Wednesday, 28 March 2012


So I'm here once again with a blog full of skillz, and today I have STUFFZ to say!
Righty then first things first, as you know I got Live Upon A Blackstar yesterday and I think it kicks ASS. It's soo good, but this release has caused a few issues for me.
Firstly the pre-orders for Wish Upon A Blackstar have been pushed back to April which sucks ass, Idk what date they're going up now so I'm kinda pissed at that, but OH WELL
AND THE OTHER SLIGHTLY MORE MAJOR PROBLEM IS. My iTunes is fucking broken. Like so fucking shitty now, it can play music but WILL NOT connect to the internet or the store. And it doesn't even give an error message and IDK WTF IS WRONG.
I've tried so much but nothing works, I spent 3 hours on google with zero good answers and I've even uninstalled iTunes and downloaded it from scratch. DID NOT WORK FML.
My phone is fucking pointless without iTunes, one answer was to use a different computer, well guess what? I'm not fucking rich, I have one fucking computer.
So now I can't put any music on my phone or anything and I can't access my iTunes store so fuck you Apple.

In other news my cat got his first fight injury yesterday, he came to sit on me and his eye was closed up and after a while I got worried and looked at it and it was rolled into the back of his head all weird-like, so I googled it and apparently google thought it was a rare eye infection that could suddenly kill him.
Yeah, but he's better now so google really worried me for no reason. PFT.

So yeah not a good week for me.
I made a video for this blog but it's 7mins long, will probably come out sideways and nobody will watch it, so text it is!
Hopefully tomorrow I'll be in a good mood, woosh

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