Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sproutin' Towerz and Wingin' it Gym Style

'ola! I'm back with another Nuzlocke update and here we go!
So I finished off last time just getting into Violet City and I'll start this one right there.

Righto, after I got into Violet the first thing I did was go straight to Route 32 to try and get me an oqzum Pokémon, I was mainly hoping for a Mareep and to my ACTUAL surprise this time it actually showed up! I gots myself a MAREEEEEEEP (Ramuh) and I was quite happy! I also found out you could find Ekans there and it was a bit of a bummer because Ekans would've been quite interesting to have, but ah well!
After I got Ramuh I decided I'd train up before I went to Sprout Tower, just incase it'd be hard. So I levelled everything up to 8+ with Baku getting 9 (I wanted to use Baku there 'cause I'm a RISK TAKER and Palom would've just been OP and not fun at all).
So after I trained I went into the 'sprout Tower, and I made sure it was night because I really wanted a GASTLY! Now I was expecting a Gastly but I would've also been happy with a Bellsprout, I mean a grass type is never bad, but a ghost would've been great. I even had a name planned out and everything! (Atomos) BUT IT WASN'T IN THE CARDS. As you can probably guess by now from the way I'm writing this I was quite unlucky in the Tower, INCREDIBLY unlucky if I'm honest, because I didn't get Gastly.. oh no, and I didn't even get a Bellsprout, I GOT A GOD DAMN RATTATA (Blank). it has a FIFTEEN PERCENT CHANCE compared to the 85% chance for Gastly <_< I mean srsly. I didn't encounter a SINGLE other Rattata in the entire place. But my FIRST encounter haaaaaaad to be Gastly D: So sad stoooooooory, but oh well.
Rattata isn't BAD, it's just not what I wanted. AH WELL AH WELL.
So yeah, I went alllllll the way through the tower with good ol' Baku and for a Zubat he is such a bro, he took out all dem evul Gastlies and Bellsprouts without problems, but I did switch him out for Ramuh to takeout the Hoot-hoots despite not having Thundershock yet (wanted to get it though, for the gym!). Oh, and for the VERRRRRY last guy I switched out for Palom 'cause I wanted to change it up, and I whipped the floor with his Bellsprouts (although I changed to Ramuh for the Hoothoot) and it was alllll awsum.

RIGHTO. So now came the Gym and I decided to get Ramuh up to Thundershock level beforehand, so I did! And I went into the gym with a fullon set of SKEELS.
I wiped out the first 2 rookie trainers with Palom and then took on the gym leader himself with Ramuh.
It was a little bit of a menacing fight, the first Pidgey was NPNP but then the first hit of his Pigeotto CRIT me. Was pretty scary but he pulled through and managed to secure me the Zephyr badge! Wootwoot. Fun times!
After this I got myself a good ol' Rock Smash HM and then I decided to stop for a little while. Next time I play though I have a dilemma, I can get an egg from Professor Elm's assistant but I can also get a special Pokémon from a guy in the Pokécenter, and more to the point Idk if I even want to get one of these Pokémon as it's guarenteed and Idk if it's cool. Who knows? I'll decide and get back to you! But yeah, it's gone good so far and here's my TEAM before I leave! (I didn't forget, I'm so cooool)

As you can see Blank is still a SCRAAAB and I benched Garuda because 3 birds :x it was a little sad for me so I wanted to do something.

But yeah, 'til next time guise! I'll see you on the other siiiiiiiiiiiiide

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