Thursday, 7 March 2013

This time's for reeeeeeal

So here's a rundown of the past week I can remember.

I WAS SUPER MEGA ILL LAST WEEK LIKE SERIOUSLY GOD I HATE LIFE. I haven't thrown up for a long time but this gave me back reasons to not want to, because it sucks. I was stuck in bed for a couple of days which always sucks when you feel like death. After that I got a bit better but then a day after it I got something else. I was considering not even writing it here but fuck it, I was CONSTIPATED. Which actually sounds like a comical thing or even an insult or something, but it's really not fun :| srsly, it's awful, and it makes you hate LIFE. Better than being mega ill, but still bad.

AND THEN AFTER THAT STUFF 5.2 hit, so I went to sleep at like 11pm so I'd wake up bright and early. Ok, so I actually went to sleep because I was really tired, but WAKING EARLY FOR A PATCH IZ KOOL. So I woke up at 7pm and HUZZA internet was off. GTSAGSAG SG SGSA GASGASG so annoying, so I waited all day for it to come back (well, you never know?) It never did come back on, so I called Virgin the next day and they told me they were doing maintenance or some BS. Long story short I had to wait another day to get it back. AND NOW IT'S BACK HOORAY I CAN USE THE INTERNET. Seriously though no internet sucks balls. Couldn't even watch Youtube videos on my phone or browse the WEB. So bad pls.

While having no internet I did STUFF. I went to see my nan 'cause I'm cool, and I also played quite a lot of Pokémon White 2. I decided to try and get a badge to defeat the elite four with only one type of Pokémon but gawd that's a sucky challenge. At first I tried a Dragon team but then got too lazy to level everything (l0l) and then I thought it'd be cool to use a Dark team but realized the fighting guy would suck major balls, so I gave up. Eventually all I did was walk around training random stuff and catching dem pokemons, all fun stuff.
I also managed to finally get Umbreon to complete my Eeveelutions, and boy is it tanky. It's a real best if I'm honest, but it's a shame I'm not really into tanks. I'm more of a run in 1 shot as much as I can before I die kind of guy. Still nice to have though.

So yeah, I've been pretty damn bored over the past week but I'm still alive thankfully. And I could probably write more but I'm catching up on dem youtube vidz and too lazy to think of stuff.

Thanks for reading BAWWWZZZZZz

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