Friday, 23 March 2012


So first off I've mananged to find a way to make my videos come up the right way (I think) and I'm gonna go back to my last video and fix it.
Cba to do the ones before, mainly 'cause I'd have to find the footage and I really can't be bothered to. SO YEAH! IT'S GOOD NEWS. (even if it's only good for me)

Right so today has been a day, woke up at 8am as I do everyday, and then went back to sleep until 11 (usually it's until 12, GO ME OMG), then later in the day I went to Tesco! t'was a dandy trip, I got fried chicken and a mango (A SMALL PIECE OF CHICKEN SO YEAH).
"a mango?" you may say, "didn't you say they costed too much?" BRAVO SHERLOCK CRACKED ANOTHER CASE. But not really, yeah I did say that! Indeed I did, but Tesco have decided to up their game and sell Mango for 50p a piece, so I was sold.
Not eaten it yet as I've not wanted any, but when I do YOU'LL KNOW IF I LIKE IT.
Also got some Muller-rice (yesterday), I love me some MULLAH. Got the apple/raspberry ones 'cause I'm cool enough to do so.
Also I got a portable harddrive, which I've actually needed for years but never been bothered to get (ALL MONEY I DON'T WANNA SPEND GRRRR) but I realised I'm never gonna get a new computer at this rate, so whatever I guess.

Righto, in other news I've randomly discovered a bunch of music I should already know about in the past few days, some of which is MY CUPPA TEA. For example I'm now a big fan of a group called f(x), is it because they're hot Korans? Partly that, not gonna deny I love me some AZZZZZZZZZNS. But it's also 'cause HOT SUMMA, A HOT HOT SUMMA, HOT SUMMA, A HOT HOT WOOSh, which rocks right? ah pop music, you do have such meaningful lyrics. (when I say "big fan" I mean I've heard about 5 of their songs, and 'cause I like ALMOST ANYTHING I love it all)
Also I heard the number one song for the first time the other day, this "used to know" shit. I used to know that good music was on the raido, now I realise people were telling the truth when they told me it sucks. FUCKING BALLS THAT GFSGFSAGSAf asfsadgsag asgsdgs ag. Makes me angry, Idk why.
Also turns out I'm a fan of Tonight Alive, ALSO TURNS OUT PRE-ORDERS FOR WISH UPON A BLACKSTAR START THIS WEEKEND FUCKYEAH I CAN'T WAIT PUN INTENDED. Shit deserves caps 'cause it's about fucking time!
Also I pre-ordered Live Upon a Blackstar and it comes out this weekend too! What made me order it when I'm poor as fuck? THIS song! Honestly, I love So Long Sentiment, so when I heard this clash up I was like "oh my dear lord, why haven't I pre-ordered QQ"
Waste of money? probably lololol, don't give a fuck though, cause I fucking love Celldweller.
Also (llolololol I love that word) The Used has a new album out this weekend too! Not pre-ordered it though, too poor :(((( Actually been saving for the Celldweller album so YEAH. Will probably get The Used's one through "otherworldly means" (TOTALLY legal and not pirating ways)

God this is long. Just wanna say that I can bend my toes in 3 places like a normal person, also I drink about 20 bottles of water a day and I rock. Also I'm running a mile on the weekend.
Is it because of charity shit? LOLNO. I do it everyday, I shouldn't have to be paid to do it, it's just natural init blad

SOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooo long

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