Friday, 15 February 2013

Geodude is NOT bug catching material

SO HELLO THERE. I'm back again with a Nuzlocke update! I know it's been a longass time, but hey, training for this gym sucked, and I've also got other thingz I've been doing, but more on that later!

A'ight so first things first I caught a NIDORAAAAN♀ (Eiko) which was great! I love that lil' gurl. 
And then I did a little training, I decided to level Ralvuimago first and ZOMFG A FKKKKING VENONAT CRIT ME WITH CONFUSION BECAUSE I DIDN'T EVEN REMEMBER HE HAD IT OSAGFSAGSAGSAGA. dw though, HE LIIIIIVED. I was so happy, Ekans isn't the BEST but I've never used one and I defo want to try this guy out in endgame! Also Gigas got CRIT by a Magmar and left with 7hp. Oh, and he had a BURN ON HIM too. It was so sad, I was pre-moruning because I didn't think he'd live. BUT HE DIIIIIIIIIID. <3 Gigas the bro. I levelled him up to 18 in preparation for the gym and then I decided to go to the bug catching contest just 'cause. It's so funtimes and I wanted something cool, maybe a Scyther? WHO KNOWZ. 
So yeah, went in there with Gigas and found a Butterfree! Was pretty cool. First thing it did was paralyze me but I was ok, better that than a sleep or poison I said. Then he tried to poison and sleep me, what a nab! I didn't know if I should hit him or not because I didn't want to kill it, so I threw 2 balls and then hit him once and kept throwing more. Eventually he used confusion on me and I was fine, didn't hit too hard. Then I was taken to about 50% and I tried to run but couldn't, and got taken to low health. Then I tried running again, and.. RIP Gigas. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYyyyyyyyy, he was in his PRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMEEEEEEEEEE. Oh god, I really shouldn't have used a GEODUDE of ALL THINGS in the bug catching contest, it's CURSED for it, I tell you. CURSED.

But I did. And I regret it.
After this I endured all the training to get everything up to 18, I was using Baku, Ochu, Ralvuimago, Palom and Eiko for the gym, decided Eiko would be my shining light in this hard time as it had Rock Smash and Screech, crucial for defense lowering that motherfucking MILTANK. I hate that guy, but more on THAT shortly.
So I defeated the gym trainers easily and it was all good and then it was time for Whitney, and I defeated her first Pokémon easily. Then I opened on Miltank with Ralvui and used Screech, then I switched out to Eiko and threw a couple of Rock Smashes but had to heal up a little because fk stomp. I also got Miltank to about 1% hp and then Whitney used a Max Potion. Was ok though, I'd lowered its defense quite a bit by now so I was hitting 40% a time with my hits, but so was he. I managed to get her to 1% again after a while (after using 3 Super Potions) but SHE used a super potion too at the same time as me, ARGH.
She kept getting me low so decided to switch out to Palom to finish him, but he used Rollout and CRIT me so I had to heal up. I then got hit over half my hp so I had to switch out, I chose Ochu as it was full on HP, and it took one hit while I was healing my Eiko, and then I got killed. OH GOD LORD. Then I switched out to Eiko, but he ONE SHOT ME OH GOD FFSSSS. And then I paniced because everything was low hp, and then I switched out to Zubat because the only thing I could think of was to outspeed her (bear in mind Miltank was VERY low hp). But he destroyed Baku, obviously. So sad. So depressing, THREE Pokémon killed. GOD. 
I was happy and sad at the same time, it was the saddest thing ever. 
Why have two gyms been like this? I'm so sad :'( 
God damn it all, to HELL.

So yeah. This sucked balls. Thanks for being there, though.

But yeah, 'til next time when I GIVE UP FOR GOOOOOD. Or not. We'll see.

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