Thursday, 29 March 2012

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, apparently

Well I was out and about and the idea for this video came into my head.
Please note that I'd just been running and it's really hot and I was sweaty and disgusting .___.  Also lolol@ the random piece of hair sticking up >_>

Quick note before I finish this up, I uploaded this about an hour ago and haven't shown it to anyone and it already has a like, who the hell liked it AND WHY AREN'T THEY TELLING ME SO I CAN SAY TY SIR.
srs though, didn't know anyone even paid attention to my Youtube channel

EDIT: So I just added a new look to my BLAWG, and I know it's shit but I spent 10 minutes on it and I can't draw for shit lolol. I'd edit actual awesome stuff into there, but what's the point? AN MS PAINT TURTLE ROCKS ENOUGH!

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