" so I thought it was all good. But she didn't buy any food (house is always bare, no food at all) and the fridge was full of beers. AH WELL.
But yeah, and now they're eating McDonalds and I didn't get given any money back. It's all good isn't it.

I also had to go with my mum to a hospital at like 1am because my brother was apparently there. That was shit, meh. I have to say that being in a car at 1am is cold and it also smelt, Idk why, but it did.

In other news I'm getting into better sleeping habits. I mean I've slept before 6am for like 3 days now. Oh yeah! I'm also eating less so that's fun too.

Also I'm on a site called Ask now. It can be pretty hilarious, basically all you do is ask questions and you can do it anonymously without even signing up. Cool, huh?
There you go!

Not much else to put sadly. I go to some job search thing every Wednesday and I can honestly say it's fucking pointless. Everyone there is a dumbass and it actually helps nothing. Yeah. I want a job because I want money, but I can't get one for shit. Oh well, real life is so fun.

Thanks for reading!

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