Sunday, 10 February 2013

I-lex like I'm doin'a blawg

Alrighty, so after the last awkward blog I posted (involving the deaths of many of my comrades) I didn't actually give up on my Nuzlocke, nono, not at all.
In fact I went as hard as I was going before, playing for an hour or two every night. Buuuut as you can imagine when you're left with 2 Pokémon (one being a Zubat and the other being countered by the rival you're about to face) you realize that you need to TRAIN, and train I did. I trained for what feels like a millenia (well, hours) and I finally got back on track!

So as I may or may not have told you in the last update I decided to use Ralvuimago, Ochu and Gigas to replace my dead, and I WAS originally going to use Carbuncle but instead I went with Polom because a level 1 Togepi would be suuuuuuuch a drag to level ontop of all the other training I had to do. Yeah, training sucks QQ.

Alright so I won't go into a massive story on how I levelled because that's boring stuff, so I'll tell you I got my whole team to 14+ and then took on GARY! (Ashes rival, llululu). And it was indeed quite a swift victory! Ralvui managed to takeon Gastly with nps (bite ftw!) I must say, I am jealous that HE got a Gastly, but oh well!
And then CROCNAAAAAAAW came out and I must say, Ochu made swift work! EEEEEEEZZZZZZ.
And then I went to fight his Zubat with Ralvui but he did quite a nasty amount of dmmmgz somehow so I switched out to Gigas and she pretty much CARRIED me.

After this it was time for Ilex Forest which, of course, has no trainers, but I did run into Headbutt guy! And headbutt is nothing to gloss over, it's grrrrreat. I taught it to Gigas and Palom 'cause why not! I was going to give it to Ralvui but I didn't want to lose anything from my moveset (Poison Sting, Bite, Rock Tomb and Leer, I KNOW RIGHT I HAVE LEER I WILL NEVER USE IT. But Idkpls). Rest of the forest was pretty ezmode of course. Nothing too interesting happened.

THEN CAME ROUTE 34 (I think that's the number). THE PLACE OF WOE.
So my encounter on this Route happened to be DITTO (Ozma) which could be interesting, but Idk. Not really too good, but yeah. Idk.
Right so there were a few easy trainers on the route that I destroyed and then I decided to put my lil' Carbuncle into the day care. I mean there's no rules against it, right? ezez. After this I went back to face a single trainer I'd missed. He opened with a Mankey and I was using Porom and in the first turn I outsped him and my Peck did about 70% of his HP. I was feeling good, he did enough damage to make me worry IF he outsped me. Which he didn't. I decided to Peck him and not heal because I was faster and would've KO'd him BUT THEN HE RANDOMLY OUTSPED ME AND KILLED POROM. NOOOOOooooooooooooooooOOooOO. WHY MUST YOU BE SO CRUEL WORLD, WHY MUST YOU CHANGE SPEEDS AT WILL!?!?1?1?! I was sad at this and then cried for 16 hours and then I died and went to heaven and then God gave me a second chance so I came back to life just before I cried and I didn't cry and then I got on with life. I also decided to NOT get this kids number, Ian I think his name was. I shall forever deem IAN a complete cunt for killing me. But I won't hold a grudge against Mankey though, he's cool.

I also had a pretty nasty battle with Growlithe that could've easily ended in a death if I wasn't prepared for a hard fight. Was quite a hard fight but I did it in the end with a little work. (he did bring TWO of my Pokémon to low health, though)
So yeah, t'was a BATOL of sorts.

OK GUYS THAT'S THAT. 'til next time, adios, goodbye and bon voyage.
I'd have posted a picture but I'm too lazy to get my phone connecty cable.

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