Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Spoon, Razor, and Pencil Sharpener

So I'm tired right now and wanted to post a blog as it's been a while.

Hello there! First things first, I've not given up on the Nuzlocke, I've just been busy with other crap. Oh yeah, and more importantly I'm left with only 2 Pokémon, so that's a kind of big deal. SO YEAH.

Anyway, secondly I started a new a ttttttly exciting video series on my Youtube channel. Ok, so it's not that exciting and it's not really a series. Well, kind of. Idk. BUT YEAH. So far there's THREE videos, umfg, here's a link to part ONE.
It's a hardcore Minecraft series (minecraft 'cause I'm ORIGINAL) and YEAH. I've got a few videos stored up so it'll at LEAST have a few more. Although it IS hardcore so I may or may not die soon. Sad times, sad times.

IN OTHER NEWS I've actually been playing too much Minecraft lately and I think I've mega burnt out on it. I built a massive Pyramid that was something like 60x60 blocks wide. Or 40x40, I can't remember (plus Idk if I counted l0l) and yeah, fun AND EXTREMELY TIME CONSUMING PLS stuff. I also made a snazzy door that was made of pistons and shit and the lever to open it was in a town quite a far bit away from the actual pyramid, I had to dig under the ground to make a path all the way from the village to the pyramid and obviously (because I was in a desert full of SAND) it took a shitload of time to wire the thing because of the sand falling. NOT FUN BUT WORTH IT. Well, probably not worth it because nobody will ever see or appreciate it, but MEH. I enjoyed seeing the finished product (oh and I'm gonna see if I have any pics of it, SEC TY)

Sadly it's hard to do that with one picture. I'd make a GIF but actually making a GIF requires many pictures (or a video) and actual editing software Idk if I have. It also requires EFFORT that I cba to put in just to show a door nobody will care about. BUT IMAGINE THE AWESOMENEZZ YEEEEAH
(ps I don't even think it's 40x40 big BUT it took fking ages because it wasn't just sandstone blocks, I had to put steps on every level and I did the inside too, and the door design, believe it or not, actually took it's time too <_< PLIS. UNPAID LABOR TY.

I also realized that pretty much every person that plays Ezreal is a tool, and I also realized that despite looking like a bawz Veigar isn't actually the pro I thought he'd be.
Well, not as good as other APs I've tried. I'm only mentioning it because I always thought Veigar was the best looker (Vivi from FF9 plis) and EVEN THOUGH I DON'T ENJOY HIM IT WASN'T A WASTE OF CASH. TY.
I also think Teemo sucks. Small guy nty he isn't cute he's a nabshire elite extreme.com/yoloswag


That's probably it for now. I actually played a little TERA a minute ago, I got to level EIGHT. Shizzle is mah bizzle I'm pro-izzle yo. So yeah, I'm so unbelievably starving right now, so I'm gonna go get porridge (DEM ENERGIEZ)
tenx 4 redding

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