Wednesday, 7 March 2012

I'm in love with a STRIPPAAA

o I've got a headache atm and I just ate my last Kiwi, SAD FACE.
Need a new fruit to buy now, I wonder what it shall be! I love coconut but last time I got one it took a LOOOOOOONG time to break open and then it went moldy. MOLDY COCONUT FTL.
Maybe ummm, HMMM. Idk, mango? Never had raw mango, maybe this is my time!
ARRRRR IDK! I could get apples or oranges because they're boring as fuck.. NAH I DON'T THINK SO.

So another thing I have to say today is Kony2012, and it's gonna be a short mention because all I want to say is this.. I really cba with all this spamming. Right, I get it, I'm AWARE NOW. GOD DAMN IT WHATTHEFUCK. I can't go to a riot because I've no reason to. Well then, that's that.

Righto and in other news I just went for another run. Fun times yo, I'm still unfit as a boss but I'm awesome anyway, here's a vid.

To end this I'm gonna add that I recently read somewhere that if you have a lot in common with the oposite sex you're less likely to be able to have a relationship with them. Why do I mention this? Because it means the chances of me having an AWESOME girlfriend are very slim now, as I am very, very awesome.

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