Thursday, 12 July 2012

So take my rage and enjoy the ride!

I slack on blogs 'cause I have no life, BUT THAT'S OK HERE'S A VIDEO!

This is actually a video from June, so Idk if I've put it here already. IF I HAVE I WILL REPLACE IT WITH ANOTHER VIDEO.

So yeah I've been no-lifing Diablo, and also I've had a busy as fak week so yeah, NO TIME TO NO LIFE GOD.
Also Tropical Fruit flavour Tropicana is FUCKING DELICIO. HAVE IT NOW! I love it somuch

Also here's a random song I'm gonna post because this blog is short+ I'm listening to it

ALSO everytime I go to get a cup of coffee I get 2, that's obviously not normal but oh well, I'm cool

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