Saturday, 2 February 2013


Yello'! So I started a Pokémon Soul Silver NUZLOCKE earlier and I thought it'd be a cool idea to BLOG it. I really would love to vid it but I have no way of recording my DS (well, I can record on my phone but LAWL @ that quality) so I thought I'd write it out as best as I can!
I won't be going through EVERY battle but I'll give recaps of things like gym leaders and I'll defo be sure to mention any new captures and deaths (if I have any!)
It's also worth mentioning I'm doing a kind of anti-dupe rule where I can't can't anything more than once (fak getting 6 Zubats!)

ALAS, the adventure begins! I've called myself Ash in this simply because it's my name. And my rival is Gary, for the epic lulz of course.
So to choose my starter I went by what was on my trainer card and the last number was 6, so I went for Cyndaquil ('cause Typhlosion is 6 in the 'dex!), and I called it Palom (wouldn't you like to know!) and then my first 2 Pokémon were Pidgey (Bahamut) and.. *drum roll 'cause it's incredibly depressing* a SPEAROW (Garuda). Now usually it'd be cool, but I got TWO birdies first :/, quite disappointing, but ah well. If one dies I'll still have fly, which is quite nice!
Now the fourth Pokémon I got was actually a nice suprise! I mean it was really cool to get because it was something completely different and great. What was it? Hoot-hoot (Porom).

LULUL. 3 birds D: I mean srsly, whhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyy. It was a real bummer to get 3 different birds but meh, that's the nature of the Nuzlocke!
After that debacle I took on Youngster Joey, and I know I said I'd only go over important fights, but Joey IS important!
Bahamut wrecked his Rattata, so much for being in the top percent! Ok, maybe it wasn't a complete wrecking, he actually CRIT me and left me at 4hp. Was scary but Baha pulled through and got to level 4, one step closer to stardom!
Next route was 31 and I was really debating skipping Dark Cave because Idk if I wanted yet another flying type (Zubat of course), but Joey rang me and I thought to myself "well, at least I don't just have a Rattata!", so I went in and to my (non) surprise I got a Zubat! (Baku)

AND I HAVE SOME VERY BAD NEWS. For myself more than anything. I just realized that I accidentally missed my first Route 31 encounter, I didn't notice when it went from 30-31, argh! It would have been a Bellsprout though and I COULD have cheated to just get it (battle until I find another one) but I won't. Ah well, my loss I guess! I mean I'll probably get one in the tower but I do want a Ghastly instead, we'll see we'll see.
So on Route 31 I fought Wade and for his first 3 Pokémon I started out with Baku and switched out to Palom to quickly kill them, but he used a Weedle third and poisoned Palom so I decided to try and take out his last Caterpie with Baku and to my surprise it absolutely shocked me to the core, Baku got TWO crits in a row! A ZUBAT 3 shot something higher level than itself with drain life! It was beastly! :D (for the record I did of course buy Antidotes and use one on Palom)

Now the rest of the route was a little scary, I fought a Rattata that CRIT my Palom and almost KO'd me (well, took me to 5hp :s) so that kept me on my toes. But I did of course pot and survive, thank god! I'd have hated to be left with 4 flyers so soon into the game! Not that fliers are bad, but it's always nice to have variety.
And I think I'll stop my blog here (mainly because I'm going off to play some other GAIMZ for a bit) it's been a fun start though! And to leave you guise I think I'll show you my team in its whole glory! *going to get phone connecty cable*
inoino, they all suck right now, but next time I play I'm gonna train like a baws before I go into the Bellsprout tower and HOPEFULLY get a Ghastly! And maybe, just maybe, I'll also own up the gym leader. We'll see, 'til next time!

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