Wednesday, 14 March 2012

I've been ruined by young hands clapping

ere we go again, first off I'll post a video then I'll just give a small overview of what I said in it. THEN I'LL GIVE YOU MORE INFO!
Before you watch (if you do) I'd like to apologize for it being on it's side again. These videos are always the right way up on my phone then fuck up when I put them on my computer, it's fucking ridiculous but oh well.

So here's what's said, firstly it's not my room.
Second of all, I got some ridiculously overpriced food considering how little there are in the bags, then I ate sausages and mash, and I also got a book.
Also the TV is loud as fuck, embaressing much.
Also my hair fucking sucks, I hate life ect ect.

And for stuff that wasn't in the vid! Earlier today I was eating peanuts and cut the bottom of my tongue, it was about an inch cut and it was pretty shit. Bled for about 15 minutes straight.
I've actually bothered to go for a run everyday for about a week so far, don't plan on stopping but you never know. I've also not had any drink for what feels like an eternity@ I'll probably have a single can at the end of the month. Or not, who know?

Lastly (maybe, but I might add more l0l) I fucking hate WoW now, it's full of fucking bad scrubs that can bearly pull 70% of my DPS then win items over me, and if that's not bad enough they're usually in gear that I would love to have.
For example my LFR experience today consisted of me being 4k above the second top dps for the entire first half and winning nothing (while there was another Hunter in full T13+ the DW bow and Spine/Blackhorn trinket, which I need) doing much worser.
And the second half was absolute balls too. Died on Ultraxxion because I overaggroed when both tanks decided to not know what to do, and I was the only person out of 4 dead to not get a ress (was actually top DPS until I died, obviously) and then lost the Blackhorn trinket to someone with Vial of Shadows and the Spine trinket. Yeah, he had 2 better trinkets and the DW bow (as I said in another blog, everyone but me has it) and he was still doing absolute pitiful damage compared to me.
Spine rolls up and nothing drops. Oh well, I prefer nothing dropping than losing to fucking morons.
And obviously I top Madness DPS and nothing drops. Fucking typical. At least I didn't lose the Polearm to a Balance Druid this week, right?

So yeah, and that's just my Hunter, don't get me started on the 8 billion other classes I have to drag my ass through there each week. In fact, I can honestly say I've not even played in the past week except to do LFR and HOPE I get a piece of gear. Shit is complete balls, won't unsub though as I guess Diablo 3 for free might be decent.

RIGHT THEN! I ramble on don't I, lololololty. Thanks for reading then, adios.

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