Saturday, 24 March 2012


AAAAAALLLRIGHTY THEN, I'm here agin with more information to fill your brain! None of which will be useful in any way/shape or form in your life, woo!
So last blog I told you I'd gotten some mango, and I've finally had some and I can honestly say it's.. it's not what I thought it would be :( I imagined it as a sweet fruit, but it really isn't. Maybe it wasn't ripe enough, I've no idea, but I have a plan!
See the master plan now is to use a BLENDA, and get myself some ingredients and whatnot to go with it. I'MMA MAKE SOME SMOOTHIE BEEEEEEEATCH. Dat shit's gonna be cullinary mastership, yumyum. Finally something to drink that isn't water!
OH OH OH SPEAKING OF THAT! I had my first cup of tea for over a month earlier, it really doesn't count as a bad drink as I only put 2 sugars in and it has no milk, a treat I guess. WAS SO NICE UMFG.
Also I still have THREE Asian Pears, and you know what I'm gonna try and do? MAKE ASIAN PEAR PIE! I read somewhere or other that you can do that, and I was like oooomg asian pie. Gonna look up ingredients tomorrow morning then buy some shit at tesco, it's gonna be gooooooood. So next time you read my blog I may have some pie news! Or not, lolol probably not even the smoothie 'cause I forget this shit :(

Right then, onto something I missed from last blog I guess, so I joined Netflix the other day! And it's not really as good as I thought it would be. I mean I thought it would have looooooooooads of TV shows and movies, but it turns out it doesn't have as many as it COULD do, for example it doesn't even have LOST, like wtf man!
But yeah, already watched 3 movies on there, the last Saw movie ('cause I've seen the others and never bothered looking for the last one), Pulp Fiction and Hard Candy.
Pulp Fiction 'cause I've seen loads of scenes but never the entire thing, and Hard Candy 'cause for some reason it was reccomended to me after I watched Saw.
I ALSO STARTED WATCHING SECRET DIARY OF A CALLGIRL LOLOL, 'cause uhh.. Billie Piper used to be on Dr Who. Yes. I'll keep telling myself that's why.

S'YEAH! I've been DYING to have a nice cold glass of coke or something the past few days with this heat, srsly it's been killing me. But I've kept strong and obviously not, but I can honestly say I would probably jizz myself if I had a can of Dr Pepper right now (TOO MUCH INFO? NAH IT'S ALL RELEVANT.)

Lastly ('cause I'm too boring to think of real stuff) the new cat I have is a complete bellend you know, when I'm sitting in my room he's fast asleep in the room next to me just relaxing and stuff, but whenver I go to the toilet or go get a drink he wakes up and follows me to the toilet or downstairs, then back up, and he doesn't even come in my room (because he's BANNED FOR LIFE after breaking my headphones, obviously) and then he goes back to sleep but still does it again if I get up. Why does it do it? 'CAUSE HE OBVIOUSLY LUUUUUUURVES ME. Makes me feel special tbh! Probably sounds exceptionally sad, but it's adorable really. (if not a little weird)

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