Wednesday, 27 February 2013

I'm not good

So I'm on the biggest hiatus you've ever known on the Nuzlocke now because only having 2 Pokémon sucks balls and I cba.

Also I've got a hardcore minecraft SERIES THING WHAT ELSE CAN  I CALL IT on my Youtube channel, I've recorded the whole thing already and I'm just releasing them periodically because I CAAAN. Idk if I linked it before but here's part ONE.  I think there's about 4 videos up right now, IS A SO EXCITE.
On the same note I also uploaded a LoL video so everyone can see how super awesome I am. I would love to stream or upload more videos but a 20 minute video takes like 6-8 hours because I can't connect to wired. SO FKKING RIDICULOUS I H8 LYEF. :(

In other gaming news 5.2 is supposed to be released next week (WoW) and I still don't have a weapon for my legendary gem. And I have the gem on 3 chars now, GGGGGGGGGGGGG WELL PLAYED BLIZZARD TY. Idk why I even bother doing LFR anymore because it's fucking pointless. I've not got a weapon and the new tier is coming out, woo. Meanwhile every scrub gets one, fuckingshitpls. Oh well I guess, meh. I still want to do herald of the titans but the person that was supposed to be helping me get a group has fucked off and doesn't even put effort in to get gear or even enchant and gem it. I actually took time to solo 5 mans and grind justice for that gear on a MONK. I have a full set and I can't even get tier, gggggg. I'd do it without the guy but then I'd feel guilty. Funny that? Feeling guilty because other people are selfish. Nice.

My mum also told me earlier that my brother was fired from his job because they didn't like him, NIICE. I can't even get one pls. Gutted really. So yeah.
Also my sleeping sucks. Idk how to explain it but meh, I hate everything.

In the meanwhile I need something to do. Idk, I'm just not too interested in stuff. Idk.

Goodbye for now guize

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