Sunday, 4 March 2012


So instead of an all exclusive look into the world of Ash I thought I'd do something different this time, and actually give you an all exclusive look into the world of Ash.

Oh wait.

So here it is, I'm going to write a list of things I have to choose between and not only will I say which one I prefer but I'll also give a reason.

Too hot or too cold? Too cold, I can wrap up if I'm cold, and I can potentially get an insane amount of layers. If I'm too hot I can only get naked, and o lawd is that a bad idea in public.
Too big or too small? Depends what! If it's a present or something I'd prefer too big 'cause free stuff is awesome. If it's anything else then.. well too big, fuck it I LIKE IT EL GRANDÉ.
Red or Blue? Well that's a tough one, depends what I'm thinking about. If I was colouring my room I'd probably have neither because both are a little weird, then again if I HAD TO CHOOSE ABSOLUTE MUST probably red, it just has better shades than blue I guess.
Coke or pepsi? Well that's a question isn't it. See I've given up soft drinks for now but I can honestly say it just depends what's cheaper at the time. Yeah I'm a poor fuck, but srsly. Also if it's a choice between diet and diet I'd say Coke. If it's normal or normal I guess I'd say Pepsi. And if it's ZERO vs MAX then I'd go for Zero. Either way Dr Pepper is better.
Tea or coffee? TEA 'CAUSE I'M BRITISH LOLOL. No, but yeah, tea is the prefered option OF COURSE.

Ok now for just random questions. I like ze questions see.
What colour hair do you think is best? If I'm honest that's a hard question. I actually like normal brown hair and darker hair colours, but anything else is cool too. One of the reasons most other colours don't spring to mind is that sooooo many people have colourful hair these days. Back in the day only a handful of people did. But now one in about 5/6 people have red hair, and I see blue hair all the time.
What's your favorite animal? Hmm. Difficult that. See, I like cats 'casue they're nice to me and I can just sit there with them for ages, and if I talk to a cat I'm not considered insane (much). I also like TEWTILEZ. 'Cause turtles are BADASS. I mean how many people in the world have their house ON THEIR BACK 24/7? Just the turtles , that's who! And snails. And some sea creatures. Still, turtles are actually awesome. So my favorite would have to be a Turtle with a Cat living in his shell (o lawd)
What's your favorite food?!?!?! Woooooooah. Hold the phone, that's a tough one. I quite like fried chicken (and watermelon, and kool-aid) and I ALSO REALLY LIKE Goodfellas pepperoni pizza, the stonebaked thincrust one (only one specific kind, and it's the best, otherwise I'll eat something non-pizza). If I had to choose a BEST I really have no idea, but if I had to choose ANYTHING in the world right now, I guess it would be KFC (I'mma pop a cap in yo ass)
If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be? OH SNAP, THE PLOT THICKENS. I'd have to say Japan 'cause they've got so much shit there. I actually imagine it to be FULL of massive buildings selling Pokemon and other such game stuff, and I picture it to just be full of light and activity. It's a dream of mine to go there y'know, one day I will! They also make the most fucked up porn ever, which is actually pretty chillin'. Not that I watch that kinda stuff. (incest gameshow anyone?)
If you were given £1million (through LEGAL means) how would you spend it? Sheesh y'all, t'would be a dream! I'd first off buy a new computer, I mean that would be all I'd think of if I suddenly got money. After that I'd get a really nice desk and chair, and a really awesome TV. I'd then get some kind of cable TV and a better internet connection (mine is actually REALLY good, but I'd get "the best" just 'cause I'm a millionaire, lol.) I'd probably not get a new house 'cause I hate moving and it would burn the cash too fast. I'd also buy some gym equipment for my house (sadsadsad) 'cause a treadmill would rock.
If you were stranded on a desert island what one thing would you bring? Depends, does the island have wildlife and edible plants? Fruit trees maybe? Boars in the forest? Or is it just a tiny island with only sand and nothing else? If the latter I'd bring a guillotine (I am a millionaire after all) and kill myself. If the former (I actually have food) I'd bring a boat. Incase you're wondering why I'd not bring a boat to the small island it's simple- I'd die of starvation before I find land, and I can't exactly pilot a boat when I've not eaten and I'm dehydrated.
What's your favorite movie? You know what, I don't know! I've seen a fair few and I like pretty much everything. I quite like movies with Will Smith in tbh, only reason I mention this is 'casue in the past week I've seen iRobot, Independance Day, Pursuit of Happyness and I Am Legend, all kickass if you ask me.
What's your favorite TV show? Mmmm, I like LOST, I've not seen it for ages ('cause it's finished) but it rocked. I like Dr Who also! I'm gonna say that, 'cause it's still on. And just to add I like loads of TV shows but I don't watch TV too much. I also like CSI, 'cause I see dead people. BASICALLY, I'll watch anything that isn't a shitty reality TV thing.

Righto, I cba to think of anymore. But now you all know about me and what I like. Woooo, I bet you love knowing this shit.
(some part of me really hopes everyone skips some of this, 'casue LOLOL yeah, you know why if you read it all)
Goodbye then!

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